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Promote Your Song with Spotify Playlist Pitching

Get more plays on Spotify with playlist pitching

12M+ Spotify playlists

Every Spotify playlist ranked by popularity.

Playlists for YOU!

Playlists that match your genre, mood, and career stage.

Direct access to playlist curators

Reach out directly from the Viberate for Artists platform.

Monitoring with Spotify for Artists stats

All playlist placements with generated listeners and streams.

How it works

How it works

  1. Access a chart of Spotify playlists

    Viberate ranks 12M+ Spotify playlists by popularity (the number of followers or recent follower growth).

  2. Create a shortlist of potential Spotify playlists

    Filter the playlists by genre and subgenre, playlist type, the popularity and release date of featured tracks, and more. Now you’ve shortlisted the playlists most suitable for you.

  3. Pitch your songs to curators

    Reach out directly to Spotify playlist curators and promote your songs (not limited to new releases!).

  4. Monitor your performance & benchmark

    Track your playlist performance in one place: reach through time, top playlists, playlisted tracks, etc. Also, look into the playlist analytics of similar musicians to see which popular playlists feature their songs.

Get playlisted with your own
Spotify promotion service

Only on ViberateChart of 12M+ Spotify playlists

  • Getting on the right Spotify playlists can help you reach new fans. We’re ranking more than 12 million Spotify playlists of all types. You can sort them by the number of followers, their 1-month follower growth, and the number of featured tracks.
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Chart of 12M+ Spotify playlists

Find Spotify playlists, most suitable for you

  • Promote your songs where it matters and focus only on the playlists that can increase your audience. Create a shortlist of playlists that match your genre and subgenre, choose the playlist type, featured track popularity, and release date to make sure the playlists also add newly released songs like yours.
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Find Spotify playlists, most suitable for you

Reach out directly to playlist curators

  • By choosing the direct contact type, you’ll get playlists that you can reach directly through the platform. It’s super convenient, you just submit an easy-to-use form. Other curators you can reach using external links.
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Reach out directly to playlist curators

Free!Showcase your music on a one-sheet

  • Playlist curators will also be able to check out your music on your free website for musicians, which you can claim completely free of charge. Your new music website will display your genre(s), top-performing songs, audience breakdown, and more. Plus, it has a contact button so other music professionals can reach out to you, too.
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Showcase your music on a one-sheet

Monitor with Spotify for Artists stats

  • Know what works – what are your most-playlisted songs, which Spotify playlists bring you the most listeners and streams, how did your playlist reach change over time, etc.? We’ll show you all your Spotify for Artists stats, and add more streaming data that will help you plan and evaluate your promotional campaigns.
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Monitor with Spotify for Artists stats
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Questions? We have answers

How can I find curators to pitch my songs to?

Start with our Playlist Chart. Use the filters on the left to define the genre and subgenre of your tracks. Apply the follower growth sorting to discover the Spotify playlists that are trending. Filter out the playlists with direct contact to curators. Clicking the Get Review button will take you to a form where you can enter all the information relevant to your track. Once you complete your review request, it will be sent to the playlist curator. If they decide to reply, you’ll receive a response to your email. We cannot guarantee a reply to your request or a review. We are not liable for the accuracy of the information entered into the review form, the information received as a reply to your request, or any aspects or outcomes of the reviewing process.
For the curators we don’t have direct contact to, we still provide you with info such as social media links or links to other platforms they use, by clicking the More Info button.
If you want to dig a bit deeper, check out the pages of similar musicians to find the playlists that feature them. You can then find those playlists on the chart and reach out to curators from there.

How much does it cost to pitch my songs?

Pitching your songs is included in your Viberate for Artists premium plan which covers 10 playlist pitches per month. Flooding curators might negatively affect your chances of getting a review or a playlist placement so choose wisely and pitch only the tracks you feel are the best fit for a specific curator and playlist.

Which songs should I pitch?

Make sure to only pitch songs that match the genres and moods of the Spotify playlist you’re targeting. Don’t pitch songs that “might” be a good fit. Don’t pitch songs that have been released for a while and haven’t gained any momentum so far. Don’t pitch low-quality recordings. Take the time to perfect the song before its release, and only pitch those songs that can contribute to the overall quality of the targeted playlist.

How do I increase my chances of getting a review or a Spotify playlist placement?

Your song’s genre and mood should fit perfectly into the targeted playlist, and your song should be fresh. Your pitch will be accompanied by a set of your streaming and social media stats. Make sure those are as accurate as possible by adding any missing social media or streaming links to your Viberate page. Keep your profile photo updated.

What is Viberate for Artists and how can I use it?

Viberate for Artists is a hub for artists, powered by the music data company Viberate. It provides all the must-have tools for independent artists. This is how it works.
Viberate monitors and analyzes the entire music industry in one place. This means that at Viberate, every artist – including you – has their own public professional website (if your artist page is not in our database yet, we’ll add it). It contains all the important information that music professionals, from event organizers to A&Rs, need when scouting or booking artists. You can claim it to make it your own and start sharing it – it’s beautifully designed and automatically updated.
At the same time, you can connect your Spotify for Artists account (you’re the only one who’ll see your Spotify for Artists stats). This will allow you to look deeper and monitor all your analytics in one place. How effective are your social media campaigns and how do they spill over to Spotify streams? How old are your followers, where are they coming from, and is there a potential market you’re currently missing? With the correct information, you can expand your reach and gain new fans much easier.
You can claim your website and analytics tools completely free of charge.
All of this is not possible without releasing and promoting your music where it matters. That’s why Viberate for Artists includes a Premium plan with additional tools: digital music distribution to all major platforms, advancing, plus direct pitching to the most suitable playlists and festivals. The Premium plan is available for $39/year ($3.25/month).

All the benefits of a record label.
None of the restrictions.

Distribute, promote, and back your releases with premium music analytics.