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Your Spotify for Artists, Enhanced

Integrate your 'Spotify for Artists' along with other music channels to gather all your streaming data in one centralized location using our Spotify tracker.

Your Spotify for Artists But Way Better

All your Spotify for Artists stats, optimized with Spotify tracker

Spotify listener

Listeners, followers, streams, daily/historic stats, and stream sources via Spotify Tracker.

Playlist performance

Spotify playlist impact, tracking placements, listeners, and streams.

Audience demographics

Fanbase gender, age, and geolocation analysis with Spotify Tracker.

Trending markets

Spot countries with rapidly growing Spotify listeners.


Connect all your music channels!

Connect your Apple Music, Shazam and Amazon to get your music channels analyzed in one place. We’ll automatically integrate all other music and social stats.

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Monitor Spotify listeners and streams

  • Access up-to-date and historical data on your Spotify followers, listeners, streams, saves, and playlist adds. Understand the sources of your streams, whether from your profile, listener libraries, or various types of playlists.
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Monitor your Spotify listeners, followers, and streams

Identify your Spotify audience

  • Discover the age and origin of your Spotify listeners. This information is crucial for tailoring promotional campaigns and identifying potential gig markets. Use Spotify Tracker to strengthen your pitch to event organizers with concrete data.
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Who is in your audience?

Tracking listener growth by country

  • Use Spotify Tracker to pinpoint countries with rapidly expanding audiences, assessing the impact of your international gigs and campaigns.
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Where are your listeners growing?

Optimize playlist performance on Spotify

  • Determine which Spotify playlists are most effective. Get detailed insights on editorial, algorithmic, and user-generated playlists, and see the specific number of listeners and streams each one contributes.
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Which Spotify playlists bring you the most streams?

Enhance your music analytics experience

  • Link your Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Shazam for comprehensive music analytics. Our platform is the ideal hub for strategizing and tracking your music releases with Spotify Tracker.
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Enhance your music analytics experience

Seamless integration of multiple music channels

  • Our system automatically syncs your YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, and radio play data from Viberate’s advanced analytics. Stay tuned for direct connection options for these channels as well.
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Seamless integration of multiple music channels

Centralize your social media insights

  • With our hub, track your TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook statistics in one place. Monitor your performance, identify effective content, understand your audience, and evaluate your marketing efforts.
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Centralize your social media insights

Promote your music with Viberate

  • Every artist at Viberate gets a professional public page featuring your unique content, stats, and upcoming events. It’s elegantly designed, auto-updated, and perfect for sharing with industry professionals. Connect with Spotify Tracker to personalize your page and add a booking feature.
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Connecting your Spotify for Artists account

  1. Identify yourself

    During your Viberate for Artists sign-up, simply paste the link to your Spotify account

  2. Verification via Spotify for Artists

    To confirm your identity, we'll send a "Read Only" request for team access on Spotify.

  3. Approve access

    In your Spotify for Artists "Teams" tab, grant approval to our access request.

  4. Complete integration

    After confirmation, you'll have full access to your Spotify stats and can connect other music channels for comprehensive analytics with Spotify Tracker. Monitor all your music statistics in one place.

We have answers

Why choose 'Viberate for Artists' for Spotify stats over others?

Viberate for Artists' stands out from other Spotify stats websites by providing comprehensive analytics from Spotify Tracker and more. Not only does it display all your Spotify for Artists statistics, but it also allows you to monitor analytics from every music platform in one unified hub. Additionally, you gain insight into the performance of similar artists, helping you understand your position in the industry. What sets us apart is our analysis of over 12 million Spotify playlists, extending well beyond your Top 100, enabling you to strategically focus your efforts on playlists that best align with your music style.

Why are Viberate's artist stats superior to Spotify for Artists?

Viberate for Artists offers a more holistic view of your music career than Spotify for Artists. While it includes all the first-party Spotify stats, ensuring they are as current and accurate as those in Spotify for Artists, Viberate takes it a step further. It allows the integration of additional music channels, enabling you to monitor all your first-party stats in one centralized location. Moreover, Viberate enriches these stats with its own comprehensive data, offering a detailed overview of your entire online presence. This includes data integration from music and social channels that are not directly connected. Such a setup is invaluable for understanding the impact of social media campaigns on streams and video views, helping you identify the most effective promotional strategies. With Viberate, you get the option to monitor each channel individually or view a combined dashboard, providing a clearer picture of your career growth and making it a more robust tool than Spotify for Artists alone.

Why connect your Spotify for Artists account to Viberate?

Linking your Spotify for Artists account with Viberate for Artists unlocks the most comprehensive music analytics available. Once your Spotify account is connected, you can integrate other music channels, bringing all your first-party streaming statistics into a single artist hub. Viberate adds valuable metrics that aren't available through Spotify for Artists alone. Additionally, by connecting your stats with Viberate Analytics, you gain access to enhanced data, all consolidated in one platform. This includes streaming, social media, and cross-channel analytics, providing a complete, in-depth view of your music's performance and reach. It's a way to not just track your progress but to strategically grow your presence across multiple platforms.

How to approve Viberate's access request on Spotify for Artists

To connect your Spotify for Artists account with Viberate, follow these straightforward steps after registering with Viberate:

1. Access Spotify for Artists: Go to Spotify for Artists
2. Profile Navigation: Click on your avatar in the top-right corner of the page.
3. Team Management: Select 'Teams', and then choose the specific team you want to manage the request for (applicable if you're part of multiple teams).
4. Approve Access: Set the access level to 'View access' (Read Only) and click 'Approve'.

In case you encounter any issues during this process, please reach out to us at Our support team is always ready to assist you.

How crucial are Spotify stats for musicians?

Spotify stats hold significant importance in the music industry. Despite the rising influence of visually-driven platforms like TikTok, A&Rs (Artists and Repertoire) still place considerable emphasis on platforms where music stands on its own, without the support of strong visual elements. This approach allows them to evaluate the enduring appeal and potential longevity of a track more objectively.

Given Spotify's commanding presence in the global market, with over 30% market share, its statistics serve as a robust indicator of a musician's performance and reach. These stats provide insights not just into the immediate popularity of a song but also into listener behavior, trends, and the artist’s overall impact in the music industry. For any musician looking to understand and enhance their presence and influence in the music world, Spotify stats are an invaluable tool.

What is Viberate for Artists and how can it benefit you?

Viberate for Artists is an all-encompassing platform designed specifically for independent musicians. It brings together essential tools like streaming and social statistics, marketing aids, and music distribution, all in one convenient hub. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

  1. Comprehensive analytics: By connecting your Spotify for Artists account and other music channels, Viberate for Artists enables you to monitor all your streaming statistics in a singular, private dashboard. This data, combined with Viberate’s own extensive music and social media analytics, offers a deeper understanding of your performance and audience, helping you to target your promotional efforts more effectively and gain new fans.

  2. Personalized music website: As part of the Viberate community, every artist, including you, receives a professional, automatically updated public music website. If you’re not already in our database, we’ll add you. By linking at least one music channel, you gain full control over this website, allowing you to personalize it, remove ads, and add contact buttons. This site is a valuable resource for music professionals, from event organizers to A&Rs, offering them all the essential information they need.

  3. Playlist analysis and outreach: Viberate's comprehensive analysis of over 12 million playlists gives you access to a tailored chart, which can be filtered by genre, playlist type, and career stage. This feature enables you to identify and connect with Spotify playlist curators most relevant to your music. You can pitch directly to over 2,500 verified curators through the platform and reach even more via external links.

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