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Get a List of Music Festivals You Can Pitch Your Gig To

Pitch your live performance to popular music festivals that match your genre and style. You might get booked by your favorite one!

  1. Access a list of 6K+ music festivals

    Viberate’s festival chart includes festivals of all genres, taking place worldwide. The music festival list is ranked by their popularity and lineup strength.

  2. Create a shortlist of potential festivals

    Filter the popular music festivals by genre, accessible countries, and countries where you have a strong fanbase. Create a shortlist by applying a timeframe and selecting the festival size.

  3. Pitch your performance

    Reach out to selected music festivals via a direct form that will help you include all important information. The festival will then be able to check out your artist website.

  4. Support your pitch with audience geolocation

    Viberate will break down your audience into countries, cities, and platforms. Locate your fanbase and add this information to your pitch to prove that the locals want to see you live.

  5. See at which festivals similar artists are performing

    Look into the analytics of artists coming from your country, genre, and career stage to see at which festivals they are performing.

Stay in control of your career

Stay in control of your career

  • Get more gigs
  • Monetize live performances
  • Expand your fanbase

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a free website, analytics, distribution, playlist pitching, advancing

Questions? We have answers

How to get festival gigs?

Start with Viberate's Festival Chart. Use the filters on the left to define the location, time of the year, and genre of the festivals you're interested in. Filter out the festivals with a direct contact option. Clicking the Pitch Now button will take you to a form where you can enter all the information relevant to your pitch. Once you complete your pitch, it will be sent to the festival. If they decide to reply, you’ll receive a response to your email. We cannot guarantee a reply to your pitch, or a booking. We are not liable for the accuracy of the information entered into the pitch form, the information received as a reply to your pitch, or any aspects or outcomes of the pitching and booking process.
If you want to dig a bit deeper, check out the pages of similar artists to find the festivals where they’ve performed. You can pitch those festivals directly from their page, or via the Festival Chart.

How can I get booked through Viberate?

Registering or activating a Viberate for Artists account will get you your own booking page. You’ll be able to add your booking contacts, whether your own or of your booking agents. The email addresses you add won’t be publicly displayed. Any booking request you receive will get delivered to all the addresses provided, and all further communication will take place via email. Viberate will not take any commission on your booking fee. Booking offers received through Viberate are non-binding. While we try our best to eliminate bad actors, we cannot guarantee all the information on the booking form is correct and that the booking will actually take place.

How do I increase my chances of getting booked?

Make sure your Viberate booking page looks as good as possible. Improve the quality of your stats by adding any missing social media or streaming links and upcoming events. Keep your profile photo updated. Don’t forget to keep your agents’ contact emails up to date. Users, including bookers and talent buyers, will be able to use a filter on our Artist Chart to filter out the artists with booking pages. This will further increase your chances of getting discovered and booked.

Can I negotiate the booking fee?

You can negotiate any aspect of the booking offer, including the booking fee. Know your worth, but stay realistic. Booking offers received through Viberate are non-binding. While we try our best to eliminate bad actors, we cannot guarantee all the information on the booking form is correct and that the booking will actually take place.

I have more than one agent. Which one will get the booking request?

You should list all your agents as booking contacts when creating your booking page. All of the agents will receive the same booking request, and the agent covering the territory of the offer in question should reply to it.

All the benefits of a record label.
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Sell your music, get more gigs, and improve your performance while staying independent.

  • Music distribution

    Sell your music online and keep 100% ownership.

  • Playlist pitching

    Get your song to the right Spotify playlists.

  • Advancing

    Get upfront cash while staying independent.

  • Free website

    Get a beautifully-designed website in seconds.

  • Festival pitching

    Pitch your gig to the right festivals.

  • Analytics

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