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La Bebe - Remix
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La Bebe
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Slow Low (Remix) [feat. Yng Lvcas]
327.4K streams
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3ple X - Radio Edit
230.2K streams
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Perreando Triste (feat. Uzielito Mix)
158.1K streams
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Yng Lvcas, Justin Quiles
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Yng Lvcas's YouTube Videos

Yng Lvcas & Peso Pluma - La Bebe (Remix) [Video Oficial]
Mar 22, 2023
Yng Lvcas & Peso Pluma - La Bebe (Remix) [Cover Audio]
Mar 16, 2023
Dec 24, 2021

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Past 12 Months

Events2 Events

Grupo Frontera at Staples Center
United States
, Los Angeles10000 - 30000 Hall
Coca-Cola Flow Fest CDMX
, IztacalcoN/A N/A

Yng Lvcas's Upcoming Events1 Event

  • Grupo Frontera at Staples Center

    Grupo Frontera, Yng Lvcas, Edgardo Nuñez, GRUPO CODICIADO, Conexión Divina
    Staples Center
    USA, Los Angeles
    Hall10K - 30K

Yng Lvcas's Past Events1 Event

  • Coca-Cola Flow Fest CDMX festival

    Maluma, Feid, Ozuna, Young Miko, Manuel Turizo, Quevedo, Emilia, Gabito Ballesteros, Wisin & Yandel, Dani Flow, Duki, Ryan Castro, Piso 21, Bellakath, Zion & Lennox, Danny Ocean, Gera MX, Cosculluela, Cris MJ, LATIN MAFIA, Yng Lvcas, La Joaqui, Tito el Bambino, Tego Calderon, YOVNGCHIMI, Michelle Maciel, Rochy RD, Callejero Fino, Ivy Queen, Lola Indigo, Miky Woodz, Nanpa Basico, Alexis y Fido, JC Reyes, El Malilla, El Bogueto, Ovi, Omar Montes, Farina, Darkiel, Big Soto, MALDY, YOUNG CISTER, Marcianeke, Omar Courtz, DREFQUILA, Maikel Delacalle, Sandro Malandro, Eme Malafe, Ghetto Kids, Jesse Baez, paopao, Taichu, RMAND, legallyrxx, Pablito Mix, EMJAY, AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, Michael G, Paula Cendejas, Dynell, LA GOONY CHONGA, Vgomez, Barovier, MAR
    MEX, Iztacalco

More about Yng Lvcas

Overview of Contemporary Hip Hop musician Yng Lvcas

A young and gifted musician from Guadalajara, Mexico named Yng Lvcas is renowned for his distinct brand of Hip Hop music. His music combines modern and traditional hip-hop components to produce a unique sound that is both exciting and new. One of the most well-known and regarded artists in the Mexican Hip Hop industry today is Yng Lvcas.

The inventive use of beats, rhythm, and melody of Yng Lvcas' music is what makes it stand out. His songs, which explore themes of love, sorrow, and self-discovery, are profound and introspective. The music of Yng Lvcas is evidence of both his musical brilliance and his capacity to engage listeners on a deeper level. His music is relatable to a wide spectrum of listeners because it captures the hardships and victories of ordinary life.

Yng Lvcas is a rising talent in the Hip Hop music industry, to sum up. He is a force to be reckoned with because of his distinctive style and capacity for audience engagement. We should expect big things from this gifted young musician as he develops and grows as a musician.

What are the most popular songs for Contemporary Hip Hop musician Yng Lvcas?

A emerging artist in Mexico's modern Hip Hop music industry is Yng Lvcas. Thanks to his distinctive aesthetic and memorable beats, he has become more well-known in Mexico and elsewhere. His music is a success with those who want to dance since it combines Latin rhythms with Hip Hop. His most well-known songs include "La Bebe," "Perreo Porky," and "Esa Nena."

The most well-known song by Yng Lvcas, "La Bebe," is a positive and lively song that will get you moving. The song's remix is likewise well-liked by the audience. Another well-known song that exhibits Yng Lvcas' distinctive sound is "Perreo Porky". Even if the song's tempo is slower, it will still make you want to dance. The energetic song "Esa Nena" will have you dancing the entire time.

Other well-known songs by Yng Lvcas include "Dejame," "Pegateme," "Perdonemonos," "X ELLA," "Porno," and "Molly & Perignon." These songs all exhibit Yng Lvcas' distinct style and will make you want to dance. We can't wait to hear what Yng Lvcas has in store for us next. He is unquestionably an artist to watch in the current Hip Hop music landscape.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Contemporary Hip Hop musician Yng Lvcas?

With his most recent albums, Guadalajara-based Mexican Hip Hop musician Yng Lvcas has been creating waves in the music world. His 2021 album, "LPM," demonstrates his musical range with its blend of modern and vintage Hip Hop tunes. The CD has joint efforts with other emerging musicians, which gives it a new and lively sound. With songs like "Cocaina en el Club" and "Chaleco Salvavidas" displaying his mastery of the written word, fans of Yng Lvcas may anticipate hearing a combination of several musical styles.

In addition to his album, Yng Lvcas released a number of singles in 2023. The peppy tempo and memorable hook of "Six Jewels 23" make it a favorite among listeners. With their mellow sounds and reflective lyrics, "Wazap" and "Toto" showcase Yng Lvcas' music in a more relaxed manner. With its profound message of forgiveness and atonement, "Perdonemonos" exemplifies Yng Lvcas' capacity to confront challenging subjects in his music.

Overall, Yng Lvcas' most recent musical output shows his artistic development and dedication to expanding the parameters of Hip Hop music. He keeps audiences spellbound in Mexico and all across the world with his distinctive manner and fresh perspective. Hip Hop music fans and Yng Lvcas fans alike can anticipate what he has in store for the future.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Contemporary Hip Hop musician Yng Lvcas?

The Guadalajara, Mexico-based modern Hip Hop musician Yng Lvcas has participated in some notable industry partnerships. One of his most prominent collaborations is on the song "La Bebe - Remix" with Peso Pluma. Hip Hop enthusiasts love the song because of its great beat and catchy lyrics. This song's collaboration between Yng Lvcas and Peso Pluma has been a huge hit and considerably boosted both fan bases.

On the "Toto" tune, Yng Lvcas and DJ ALAN GOMEZ collaborated in an important way. The song is well-liked by fans of Hip Hop music due to its distinctive beat and lyrics. The successful cooperation between Yng Lvcas and DJ ALAN GOMEZ on this song has elevated their standing among Hip Hop music listeners.

The "Las Nai" track has additional work by Yng Lvcas and KAIISITO. The song is well-liked by fans of Hip Hop music due to its distinctive beat and memorable lyrics. The successful cooperation between Yng Lvcas and KAIISITO on this song has elevated their standing among Hip Hop music listeners.

In conclusion, Yng Lvcas has participated in a number of noteworthy musical collaborations. His successful collaborations with Peso Pluma on "La Bebe - Remix," DJ ALAN GOMEZ on "Toto," and KAIISITO on "Las Nai" have boosted their recognition among Hip Hop music lovers. These partnerships have given Yng Lvcas the chance to demonstrate his talent and have positioned him as a top modern Hip Hop artist in the music business.