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Amour plastique
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C'est drôle
167.9K streams
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141.1K streams
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115.8K streams
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Adèle Castillon, Videoclub

Videoclub's YouTube Videos

VIDEOCLUB - Amour plastique (clip officiel)
Sep 08, 2018

VIDEOCLUB – Roi (Clip officiel)


VIDEOCLUB – Roi (Clip officiel)
Dec 17, 2018
VIDEOCLUB - Amour Plastique (French/English Lyrics)
Mar 14, 2019

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Past 12 Months

Events14 Events

GéNéRiQ à Dijon
, DijonN/A N/A
Les Nuits Botanique
, Sint-Joost-ten-NodeN/A N/A
Essonne en Scène
, ChamarandeN/A N/A
Chant du Gros
, Le NoirmontN/A N/A
Festival AU FIL DU SON
, CivrayN/A N/A

Videoclub's Past Events14 Events

  • GéNéRiQ à Dijon festival

    Videoclub, French 79, N'to, Mezerg, Yseult, Squid, Ho99o9, Dan Deacon, Warmduscher, P.R2B, Kit Sebastian, Bandit Bandit, Victor Solf, Sally, Jardin, Stuffed Foxes, Mottron, Gabriel Auguste, Sahra Halgan, Geysir, Obertonstruktur der Kaulquappe, TOUSKi
    FRA, Dijon
  • Les Nuits Botanique festival

    Videoclub, YellowStraps, Pomme, Lebanon Hanover, Green Montana, Camille, Vinicio Capossela, Sébastien Tellier, Yelle, Tim Dup, This Is The Kit, Lala &ce, Mansfield.TYA, Selofan, LO, Girls In Hawaii, POUPIE, Niklas Paschburg, Silly Boy Blue, Requin Chagrin, Saint DX, Colt, Bbymutha, Joanna, Bonnie Banane, Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Smerz, Emily Loizeau, VoX LoW, Geeeko, Frànçois and The Atlas Mountains, Elysian Fields, Catastrophe, De Ambassade, Prudence, Jozef Van Wissem, Merryn Jeann, Felicia Atkinson, Françoiz Breut, SKY H1, It It Anita, UssaR, David Numwami, Quinzequinze, MaMaMa, Benjamin Schoos, Sophia, Dana Gavanski, NAH, Romeo Poirier, Timothée Joly, Ausgang, Neptunian Maximalism, Le Villejuif Underground, SUSOBRINO, Turner Cody, Eddy Ape, Chantal Acda, Bryan's magic tears, EMY, Victor De Roo, Déluge, Isolated Youth, Casper Clausen, Emptiness, Esinam, WAYI, Ashley Morgan, Float Fall, Venus Ex Machina, Charlène Darling, Milk Tv, Nicola Testa, Lion's Drums, Dorian Dumont, Mountain Bike, Aurel, Stéphanie Blanchoud, Aszul, The soldiers of love, Augustin Fievet, Oï les Ox, The Loved Drones, Dushime, Pippin, The Brums, Paradoxant, Vis a Vis, UNIK UBIK, watchoutforthegiants, YÔKAI, twin toes, Rachel Sassi
    BEL, Sint-Joost-ten-Node
  • Essonne en Scène festival

    Vianney, Videoclub, Claudio Capéo, 47Ter, Boulevard des Airs, Les Rita Mitsouko, Jean-Louis Aubert, Suzane, Hervé, Catherine Ringer, Turfu, Dandyguel, Teacup Monster, Carole Pele, Ghinza
    FRA, Chamarande
  • Chant du Gros festival

    Videoclub, Tryo, Kadebostany, KT Gorique, Catherine Ringer, Carrousel, Astonvilla, SERIOUSLY SERIOUS, Sim's, Dj Idem, Giufà, Galaad, Félicien LiA, Princesse Daniel, Henri Dès et Ze Grands Gamins, Maxi Puch Rodeo Club, Hitsi Bitsi
    CHE, Le Noirmont
  • Festival AU FIL DU SON festival

    Videoclub, Woodkid, Bon Entendeur, Tryo, 47Ter, Billx, Chilla, Naâman, Aime Simone, Jean-Louis Aubert, La Rue Kétanou, Soom T, Dionysos, Flavia Coelho, Rakoon, Les Ogres De Barback, Al'Tarba, Hervé, Silly Boy Blue, Senbeï, Weeding Dub, Magenta, Thérèse, Angora
    FRA, Civray

More about Videoclub

Overview of Mainstream Pop musician Videoclub

The pop duo Videoclub is from Nantes, France. Their songs and rhythms are instantly recognizable and guaranteed to get people moving. Videoclub, with their distinctive sound, has grown to be one of the most well-known acts in popular pop music.

It's fascinating to listen to their music because it combines several genres, such as rock and electronic. The team has a talent for fusing different genres together naturally to produce music that is upbeat and new. Equally captivating are their lyrics, which frequently explore themes of love and relationships.

The music of Videoclub has a special allure that is difficult to ignore. They are a favorite among music lovers in France and elsewhere due to their contagious melodies and relatable lyrics. Videoclub is undoubtedly a band to keep an eye on in the mainstream pop music market thanks to their distinctive sound and aesthetic.

What are the most popular songs for Mainstream Pop musician Videoclub?

With their catchy and cheerful songs, the French music duo Videoclub from Nantes has been making waves in the pop music world. Their lead hit "Amour plastique" immediately became well-known thanks to its catchy melody and upbeat sounds. Since then, the song has received over 100 million Spotify streams and has taken on the status of an anthem for followers of French pop music.

"Roi," another great song from Videoclub, demonstrates the duo's talent for creating catchy hooks and melodies. The lively tempo and nostalgic lyrics of the song make it a favorite among listeners and have contributed to Videoclub's standing in the French pop music scene.

The duo's other standout songs include "En nuit," "Enfance 80," and "SMS," all of which have memorable choruses and engaging hooks. The more relaxed compositions "Impala" and "Euphories" highlight the duo's versatility and capacity to write songs that are introspective and emotive.

For Videoclub, collaborations have also been a highlight, as evidenced by "Enfance 80 (With Natalia Lacunza)." The single stands out in their discography thanks to its ethereal arrangement and sentimental lyrics.

Overall, Videoclub has established itself as a major player in the French music scene thanks to their contagious and catchy pop style. Their ability to create catchy melodies and hooks has given them a devoted following and solidified their position in the mainstream music industry.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Mainstream Pop musician Videoclub?

With the publication of their most recent album "Euphories" in 2021, the French pop duo from Nantes, Videoclub, has been creating waves. The 11-track album contains the duo's distinctive nostalgic and dreamy sound, which draws inspiration from '80s and '90s music.

Their most recent song, "Reve," was released in 2023 and has been well-received by both reviewers and fans. The song, which has captivating melodies and ethereal vocals, perfectly captures their '80s-inspired vibe.

Both "Sometimes" and "Impala" were published in 2022 and were well-received by critics. While "Impala" is a more lively and energizing song that displays the duo's pop sensibilities, "Sometimes" is a slow-burning ballad with a melancholy melody and pensive lyrics.

The band's 2020 single "Euphories" is a favorite among listeners. The song's catchy chorus serves as a showcase for the duo's ability to make upbeat and reminiscence-inspiring music.

The most recent album and singles from Videoclub demonstrate their power in the pop music industry. Fans all across the world have been enthralled by their nostalgic and dreamy music, and they have a promising future.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Mainstream Pop musician Videoclub?

The Nantes-based indie pop group Videoclub has played at events and festivals all around France. They are a sought-after act for music festivals thanks to their distinctive pop sound, which has caught the attention of both fans and critics.

At the Chant du Gros festival in 2019, they made one of their most famous festival appearances. The audience was enthusiastic during the band's performance, and everyone was dancing to their upbeat pop songs. Another noteworthy performance was the band's performance at the Les Nuits Botanique festival in Brussels, where they displayed their dynamic live performance and demonstrated why they are among the most interesting artists in the indie pop industry.

Videoclub has performed at some of the best music venues in France in addition to festivals. They have appeared at Le Botanique, a club in Brussels that frequently hosts some of the top indie pop and rock performers in the continent. The Rockhal Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg and the Rockstore Montpellier, two venues renowned for their superior sound quality and top-notch performances, have both hosted gigs by the band.

The Festival AU FIL DU SON and the Sonic Visions Music Lab & Festival are two further festivals where Videoclub has performed. The band has cemented its position in the French indie pop scene thanks to their distinctive sound and exciting live performances, which have distinguished them as a standout act at numerous festivals and venues.

Overall, Videoclub's festival appearances and live performances have been praised by the press and have contributed to their emergence as one of France's most interesting indie pop artists. Fans of the genre shouldn't miss their catchy songs and exciting live performances.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Mainstream Pop musician Videoclub?

The French pop duo Videoclub has worked with a variety of musicians over the course of their career. Among their most significant collaborations, their work with Adele Castillon on the song "Impala" stands out. The dreamy, nostalgic tone of the song is perfectly complemented by Castillon's voice, producing a seamless sound. The song has won over fans and earned favorable remarks from music reviewers.

The song "Enfance 80" that Videoclub and Natalia Lacunza collaborated on was a noteworthy project. The song's originality is further enhanced by the lyrics, which are a blend of French and Spanish. The enticing vocals of Lacunza fit very perfectly with the duo's music. The song exemplifies the duo's capacity to make music that connects with listeners everywhere and crosses linguistic boundaries.

In addition, Videoclub worked on "Sometimes" and "Break Up Diaries" with Mattyeux and Princess Chelsea. These partnerships are nonetheless important even though they didn't garner as much attention as their other partnerships. "Sometimes" is a terrific addition to any pop playlist because it has a catchy beat and a positive melody. A slow, tearjerking song called "Break Up Diaries" demonstrates the duo's talent for writing music that touches listeners' hearts.

Overall, the numerous artists that Videoclub has worked with have helped them develop a distinctive sound that distinguishes out in the mainstream music landscape. Each collaboration adds something unique, displaying the duo's musical brilliance and adaptability.

What do people also ask about Mainstream Pop musician Videoclub?

What happened with Videoclub?

On March 31, 2021, the amorous pair behind Videoclub also revealed that Matthieu will be departing the project as a result of their breakup. They put out seven singles, a joint effort, and a studio album called Euphories when they were a pair.

Is Videoclub still making music?

Following the release of their "SMS" music video on March 31, 2021, the band Videoclub declared their retirement through Instagram.

What genre is Videoclub?

With some tracks in English, Videoclub creates electropop music with a Retro flavor that is largely in French.

How did Videoclub start?

Their tale is a straightforward one: they connected through a high school classmate, fell in love, and chose to pursue music as a career. They wrote the words of "Amour plastique" with a pal. Their first two music videos were directed by Matthieu's sister, Julie Reynaud.

Is Videoclub still a band?

The band Videoclub announced their retirement on 31 March 2021 via their Instagram account.

Is Videoclub a French band?

Actress Adele Castillon and her lover Matthieu Reynaud founded the French band Videoclub in Nantes, France, in 2018.

Why did Videoclub end?

After three years, Videoclub's split from their romantic partnership brought an end to their French aesthetic songs full of love ballads and harmonies.