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Mnike (feat. DJ Maphorisa, Nandipha808, Ceeka RSA & Tyron Dee)
1.2M streams
Artist Name
Mnike (UK Radio Edit) (feat. DJ Maphorisa, Nandipha808, Ceeka RSA & Tyron Dee)
161.9K streams
Artist Name
NGIMOJA (feat. Khanyisa, Tumelo_za & Tyrondee)
102.1K streams
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Isukile (feat. Tyler ICU)
16.2K streams
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Azikhale Ke (Boarding School Piano Edition)
3.8K streams
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Overview of Amapiano musician Tumelo_za

South African electronic and amapiano musician Tumelo_za is a rising star in the music scene thanks to his distinctive sound and aesthetic. His music combines electronic beats with the entrancing melodies and rhythms of amapiano, a South African type of house music.

The contagious energy and rhythm of Tumelo_za's music are likely to get any crowd on their feet. His songs perfectly blend electronic and amapiano to provide a new and interesting sound. The music produced by Tumelo_za is evidence of his skill as a producer and his capacity to write music that is both original and approachable.

Tumelo_za is rapidly developing into a force to be reckoned with in the electronic and amapiano music scenes because to his expanding fan base and popularity. His music is an expression of his love of music and his commitment to making music that is both enjoyable and meaningful. Tumelo_za is without a doubt one of the most promising new artists to keep an eye on because to his unusual sound and distinct approach.

What are the most popular songs for Amapiano musician Tumelo_za?

South African native Tumelo_za is a well-known electronic and Amapiano musician. "NGIMOJA" (with Khanyisa, Tumelo_za, and Tyron Dee), "Mnike" (including DJ Maphorisa, Nandipha808, Ceeka RSA, and Tyron Dee), and "Thesha" (featuring LeeMcKrazy, TyroneDee, and TitoM) are a few of his best songs.

Tumelo_za's "NGIMOJA" stands out among his other songs and showcases his exceptional teamwork with Tyrondee, Khanyisa, and Tumelo_za. Fans of electronic and Amapiano music alike enjoy the song's lively beat and catchy lyrics. "Bayede (Boarding School Piano Edition)" is another well-liked song by Tumelo_za, and it has a lovely piano melody that is sure to make listeners dance.

"Azikhale Ke (Boarding School Piano Edition)", "NGIMOJA - Mixed", and "iThambo" are some of Tumelo_za's other standout tracks. Tumelo_za's distinctive style and infectious beats will appeal to fans of electronic and Amapiano music.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Amapiano musician Tumelo_za?

In 2023, fascinating new songs from South African electronic and amapiano musician Tumelo_za were released. One of his most recent singles is "Mnike," which is available in both the original and UK Radio Edit versions and features DJ Maphorisa, Nandipha808, Ceeka RSA, and Tyron Dee. The song is a positive, high-octane dance anthem that displays Tumelo_za's distinct sound by skillfully fusing electronic and Amapiano influences.

The more understated "Bayede (Boarding School Piano Edition)" from Tumelo_za's most recent albums is another standout track. The song is a gorgeous and emotional piano-driven ballad that showcases Tumelo_za's artistic diversity. Another piano-driven track that highlights Tumelo_za's remarkable musicianship and capacity for composing stirring and evocative music is "Azikhale Ke (Boarding School Piano Edition)."

Overall, Tumelo_za's most recent outputs are proof of his artistic ability and ingenuity. While maintaining his commitment to his distinctive and dynamic musical personality, he continues to push limits and experiment with new sounds and approaches. Fans of Electronic and Amapiano music shouldn't pass up these brand-new Tumelo_za songs.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Amapiano musician Tumelo_za?

Numerous musicians from the electronic and amapiano music sectors have worked with Tumelo_za. "NGIMOJA," a song he made with Khanyisa, Tumelo_za, and Tyrondee, is one of his most renowned collaborations. This song, which was produced by Tyler ICU, combines amapiano and electronic sounds and demonstrates Tumelo_za's talent for making upbeat beats and melodies that get people moving.

"Mnike," a remarkable collaboration that includes DJ Maphorisa, Nandipha808, Ceeka RSA, and Tyron Dee, is yet another. This song, which is a high-energy amapiano piece with Tumelo_za's distinctive sound and appealing hooks, was produced by Tyler ICU and DJ Maphorisa. Tumelo_za's status as a rising star in the amapiano scene has been enhanced by the track's increased success in South Africa and elsewhere.

Last but not least, "Thesha" is another noteworthy project in which Tumelo_za collaborated with LeeMcKrazy, TyroneDee, and TitoM. This song, which was produced by Mellow & Sleazy, is a calm and easygoing amapiano jam that highlights the abilities of each of the performers. "Thesha" exemplifies the contagious music that Tumelo_za is known for producing with its hypnotic melodies and funky beats.