Taeyong (태용)
Taeyong (태용)

Taeyong (태용)

KORPop, Asian Pop
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892.1K streams
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524.1K streams
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Love Theory
179.4K streams
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Long Flight
109.9K streams
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Swipe (Prod. C-Young, Alawn)
99K streams
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Taeyong (태용)'s YouTube Videos


Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Be Natural (feat. SR14B TAEYONG (태용)) MV


Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Be Natural (feat. SR14B TAEYONG (태용)) MV
Oct 08, 2014

[STATION 3] TAEYONG 태용 'Long Flight' MV


[STATION 3] TAEYONG 태용 'Long Flight' MV
Jul 17, 2019

[STATION] 태용 (TAEYONG) X 원슈타인 (Wonstein) 'Love Theory' MV


[STATION] 태용 (TAEYONG) X 원슈타인 (Wonstein) 'Love Theory' MV
Apr 13, 2022

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Taeyong (태용)'s Beatport Songs

Artist Name
AROUND (Instrumental)
Released on May 12, 2017
Artist Name
AROUND (Original Mix)
Released on May 12, 2017
Artist Name
Time (feat. SUNNY, HYOYEON, TAEYONG) feat. SUNNY feat. HYOYEON feat. TAEYONG (Original Mix)
Released on Aug 29, 2018

More about Taeyong (태용)

Overview of Asian Pop musician Taeyong (태용)

South Korean pop musician Taeyong goes under the stage name "taeyong." He has established himself as a leading figure in the Asian Pop genre, enthralling listeners with his distinctive style and emotional performances. Taeyong's music combines ancient Korean musical components with contemporary pop sounds to produce a sound that is both recognizable and original.

Taeyong is well-known for his strong vocals and charismatic stage presence. His songs have captivating rhythms and moving lyrics that captivate listeners and make them feel something. Taeyong is a rising star in the Asian Pop scene thanks to his talent for engaging his listeners through his music.

Overall, Taeyong is a gifted musician who has a promising future. He has a devoted fan base thanks to his ability to adroitly meld traditional Korean music with contemporary pop sounds, and his moving performances never fail to enthrall audiences. Taeyong continues to show the world of Asian Pop music that he is a force to be reckoned with with each new release.

What are the most popular songs for Asian Pop musician Taeyong (태용)?

The multi-talented South Korean artist Taeyong has created a variety of well-known songs that have won the hearts of many. One of Taeyong's most popular songs is "ZOO," an upbeat song that displays his rap prowess and distinctive vocal range. Another well-liked song with a calm, dreamy feel that's great for unwinding on a long trip is "Long Flight."

The outstanding song "Love Theory" highlights Taeyong's vocal range and passionate delivery. The lyrics of the song examine the highs and lows of love, and Taeyong's performance conveys a depth of emotion that is certain to hit home with viewers. The smooth and seductive "Be Natural" is another standout song, and Taeyong's rap lyrics give it an edge.

Other well-liked songs by Taeyong include "City Lights (U-Know Solo)," a lively song with Taeyong's rap sections accompanying U-Know's potent vocals, and "Stay in My Life," a touching ballad that displays his emotional depth. Popular songs like "AROUND," "Jet," and "Mood" also display Taeyong's range and musical ability.

In conclusion, Taeyong's music is adored by listeners all over the world for its distinctive sound and moving lyrics. Taeyong offers a music that is sure to catch your attention and leave you wanting more, whether you're in the mood for an upbeat rap track or a mellow ballad.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Asian Pop musician Taeyong (태용)?

The South Korean artist Taeyong, well known for his work with the K-pop group NCT, has been creating waves in the business with his most recent albums. His most recent CD, "SHALALA - The 1st Mini Album (2023)", demonstrates his artistic flexibility. Taeyong's most recent album, which has seven songs that span from lively dance-pop to soulful R&B, is a must-listen for aficionados of Asian pop music.

In addition to his most recent album, Taeyong has also released a number of songs that have gotten positive reviews from his audience. The lively and upbeat "Love Theory - SM STATION (2022)" is his most recent single, and it has a futuristic sound. Taeyong's voice perfectly complement the techno sounds to produce a distinctive and captivating listening experience. Other notable songs include "School 2017 Pt. 4 (Original Television Soundtrack) (2017)," "Hotel del Luna (Original Television Soundtrack) Pt. 13 (2019)," and "Long Flight (2019).

Overall, Taeyong's musical prowess and capacity to try out many genres continue to astound. His most recent album and songs are evidence of his artistic development and commitment to his craft. Taeyong is rapidly becoming a household name in the Asian pop music scene thanks to his distinctive sound and fascinating performances.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Asian Pop musician Taeyong (태용)?

Throughout his career in Pop and Asian Pop music, Taeyong has worked with a variety of musicians. The songs "ZOO" with JENO, HENDERY, and YANGYANG, "Love Theory" with Wonstein, "reobeu delruna" with Punch, "Be Natural" with Red Velvet, and "Stay in my Life" with TAEIL and DOYOUNG are a few of his most well-known collaborations.

The hit song "ZOO" by Taeyong, JENO, HENDERY, and YANGYANG is one of his most thrilling collaborations. This collaboration combines many genres and styles to produce a catchy, energetic piece that highlights the various skills of the musicians involved. The song's music video is a favorite among K-pop fans since it has spectacular visuals and dance.

The swoon-worthy ballad "reobeu delruna" that Punch and I created together is another noteworthy effort. Punch's strong voice is complemented by Taeyong's supple vocals, creating a lovely duet that perfectly expresses the feelings expressed in the lyrics. The song is a favorite for love playlists because of its mellow rhythm and moving lyrics.

Overall, Taeyong's collaborations have given him the chance to show off his artistic diversity and experiment with many musical genres and styles. His successful collaborations with JENO, HENDERY, and YANGYANG on "ZOO" and with Punch on "reobeu delruna" are just two examples of the many that have helped him become more well-known in the music business.

What do people also ask about Asian Pop musician Taeyong (태용)?

How old is Taeyong?

27 years (July 1, 1995)

Why was Taeyong apologizing?

He admitted making a joke regarding his classmate's weight. A third party made false claims and disseminated inaccurate information.

What is Taeyong's ideal type?

Taeyong wants a girl who can guide him, instruct him, and help him with his shortcomings. He prefers someone educated to be his guide, therefore appearances don't matter as much. He enjoys being chastised for his errors and values honesty in a partner.

What languages does Lee Taeyong speak?


Who is Taeyong shipped with?

The fandoms of NCT and SuperM have a slash ship called Taeten between Lee Tae-yong and Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul.

Would Taeyong date a foreigner?

As long as they could speak Korean, Taeyong would be open to dating a foreigner. His first concern in a relationship is communication, therefore a language barrier would not be an asset.

How skinny is Taeyong?

Yes, Taeyong is thought to be somewhere between 170-174cm (5'7-5'8.5) and barely 57-60kg (125-132lbs) in weight. Some of his followers believe he should put on more weight, and some were astonished to learn his actual weight, claiming he should weigh 10 kg (22 lbs) more.

Is Taeyong the most handsome?

Taeyong from NCT (Rank 44) is considered one of the most handsome faces of 2022.

Where is Taeyong's scar from?

I had a scar, that's the first thing. Due to atopy, a hereditary immunological response that increases the likelihood of allergic reactions, he scratched excessively as a toddler.

What happened to Taeyong's back?

In a 2021 interview, Taeyong and his fellow band members admitted that the dancing style was uncomfortable, especially given their microphone packs. As a result, Taeyong's spine was poked by the mic pack, which was extremely painful during the promotional period.

What is Taeyong personality type?

Taeyong values having a distinct identity and purpose in life and is an Enneagram Four personality type with a Three wing.

Why is Taeyong called rose?

The rapper's right eye's corner has a scar from atopy that bothered him as a child. Millions of his followers were able to see the scar when he made his debut, and many compared it to a rose with fondness.

Is Taeyong tall?

1.75 m

What scandal was Taeyong in?

An ex-classmate accused Taeyong of bullying another schoolmate for her slightly larger frame.

What happened to Lee Taeyong?

Member Taeyong will unavoidably miss all of the planned events, including the Beyond LIVE - NCT: RESONANCE [Global Wave], due to a recurrent ruptured disk in his lower back.

How much does Taeyong earn?

Taeyong: US$9 million.

Is Taeyong a main dancer?

Lee Taeyong is a main dancer.

Did Taeyong get a tattoo?

Taeyong also has a tattoo on the lower left side of his abs, which is the same location as that of fellow member Yuta's tattoo.

How tall is Taeyong?

1.75 m

What happened to Taeyong?

Since Taeyong of NCT has been dealing with chronic back pain, worries about his health have grown among his supporters.

Why is Taeyong the leader of NCT 127?

Typically, the oldest member of the organization has that position. Taeyong is chosen to be their leader despite not being the oldest. Taeyong acknowledges that he didn't anticipate being granted the position of leader, but the duty came to him so readily that he simply accepted it.

Has Taeyong ever dated?

Additionally, despite the SM Entertainment singer's reputation for having personality problems, it was recently discovered that he had dated two of his fans in the past, sparking a significant dating scandal.

What has Taeyong done?

Despite his initial skepticism, Taeyong's perseverance and diligence paid off, and as a rapper, singer, dancer, and producer, he joined NCT U, NCT 127, and SuperM. Due to his zeal, desire, and sense of unity, he was eventually chosen to lead NCT.

Why is Taeyong famous?

South Korean rapper, singer, dancer, and musician Lee Tae-yong is also known by the stage name Taeyong. He is well recognized for being the band's leader and a member of NCT.

Who is Taeyong ideal type?

His ideal masculine role model is Baekyun of EXO. The person Taeyong would most like to meet is "someone who can teach me, lead me, and make up for my flaws." They interact through games.

What are the rumors about Taeyong?

After they were discovered engaging in passionate flirtation in the middle of a live performance, romance rumors between Taeyong of NCT and Yeonjun of TXT began to circulate. Despite the rumors spreading throughout many sites, none of the idol companies have acknowledged or refuted any circumstances.

Is Taeyong a strict leader?

Taeyong is a capable and helpful leader to the 23 members of NCT, however he is not a strict one. He takes a gentle approach and prefers good deeds to words.