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Need You
798.5K streams
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Pauwi Nako
658.8K streams
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Sa Susunod Na Lang
581.2K streams
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389.1K streams
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Need You

Bosx1ne, John Roa, Skusta Clee, Emcee Rhenn, Flow G
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Pauwi Nako

Skusta Clee, Jnske, Bullet D, Yuridope, Flow G
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Streams last week
Streams last week
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Skusta Clee's YouTube Videos


Dance With You - Skusta Clee ft. Yuri Dope (Prod. by Flip-D) (Official Music Video)

Panty Droppaz League

Dance With You - Skusta Clee ft. Yuri Dope (Prod. by Flip-D) (Official Music Video)
Nov 17, 2020

ZEBBIANA Lyric Video - Skusta Clee (Prod. by Flip-D)

Panty Droppaz League

ZEBBIANA Lyric Video - Skusta Clee (Prod. by Flip-D)
Jul 13, 2019

PAUWI NAKO Lyric Video - O.C. Dawgs ft. Yuri Dope, Flow-G (Prod. by Flip-D)

Panty Droppaz League

PAUWI NAKO Lyric Video - O.C. Dawgs ft. Yuri Dope, Flow-G (Prod. by Flip-D)
Jul 28, 2018

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Aurora Music Festival & Hot Air Balloon Display
, MabalacatN/A N/A

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  • Aurora Music Festival & Hot Air Balloon Display festival

    Ben&Ben, Zack Tabudlo, Skusta Clee, Arthur Nery, Al James, Adie, December Avenue, kiyo, Because, Khel Pangilinan, Allmo$t, Unique Salonga, Alisson Shore, Ronnie Alonte, Pot Sembrano, DJ Jhelou, Melvin Lapera
    PHL, Mabalacat

More about Skusta Clee

Overview of Alternative Hip Hop musician Skusta Clee

A well-known musician in the Hip Hop field, Skusta Clee is a native of Quezon City, the Philippines. Skusta Clee, a pioneer of Alternative Hip Hop who is renowned for his distinctive approach to the genre, combines traditional rap with components of rock, pop, and electronic music. In the Philippines, he has a sizable fan base thanks to the appeal of his songs to listeners of all ages.

Skusta Clee's lyrics are unfiltered, emotionally charged, and have a distinct flow. He is renowned for addressing societal concerns in his music, including politics, inequality, and poverty. His work frequently incorporates joint efforts with other well-known Filipino musicians, resulting in a dynamic and varied sound that appeals to a broad audience.

Skusta Clee has made a name for himself as one of the most intriguing musicians in the Philippines with his avant-garde approach to Hip Hop. His music reflects his distinct viewpoint and combines several genres to produce a sound that is both modern and classic. Skusta Clee's contribution to the country's Alternative Hip Hop genre has solidified his place in its musical heritage.

What are the most popular songs for Alternative Hip Hop musician Skusta Clee?

Popular Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop performer Skusta Clee is from Quezon City in the Philippines. He is well known for the songs "Lagi," "Sa Susunod Na Lang," "Kung Tayo," "Need You," "Pauwi Nako," "Zebbiana," "Dance With You," "Dati (feat. Skusta Clee)," "Wag Na Lang," and "Umaasa."

"Zebbiana," one of Skusta Clee's best songs, has received over 200 million YouTube views. The song is a favorite among fans since it features his distinct flow and memorable lyrics. With its familiar lyrics about longing to go home after a night out, "Pauwi Nako" is another well-liked song. Audiences have responded favorably to Skusta Clee's collaborations with other musicians, such as "Dati" with Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos.

Skusta Clee frequently covers topics of love, heartbreak, and common hardships in his songs. He is a popular among Filipino music enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy the Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop genres, thanks to his approachable lyrics and infectious sounds. Skusta Clee will undoubtedly continue to release successful songs for many more years due to his rising popularity.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Alternative Hip Hop musician Skusta Clee?

With his most recent releases, Hip Hop musician Skusta Clee from the Philippines has been making waves in the music business. Fans loved his most recent song, "Testing," which was released in 2023. The cheerful, catchy tune highlights Skusta Clee's distinctive style and flow.

In 2022, Skusta Clee also dropped a number of other songs, including "Testing," "Solo," "Alak Pa," and "Gaga." His fans have complimented these songs for their infectious beats and captivating lyrics, which have helped them become quite popular. Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop are combined in Skusta Clee's songs, giving it a distinctive and new sound in the Philippine music landscape.

Skusta Clee's music is becoming known throughout the world in addition to being well-liked in the Philippines. He is rapidly establishing himself as a household name in the music industry and has a sizable fan base. Skusta Clee is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the upcoming years because of his distinctive sound and flair.

In conclusion, Skusta Clee's most recent albums have been well received by his followers, with the song "Testing" being the most recent to do so. His music has a distinctive vibe in the Philippine music landscape because it combines Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop. Skusta Clee is an artist to keep an eye on in the coming years with a rising fan following and recognition in other parts of the world.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Alternative Hip Hop musician Skusta Clee?

The Quezon City-based Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop performer Skusta Clee has made numerous significant music appearances at festivals over the course of his career. At the Aurora Music Festival & Hot Air Balloon Display, which is renowned for featuring a variety of local and international music performers, he made one of his most memorable festival appearances.

Skusta Clee has performed in the Philippines at a number of locations and festivals in addition to the Aurora Music Festival, such as the Rakrakan Festival, the Fete de la Musique, and the Malolos Arts and Music Festival. He has also performed as a special guest at events featuring other Filipino artists, like Ex Battalion and Gloc-9.

Skusta Clee gave one of his memorable performances at the Malolos Arts and Music Festival, when he sang his popular song "Zebbiana" in front of a large audience. The song, which was published in 2019, quickly gained popularity online and helped Skusta Clee gain further notoriety. He also gave the song a performance at the 2019 Fete de la Musique, where he shared the stage with other regional musicians.

Skusta Clee's engagements at festivals and musical performances have generally helped him establish himself in the Filipino music scene. He has a distinctive voice in the business thanks to his ability to combine Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop, and his rising popularity indicates that he will be a big influence on Filipino music for many more years to come.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Alternative Hip Hop musician Skusta Clee?

Several musicians in the Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop genres have worked with Skusta Clee, a musician from Quezon City, the Philippines. The songs "Sa Susunod Na Lang" with Yuridope, "Kung Tayo" with Ex Battalion, "Need You" with Bosx1ne, John Roa, and Emcee Rhenn, "Pauwi Nako" with Jnske, Bullet D, and Yuridope, and "Dance With You" with Yuridope are a few examples of famous collaborations.

"Sa Susunod Na Lang" with Yuridope is one of Skusta Clee's most well-known projects. The song became popular in the Philippines as a result of its catchy melody and relevant lyrics about moving past a failed love. The Ex Battalion song "Kung Tayo," which is also a fan favorite and has a similar vibe to "Sa Susunod Na Lang," is another noteworthy collaboration.

Another noteworthy collaboration is "Need You" with Bosx1ne, John Roa, and Emcee Rhenn. The song exemplifies Skusta Clee's versatility as a musician because it is less upbeat and reflective than his other songs. A noteworthy collaboration is "Pauwi Nako," which features Jnske, Bullet D, and Yuridope. The song's lyrics discuss the challenges of coming from a lowly background and have a hard-hitting tempo.

Skusta Clee's success in the Philippine music business is largely due to his partnerships with other musicians. His capacity to collaborate with many artists and experiment with various sounds and styles has won him many admirers and elevated him to the status of one of the most well-respected musicians in the nation.

What do people also ask about Alternative Hip Hop musician Skusta Clee?

Why is Skusta Clee popular?

He is well-known for creating the Pinoy trap genre in the Philippines as well as for his top hits "Zebbiana," "Pauwi Nako," and "Dance With You." He created the hip-hop group O.C. Dawgs in 2012, and he is a part of it.

Is Skusta Clee still a member of ex battalion?

At the moment, Skusta Clee, Flow G, JRoa, Brando, Emcee Rhenn, and King Badger make up the hip-hop ensemble. Honcho, who apparently quit the organization in 2022, formed it.

How many kids does Skusta Clee have?

Skusta Clee has two kids, a biological daughter named Bia and an adopted son named Lucas.

How old is Skusta Clee?

27 years (February 16, 1996)

What is the controversy on Skusta Clee?

Skusta Clee has generated controversy as a result of claims that he cheated on vlogger Zeinab Harake.

Who is the rumored girlfriend of Skusta Clee?

Too soon for love? Ava Mendez is said to be Skusta Clee's girlfriend, however their relationship seems to be over as they have unfollowed each other on social media.

Is Skusta Clee popular?

Skusta Clee is well-liked as seen by the enormous social media following he has amassed and the millions of views his music videos have received.

Why is Skusta Clee controversial?

Skusta Clee has drawn criticism for allegedly plagiarizing a BTS song, which infuriated followers on social media.

Why are people mad at Skusta Clee?

Skusta Clee is receiving criticism for allegedly confessing to cheating on his spouse while she was expecting their second child, which resulted in a miscarriage.