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Ryan Castro

Ryan Castro

COLLatin, Reggaeton
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Corazón Roto - Remix
5.4M streams
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Ryan Castro, Peso Pluma, SOG
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Ryan Castro's YouTube Videos

Ryan Castro - JORDAN ???? (Vídeo Oficial)
May 07, 2021
Ryan Castro, Feid - Monastery (Vídeo Oficial)
Nov 12, 2021
Ryan Castro - Mujeriego ???? (Vídeo Oficial)
Dec 17, 2021

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Past 12 Months

Events37 Events

, Bogota, D.C.N/A N/A
Coca-Cola Flow Fest CDMX
, IztacalcoN/A N/A
Ryan Castro at House of Blues Orlando
United States
, Orlando2500 - 5000 Club
Ryan Castro at The Forge
United States
, Joliet500 - 1200 Club
Ryan Castro at Clé Houston
United States
, Houston0 - 500 Club

Ryan Castro's Past Events37 Events

  • Megaland festival

    Sebastian Yatra, Anitta, Maria Becerra, Jhayco, Eladio Carrion, Ryan Castro, Zion & Lennox, Beéle, Ñejo, Ovy On the drums, Nico Hernández, Ela Taubert, Sen Senra, Susana Cala, West Blanco, Laura Maré, Aria Vega, Duplat, Thania
    COL, Bogota, D.C.
  • Coca-Cola Flow Fest CDMX festival

    Maluma, Feid, Ozuna, Young Miko, Manuel Turizo, Quevedo, Gabito Ballesteros, Wisin & Yandel, Emilia, Duki, Ryan Castro, Piso 21, Dani Flow, Zion & Lennox, Gera MX, Danny Ocean, Bellakath, Cosculluela, Cris MJ, LATIN MAFIA, Yng Lvcas, La Joaqui, Tito el Bambino, Michelle Maciel, Tego Calderon, YOVNGCHIMI, Nanpa Basico, Callejero Fino, Rochy RD, Ivy Queen, Miky Woodz, Lola Indigo, Alexis y Fido, JC Reyes, El Malilla, El Bogueto, Ovi, Omar Montes, Farina, Darkiel, Big Soto, MALDY, YOUNG CISTER, Marcianeke, Omar Courtz, Sandro Malandro, Maikel Delacalle, DREFQUILA, Eme Malafe, Ghetto Kids, Jesse Baez, paopao, Taichu, RMAND, legallyrxx, Pablito Mix, EMJAY, AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, Michael G, Paula Cendejas, Dynell, LA GOONY CHONGA, Vgomez, Barovier, MAR
    MEX, Iztacalco
  • Ryan Castro at House of Blues Orlando

    Ryan Castro
    House of Blues Orlando
    USA, Orlando
    Club2.5K - 5K
  • Ryan Castro at The Forge

    Ryan Castro
    The Forge
    USA, Joliet
    Club500 - 1.2K
  • Ryan Castro at Clé Houston

    Ryan Castro
    Clé Houston
    USA, Houston
    Club0 - 500

Ryan Castro's Beatport Songs

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Jamaica (Original Mix)
Released on Aug 30, 2020

More about Ryan Castro

Overview of Reggaeton musician Ryan Castro

Latin musician Ryan Castro, a native of Medellin, Colombia, has become well-known in the Reggaeton style. Ryan's music mixes the spirit of Latin music with a contemporary touch that appeals to audiences all over the world because to his contagious beats and evocative vocals.

Ryan developed his musical abilities via years of commitment and hard effort after discovering his passion for music at an early age. His distinctive sound is a blend of conventional Latin rhythms and modern production methods, resulting in a sound that is at once recognizable and novel.

Ryan has established himself as a rising star in the Latin music industry because to his talent and hard work, and his music will no doubt continue to enthrall listeners for many years to come. Whether you enjoy Reggaeton or just fantastic music in general, Ryan Castro is a performer you won't want to miss.

What are the most popular songs for Reggaeton musician Ryan Castro?

Popular Latin and Reggaeton performer Ryan Castro is a native of Medellin, Colombia. His songs are renowned for their energetic beats and memorable lyrics. Jordan, Monastery, Mujeriego, Monumento - Remix, Malory, Wasa Wasa, Quien TV Remix, Nivel De Perreo, Corazon Roto - Remix, and Ghetto Star are a few of his most well-known songs.

Many people adore Ryan Castro's music because it inspires them to dance and feel wonderful. The upbeat and entertaining song "Jordan" gets people moving with its infectious beat and lighthearted lyrics. Another well-known song that highlights Ryan Castro's talent at writing catchy melodies is "Monastery."

There are fans of Ryan Castro's music from all over the world, not only in Colombia, who enjoy his distinctive style. His songs have received millions of views on streaming services like YouTube and Spotify and have appeared on numerous music charts. He remains one of the most sought-after Latin and Reggaeton performers in the business, and his music is only growing in popularity.

In conclusion, the cheerful rhythms and memorable lyrics of Ryan Castro's music are what make it so popular. His well-known songs, including "Jordan," "Monastery," and "Mujeriego," have helped him amass a sizable fan base both in Colombia and abroad. Fans still like his songs, and he is still a well-known personality in the Reggaeton and Latin music scenes.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Reggaeton musician Ryan Castro?

Recently, Ryan Castro, a musician from Medellin, Colombia, has released some interesting new music. His most recent CD, "Los Piratas (2022)," is a treasure trove of Reggaeton and Latin beats that highlight his individual approach. The CD is a combination of upbeat dance songs and heartfelt ballads that will surely appeal to a broad audience of listeners.

"Ven Arrebatate (2023)" stands out among his most recent hits as a potent and upbeat track that will get you moving. Fans of Latin and Reggaeton music must listen to it because of its contagious rhythm and memorable lyrics. Check out "3/21 (2023)" and "14/20 (2023), two songs that highlight Ryan Castro's versatility as a performer with their laid-back vibes and reflective lyrics.

The song "Corazon Roto (Remix) (2023)" is another standout because it was created by Ryan Castro in collaboration with other outstanding musicians. The remix gives the original song new energy and gives its already potent message a new spin. This song is guaranteed to become a favorite among listeners because to its soaring vocals and catchy beat.

Overall, Ryan Castro's most recent music is proof of his skill and originality as a musician. His distinct fusion of Reggaeton and Latin beats, along with his moving words, provide for a really unforgettable listening experience. The most recent albums from Ryan Castro are not to be missed if you enjoy Latin and Reggaeton music!

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Reggaeton musician Ryan Castro?

The Latin and Reggaeton musician Ryan Castro from Colombia has gained recognition in the field thanks to his exciting performances at numerous gatherings and festivals. He has performed at some of the most important events, such as Coca-Cola Flow Fest CDMX, Baja Beach Fest, Made In America, Lollapalooza Chile, Argentina, and Baja. Ryan Castro performed at Baja Beach Fest, wowing the crowd and leaving them begging for more. Everyone was dancing because he brought his distinctive flair and intensity to the stage.

Ryan Castro has played at a number of prestigious locations in addition to festivals, including La Boom, Pepsi Center WTC, Prudential Center, Complex Oakland, and L'Olympia. Ryan Castro's performance at La Boom was acclaimed for its vigor and excitement. The audience loved his distinct voice and approach and was left wanting more. Ryan Castro performed a fantastic performance at L'Olympia that demonstrated his artistic diversity. His talent and showmanship left the audience in awe.

Ryan Castro has established himself as one of the most promising Reggaeton and Latin music performers in the business thanks to his performances. Fans love him for his distinctive voice and flair, and his performances at numerous festivals and venues have been nothing short of amazing. Ryan Castro will undoubtedly continue to enthrall audiences with his music for many years to come as a result of his rising popularity.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Reggaeton musician Ryan Castro?

Colombian musician Ryan Castro, who plays reggaeton and Latin music, has worked with a lot of well-known musicians over his career. The songs "Monastery" with Feid, "Monumento - Remix" with Andy Rivera and Nejo, "Quien TV Remix" with Blessd, "Nivel De Perreo" with J Balvin, and "Corazon Roto - Remix" with Brray and Jhayco are just a few of his most significant collaborations.

The song "Monastery" by Ryan Castro and Feid is one of their best pairings. Reggaeton and Latin rhythms are combined in the song's catchy beat. The lyrics are also important since they discuss loss and sadness. The partnership between Ryan Castro and Feid is evidence of their musical prowess and common vision.

"Nivel De Perreo" featuring J Balvin is another significant project for Ryan Castro. The tune is a reggaeton smash with a memorable melody and lively tempo. In this collaboration, Ryan Castro's production prowess is clearly on display as he deftly combines diverse beats and noises to produce a cohesive piece. The vocals of J Balvin also perfectly match the instrumental, making "Nivel De Perreo" a must-hear for reggaeton music lovers.

Overall, Ryan Castro's collaborations with J Balvin and Feid are only a couple of examples of how he can work with other musicians to make incredible music. His ability to combine many sounds and genres has placed him among the best Reggaeton and Latin musicians working today.

What do people also ask about Reggaeton musician Ryan Castro?

Is Ryan Castro a rapper?

Ryan Castro was a producer and underground rapper who began making music at a young age.

How old is Ryan Castro?

29 years (January 14, 1994)