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Willow Tree
114.4K streams
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Unknown Brain x Rival - Control (ft. Jex) [Lyric Video]


Unknown Brain x Rival - Control (ft. Jex) [Lyric Video]
Oct 08, 2018
Rival - Let It Die (ft. Philip Strand) [Official Lyric Video]
Mar 11, 2020
Rival x Egzod - Live A Lie (ft. Andreas Stone) [Official Lyric Video]
Apr 03, 2020

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Innovation In The Sun
, Lloret de MarN/A N/A

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  • Innovation In The Sun festival

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    ESP, Lloret de Mar

Rival's Beatport Songs

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Heaven (Original Mix)
Released on Jan 12, 2024
Artist Name
Odd One Out (feat. Whales) (Original Mix)
Released on Sep 01, 2023
Artist Name
Show Me the Light (feat. Starling) (Rival Remix)
Released on Jan 31, 2020
Artist Name
Satisfy the Rage (Original Mix)
Released on Mar 18, 2019
Artist Name
Oblivion (Original Mix)
Released on Dec 16, 2022

More about Rival

Overview of Dance musician Rival

Rival is an electronic dance music artist from Dusseldorf, Germany, who has gained recognition for their distinctive sound. With a concentration on the dance genre, Rival has developed a sound that combines EDM, house, and techno components to produce an upbeat, contagious sound that is hard to ignore.

Rival's songs capture listeners' attention from the very first beat and lead them on a journey through pulsating basslines, soaring synths, and complex rhythms. As a result, each track builds to a euphoric crescendo that leaves audiences hungry for more, creating a sound that is simultaneously exciting and captivating.

Rival has established himself as a major player in the dance music world thanks to his zeal for pushing the limits of electronic music. Rival is certain to be a name to watch in the world of electronic music for years to come with their contagious beats and fresh sound.

What are the most popular songs for Dance musician Rival?

German electronic and dance music artist Rival is well-known in his native Dusseldorf. The musician has put out a lot of popular songs that have become well-known all over the world. One of Rival's most well-known songs is "Control," which displays the musician's aptitude for producing electronic music. Rival's "Willow Tree" is another popular song with a great beat and alluring vocals.

The song "Seasons" from Rival is another standout track. It starts with a slow opening and builds to a throbbing chorus. Other songs with Jon Becker's vocals include "Daily (feat. Jon Becker)" and "Just Breathe (feat. Jon Becker)," which have grown to be popular among listeners.

"End of Time," "Throne," "Let It Die," "Live A Lie," and "Be Gone" are some of Rival's other top hits. Each of these songs displays Rival's own style and capacity for producing catchy sounds that inspire dancing.

Overall, Rival's music has amassed a sizable fan base in the Electronic and Dance music scenes, and the musician keeps releasing top-notch music that draws in new listeners.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Dance musician Rival?

The German electronic and dance music musician Rival has been active, creating new music for listeners to enjoy. "Falling (Ayjin Remix) (2023)," one of Rival's most recent hits, exemplifies the artist's distinctive approach of fusing electronic beats with sentimental melodies. Fans should listen to the remix by Ayjin since it gives the original track a new spin.

Along with "Falling (Ayjin Remix) (2023)," Rival also made available "Over The Edge (2023)" and "Home To Me (2023), two new songs that further demonstrate the musician's ability to make captivating, emotionally evocative music. These new tunes put Rival's talent for fusing many genres—from EDM to pop—on full display.

Fans of Rival should also listen to "Better (2022)," a song that was published last year and is still a fan favorite. "Better (2022)" is a notable single that demonstrates why Rival has developed into one of the most exciting electronic and dance music acts in the business with its lively speed and contagious chorus.

Overall, Rival continues to dazzle with his most recent albums, displaying his ability to make music that is both danceable and emotionally potent. These new tracks by Rival are definitely worth listening to if you enjoy electronic and dance music.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Dance musician Rival?

Rival, a German performer of electronic and dance music, has appeared at some of the most famous music festivals in the world. Innovation In The Sun, which is renowned for bringing together the best stars in the drum and bass music world, is one of the top festivals where Rival has performed.

Rival has performed at a number of significant events, including Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Ultra Music Festival, in addition to Innovation In The Sun. With his electric performances, Rival has been able to leave a lasting effect on the public at these festivals that draw sizable crowds from all around the world.

Rival gave one of his most notable performances at Tomorrowland, when he played his popular song "Be Gone," which has received millions of plays on different streaming services. As soon as Rival dropped the beat, the crowd went wild, and the atmosphere was electric. Rival gave another outstanding performance at Electric Daisy Carnival where he sang his song "Solo," which has grown to be a fan favorite.

Overall, Rival's festival appearances and performances have solidified his status as one of the most gifted electronic and dance music musicians in the world. Fans eagerly anticipate his upcoming release and performance because of the distinct sound of his music, which sets him apart from his contemporaries.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Dance musician Rival?

Rival is a dance and electronic music artist that has worked on a variety of tracks with other musicians. "Control" with Unknown Brain, "Willow Tree" with Cadmium and Rosendale, "Seasons" with Cadmium and Harley Bird, "Daily (feat. Jon Becker)," and "Just Breathe (feat. Jon Becker)" are a few of his best collaborations.

The high-energy track "Control" by Unknown Brain combines Rival's distinct flair with Unknown Brain's distinctive sound. Fans of electronic and dance music have praised the tune as being powerful and addictive.

With Cadmium and Rosendale, "Willow Tree" is another noteworthy collaboration. Rosendale's vocals are the ideal accompaniment to Rival's music on this more lyrical and reflective song. The end result is a hauntingly lovely song that highlights Rival's talent and versatility.

Overall, Rival's musical partnerships have aided him in producing some of his most enduring and influential songs to date. Rival consistently produces quality music, regardless of whether he is collaborating with well-known or emerging musicians.

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