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25M streams
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Ella Baila Sola
12.1M streams
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La Bebe - Remix
10M streams
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Peso Pluma, Gabito Ballesteros, Junior H
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Peso Pluma, Grupo Frontera
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Ryan Castro, Peso Pluma, SOG
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Peso Pluma, Jasiel Nuñez, Junior H
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Peso Pluma's YouTube Videos

Natanael Cano x Gabito Ballesteros x Peso Pluma - AMG
Nov 24, 2022
El Belicon - Peso Pluma & Raúl Vega (Video Oficial)
Jan 05, 2022
Peso Pluma - Por Las Noches (video oficial)
Nov 22, 2022

Peso Pluma's Chart Ranks

Past 12 Months

Events47 Events

Festival de Viña del Mar
, Viña del MarN/A N/A
Peso Pluma at Palau Sant Jordi
, Barcelona10000 - 30000 Hall
Peso Pluma at Palau Sant Jordi
, Barcelona10000 - 30000 Hall
Peso Pluma at WiZink Center
, Madrid10000 - 30000 Hall
Peso Pluma at Club de Golf Acapulco
, Acapulco de Juarez2500 - 5000 Club
Peso Pluma at Estadio de Béisbol Hermanos Serdán
, Puebla5000 - 10000 Stadium

Peso Pluma's Upcoming Events1 Event

  • Festival de Viña del Mar festival

    Peso Pluma, Anitta, Maria Becerra, Manuel Turizo, Mora, Maná, Alejandro Sanz, Andrea Bocelli, Miranda!, Men At Work, Los Bunkers, YOUNG CISTER
    CHL, Viña del Mar

Peso Pluma's Past Events46 Events

  • Peso Pluma at Palau Sant Jordi

    Peso Pluma
    Palau Sant Jordi
    ESP, Barcelona
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Peso Pluma at Palau Sant Jordi

    Peso Pluma
    Palau Sant Jordi
    ESP, Barcelona
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Peso Pluma at WiZink Center

    Peso Pluma
    WiZink Center
    ESP, Madrid
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Peso Pluma at Club de Golf Acapulco

    Peso Pluma
    Club de Golf Acapulco
    MEX, Acapulco de Juarez
    Club2.5K - 5K
  • Peso Pluma at Estadio de Béisbol Hermanos Serdán

    Peso Pluma
    Estadio de Béisbol Hermanos Serdán
    MEX, Puebla
    Stadium5K - 10K

More about Peso Pluma

Overview of Reggaeton musician Peso Pluma

Latino artist Peso Pluma is well-known for his work in the Reggaeton subgenre. His music, which is Mexican, blends contemporary Reggaeton beats with classic Latin tones. Peso Pluma has gained popularity among listeners of Latin music all around the world thanks to his contagious rhythms.

His songs stand out for their upbeat beats, earworm melodies, and heartfelt lyrics. Numerous musical styles, such as salsa, cumbia, and hip-hop, have impacted Peso Pluma's distinctive approach. His music will definitely get you on the dance floor as it celebrates Latin culture.

People have applauded Peso Pluma's music for its capacity to unite them. He is well-liked in the Latin music community thanks to his contagious beats and inspirational message. Peso Pluma is certain to create waves in the industry for years to come thanks to his talent and love of music.

What are the most popular songs for Reggaeton musician Peso Pluma?

Latin and Reggaeton musician Peso Pluma from Mexico is renowned for creating energetic and catchy songs. He is well known for the songs "La Bebe - Remix," "Ella Baila Sola," "AMG," "Por las Noches," "El Belicon," "El Azul," "PRC," "El Gavilan," "Igualito a Mi Apa," and "Siempre Pendientes."

The catchy and upbeat song "La Bebe - Remix" combines trap and reggaeton beats. It displays Peso Pluma's distinctive sound and flair, which have made him popular in the Latin music community. Another well-liked song that is great for dancing is "Ella Baila Sola". Anyone will get up and dance to the song's bright tune and appealing chorus.

"AMG" is a Reggaeton song that has gained popularity with the audience. It's an excellent song to listen to while exercising or driving because of its frantic beat and Peso Pluma's silky delivery. The more relaxed piece "Por las Noches" displays Peso Pluma's musical range. The song has a laid-back feel and incorporates R&B and Reggaeton influences.

In general, Peso Pluma's music is a flawless fusion of Reggaeton and Latin rhythms. His memorable beats and distinctive approach have made him a devoted fan favorite in Mexico and throughout the world. Peso Pluma is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the Latin music market given his rising fame.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Reggaeton musician Peso Pluma?

The recently released album "Efectos Secundarios (2021)" by renowned Latin and Reggaeton performer Peso Pluma has generated some hype. This CD demonstrates the artist's versatility and originality with a mix of traditional and modern beats. With songs that are catchy, upbeat, and soulful, the album is the ideal addition to any music lover's repertoire.

Peso Pluma has also released a few singles that have been getting notice in addition to the album. "Peso Pluma: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 55 (2023)," "Bye (2023), "77 (2023), and "Rosa Pastel (2023)" are some of his most recent singles. The artist's ability to experiment with many styles and sounds while remaining faithful to his roots is demonstrated by these songs.

Peso Pluma's live performances have also garnered rave reviews from his fans. With their raw energy and contagious beats, the artist's "Disco en Vivo, Vol.2 (En Vivo) (2020)" and "Disco en Vivo (En Vivo) (2020)" have perfectly captured the soul of his live performances. If you want to hear the music of this musician in its purest form, you must listen to these albums.

In conclusion, Peso Pluma's most recent album and singles are proof of his talent and originality as a musician. The artist has created a sound that is both distinctive and alluring by fusing classic and modern beats. There is something in Peso Pluma's most recent releases for everyone, no matter if you're a die-hard fan or just a casual listener.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Reggaeton musician Peso Pluma?

Numerous Latin and Reggaeton musicians have worked with Peso Pluma over the years, but some of their most notable projects include "La Bebe - Remix" with Yng Lvcas, "Ella Baila Sola" with Eslabon Armado, "AMG" with Natanael Cano and Gabito Ballesteros, "El Belicon" with Raul Vega, and "El Azul" with Junior H.

The "La Bebe - Remix" duet with Yng Lvcas is one of the most stunning. This song exemplifies Peso Pluma's distinct sound by fusing contemporary production methods with classical Latin and Reggaeton music. The song is made even more exciting and exciting by Yng Lvcas' addition, creating a catchy and danceable smash.

The song "Ella Baila Sola" by Eslabon Armado is another noteworthy collaboration. This song deviates from Peso Pluma's regular style by fusing contemporary components with aspects of traditional Mexican music. Peso Pluma's music is flawlessly complemented by Eslabon Armado's vocals and instrumental work, creating a song that is simultaneously catchy and sentimental.

In general, Peso Pluma's musical partnerships have aided in the development of his sound and increased exposure. One of the most intriguing Latin and Reggaeton musicians active today, these partnerships show his versatility and willingness to explore with many styles.

What do people also ask about Regional Mexican Music musician Peso Pluma?

Where is Peso Pluma from?

Peso Pluma, also known as Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, is a native of the Mexican municipality of Zapopan in the state of Jalisco.

What is Peso Pluma age?

23 years (June 15, 1999)

What spot is Peso Pluma on Spotify?

The only Mexican artist in the top 10 is Peso Pluma, who is presently ranked fifth on Spotify's Top Weekly Artist charts, after Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, and Drake.

Was Peso Pluma a soccer player?

Peso Pluma trained in the Chivas de Guadalajara Academy with the intention of becoming a professional soccer player prior to beginning his musical career.

Did peso pluma pass bad bunny?

As the most streamed artist in Mexico, Peso Pluma has surpassed Bad Bunny, and she presently sits atop Spotify's global top 50 lists.

Why is Peso Pluma so popular?

Peso Pluma, a 23-year-old Mexican rapper, is well-known for his distinctive fusion of current lyrics and corrido sound, which many followers on TikTok recognize as "changing the game." His recent Coachella performance with Becky G has only increased his notoriety.

What song made Peso Pluma famous?

The Eslabon Armado love song "Ella Baila Sola," the first piece of regional Mexican music to chart in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart across all genres, is where Peso Pluma initially rose to fame.

What haircut does peso pluma have?

Peso Pluma basically has a mullet with a sideburn fade hairstyle, which has gained a lot of popularity among customers who ask their stylists for the same look.

What did Peso Pluma say about bad bunny?

Peso Pluma regarded Bad Bunny as an excellent person in a Billboard interview and cited him as one of his major influences in the course of his career.

Did Peso Pluma play with chivas?

I played in “básicas” for Chivas and remember playing with soccer stars like JJ Macías.

Is Peso Pluma more popular than Bad Bunny?

The Mexican singer appears to have suddenly taken over the entire world; he has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world, he has broken multiple Billboard records, and most recently, he deposed Bad Bunny as the most streamed artist on Mexico's Spotify.

Was Peso Pluma at Coachella?

On April 14, 2023, Peso Pluma and Becky G gave a performance at the Coachella Stage at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Why did the peso collapse?

Political forces, domestic and foreign economic concerns, and the fall of the peso all contributed to its timing. Foreign reserves were depleted and the amount of debt increased as a result of the central bank's conversion of short-term debt into bonds denominated in dollars.

What is Peso Pluma nationality?


What rank is Peso Pluma in Spotify?

On Spotify's Global Artist Chart, he is listed at number five, trailing only Drake, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, and Taylor Swift.

Why is Peso Pluma so famous?

Peso Pluma is well known for being the No. 5 most streamed artist in the world, having worked on multiple Top 50 Global chart-topping projects and performing at festivals like Coachella.

Is Peso Pluma better than Bad Bunny?

Recently, Peso Pluma outpaced Bad Bunny in popularity, topping international rankings and overtaking them to become Mexico's most streamed musician. On social media, his music and success are being praised by fans.

Is Peso Pluma top 1?

Peso Pluma is the first regional Mexican artist to reach the top spot; Quartet Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma are presently tied atop the Global 200 chart.

How much does Peso Pluma charge?

Concert tickets at Peso Pluma Mechanics Bank Arena cost, on average, $324.00; premium main-floor seating and meet-and-greet access, however, are more expensive.

What style is Peso Pluma?

Peso Pluma is credited for resurrecting the regional Mexican genre of corridos tumbados, which combines urban music, trap, and reggaeton.

Did Peso Pluma play soccer?

Peso Pluma attended Chivas de Guadalajara Academy with hopes of becoming a professional soccer player before deciding to pursue a career in music.

Is Peso Pluma top 10?

Additionally, Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma's song "Ella Baila Sola" reached a historic Hot 100 top 10 position. In the 64-year history of the Hot 100, this is the first top 10 for each artist as well as the first regional Mexican top 10.

Has Peso Pluma surpassed Bad Bunny?

It seems that Peso Pluma has surpassed Bad Bunny as the most-streamed artist on Mexico's Spotify.

What did Peso Pluma say about Bad Bunny?

Peso Pluma stated in a Billboard interview that Bad Bunny was one of the major inspirations on his career and that he had the opportunity to speak with him and clear up some issues. Bad Bunny is a fantastic person, he continued.