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Omi's Top Spotify Songs

Artist Name
Cheerleader - Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit
3.8M streams
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Hula Hoop
199.6K streams
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85.5K streams
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Cheerleader (feat. Nicky Jam) - Felix Jaehn Remix
55.8K streams
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Drop In the Ocean
26.3K streams
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Takagi & Ketra, Omi, Giusy Ferreri
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Cheerleader (feat. Nicky Jam) - Felix Jaehn Remix

Omi, Nicky Jam, Felix Jaehn
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Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) - Live 2015

Omi, Felix Jaehn
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Omi's YouTube Videos

OMI - Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) [Official Video]
Apr 02, 2015
OMI - Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Video Edit)
Nov 04, 2014
Takagi & Ketra, OMI, Giusy Ferreri - JAMBO (Official Video)
Jun 11, 2019

Omi's Chart Ranks

Past 12 Months

Events2 Events

Omi Sección General at ME Cabo
, Cabo San Lucas0 - 500 Other
Pot Of Gold
United States
, ChandlerN/A N/A

Omi's Past Events2 Events

  • Omi Sección General at ME Cabo

    ME Cabo
    MEX, Cabo San Lucas
    Other0 - 500
  • Pot Of Gold festival

    Russ, Ski Mask The Slump God, MAGIC!, Dej Loaf, Pnb Rock, Sheck Wes, Omi, Cody Jinks, O.T. Genasis, Rebelution, Dirty Heads, Donavon Frankenreiter, THEY., Pepper, St. Paul and The Broken Bones, Bugus, Felly, G. Love & Special Sauce, Ballyhoo!, Fortunate Youth, Big Head Todd and The Monsters, Taylor Bennett, Reo Cragun, The Infamous Stringdusters, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Tauk, Midnight North, Con Brio, Phil Lesh, Kalu & The Electric Joint, Ezri
    USA, Chandler

Omi's Beatport Songs

Artist Name
Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) (Original Mix)
Released on May 20, 2014
Artist Name
Masterpiece (Jack Wins Extended Mix)
Released on Oct 12, 2018
Artist Name
As Long As I'm With You (Original Mix)
Released on Dec 07, 2018
Artist Name
Masterpiece (HUGEL Remix)
Released on Oct 12, 2018
Artist Name
Masterpiece (Original Mix)
Released on Aug 17, 2018

Masterpiece (Jack Wins Extended Mix)

Omi, Felix Jaehn, Jack Wins

Telephone Love (Extended Mix)

Omi, Sondr

More about Omi

Overview of Mainstream Pop musician Omi

Omi is a popular pop musician from Jamaica who has established himself in the genre. His songs are known for their infectious beats, peppy rhythms, and heartfelt lyrics. Omi has won over music lovers all around the world with his catchy songs and engaging vocals.

Omi was influenced by the diverse musical traditions of Jamaica, such as reggae, dancehall, and ska, while growing up there. He started making music in the early 2010s and released a number of tunes that quickly became well-known in Jamaica and elsewhere. In 2015, his breakthrough single "Cheerleader," which topped charts all over the world, went global.

Omi's music is adored for its upbeat attitude, contagious hooks, and sentimental lyrics. No matter what he sings about—love, heartbreak, or the ups and downs of life—his music always manages to make a profound and emotional connection with listeners. Omi is certain to make waves in the pop industry for years to come thanks to his talent, charisma, and love of music.

What are the most popular songs for Mainstream Pop musician Omi?

The Jamaican pop artist Omi has produced some of the most well-known pop tunes in recent memory. Some of his most popular songs are "Cheerleader," "Hula Hoop," "JAMBO," "Masterpiece," and "Seasons (feat. OMI)." "Cheerleader," which has been remixed numerous times and has amassed over a billion views on YouTube, is maybe his most well-known song. Both the original song and the remix by Felix Jaehn are quite well-liked.

"Hula Hoop," another song from Omi, with a catchy tune and a tropical groove. The song "JAMBO" is another example of Omi's aptitude at writing lively, danceable pop music. Omi's vocal prowess are highlighted on the slower, more emotive track "Masterpiece."

Shaggy, a DJ and producer, and OMI collaborated on the song "Seasons (feat. OMI)." The song has a warm, upbeat mood and combines pop and reggae influences. The song "Drop in the Ocean" is another example of Omi's talent for producing appealing hooks and upbeat sounds.

Omi has solidified his position as one of the most well-liked pop musicians in recent years overall. His music combines pop, reggae, and tropical sounds to produce a distinctive sound that is adored by listeners throughout. Omi will undoubtedly continue to create popular songs for years to come because to his catchy hooks and upbeat beats.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Mainstream Pop musician Omi?

Omi, a Jamaican pop musician, has been entertaining his fans with current hits and his most recent album, "Me 4 U: The Remixes (2016)." His most recent single, "Formula (2023)," is a peppy pop song that has gotten favorable reviews from audiences. It has a positive energy, and the melody lingers in your head long after the song is over.

Another song that displays Omi's pop sensibility is "Don't Stop (2022)." The song's catchy chorus and cheerful melody make it easy for listeners to join in on the dancing. 'Telephone Love (2021)' and 'Crazy With Somebody (2021)' are two more songs that showcase Omi's aptitude for writing upbeat pop music.

Me 4 U (2015), an album by Omi, is also worth checking out. It includes songs like "Cheerleader," which was an immediate smash after its release. The CD demonstrates Omi's artistic flexibility with songs that range from energetic pop to more quiet ballads.

Overall, Omi's most recent singles and album are proof of his skill as a pop musician. He has a talent for writing catchy melodies that stick in your head long after the song is over. Pop music lovers should definitely check out his work.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Mainstream Pop musician Omi?

Omi, a Jamaican pop performer, has performed at numerous significant festivals over the course of his career. At the Pot of Gold event in Chandler, Arizona, he made one of his most noteworthy festival appearances. Omi played at this festival alongside other well-known bands in the mainstream pop genre.

ME Cabo, a five-star resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, was another significant location for Omi. During spring break, Omi gave a performance at this location, which is renowned for its lavish pool parties.

Omi has also had other major festival appearances and musical performances, including as at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival, where he shared the stage with stars like The Weeknd and Justin Bieber. He also had a performance at the Miami, Florida-based iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina, which showcases a lineup of well-known Latin music artists.

Omi has, overall, had a successful career as a popular pop musician, having performed at numerous significant music festivals. Fans may anticipate seeing him at more festivals and locations in the future as he continues to tour and perform.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Mainstream Pop musician Omi?

The Jamaican pop musician OMI has worked with a variety of other musicians during the course of his career. "Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)" with Felix Jaehn, "JAMBO" with Takagi & Ketra and Giusy Ferreri, "Masterpiece" with Felix Jaehn, "Seasons (feat. OMI)" with Shaggy, and "Drop in the Ocean" with AronChupa are a few of the most prominent collaborations.

With Felix Jaehn, OMI had one of its most popular collaborations on the remix of "Cheerleader." The song was a huge smash all over the world, peaking at number one in a number of nations and becoming one of the biggest singles of 2015. The partnership helped OMI become a big figure in the Pop music scene by introducing his music to a larger audience.

Shaggy and OMI's collaboration on "Seasons" is another noteworthy one. The song highlights the skills of both singers, with OMI's mellow vocals fusing seamlessly with Shaggy's distinctive dancehall sound. The pairing was well-liked by fans, and reviewers gave the song favorable ratings.

In conclusion, OMI has collaborated with many outstanding musicians over his career, resulting in some of Pop music's biggest singles. Felix Jaehn and Shaggy's collaborations stand out as some of the best, demonstrating OMI's capacity to work with many musicians and genres to produce engaging music.

What do people also ask about Mainstream Pop musician Omi?

What is OMI's real name?

Omar Samuel Pasley.

Where is OMI originally from?

Clarendon, Jamaica.

What nationality is OMI for grandma?


Was OMI a police officer?

"I was a policeman for three years, 10 months and 13 days and I treasure those moments."

What is OMI doing now?

He's been working on new music, taking a different path from his usual dancehall sound.

What is OMI real name?

Omar Samuel Pasley.

Does OMI have kids?

For Omi Hopper, yes, she has four boys.

Where does OMI live now?

OMI still lives in Clarendon, the village he grew up in, which is located near Kingston.

What year was OMI?

The Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) was launched in 2004.

What does OMI mean in Africa?

Orisun Omi means "the source of water" in Yoruba.

What is OMI predicted price?

ECOMI (OMI) Price Prediction

What is OMI doing?

For organizing a cable television piracy scam, Bill Omar Carrasquillo, also known as Omi in a Hellcat Online, was given a five and a half year prison term.

Is OMI in jail?

Bill Omar Carrasquillo, popularly known as "Omi in a Hellcat," was given a 5.5-year prison term for conspiring to violate other people's intellectual property, evading taxes, and defrauding the government.

Does OMI have a future?

With price forecasts for OMI that range between $0.002797 and $0.005282 by 2030, bullish analysts see great things for the stock. Additionally, they think that by 2025, OMI might reach $0.002175. Nevertheless, pessimistic market forecasts for 2023 point to a price of $0.000497.

Where did OMI come from?

OMI was born to musical parents in May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica and is a composer, songwriter, and vocalist. He is the youngest of four children and goes by the name Omar Samuel Pasley. 1992 marked the start of his early education at May Pen Primary School.

Is Omi jewelry real?

Unless otherwise stated, OMI Jewelry assures that every piece is 100 percent original. We stand by this promise, and if an item is discovered to be partially fake, we'll give you a full refund.

Is OMI a rapper?

Rapper omi is a member of the group GoonnCity. He regularly works with Ways and prblm.

How long is OMI going to jail for?

For leading a cable TV piracy conspiracy, Bill Omar Carrasquillo, nicknamed Omi in a Hellcat, has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison and must pay a $30 million fine.

Will OMI ever recover?

If the OMI currency is able to break above important resistance levels of $0.0010200 and $0.0012500 in the near future, it could experience a strong recovery.

What will OMI be worth in 2025?

According to technical analysis, OMI Price Prediction 2025 indicates that the minimum price of ECOMI (OMI) may be $0.0025 and the maximum price level may be $0.0030.

What language is OMI?

In the Aru Territory, Orientale Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, between the Nzoro and Lowa rivers, people speak Omi, a Central Sudanic language.

What does OMI mean in Japanese?

Omi is a hereditary aristocratic title (kabane) from ancient Japan that is pronounced Chen. Before Emperor Kogen, it was awarded to the Imperial Family's heirs. During the Kofun era, Omi was saved for the leader of the most potent clans together with Muraji.

What are the predictions for OMI?

According to 6 analysts providing 12-month price estimates, the median target price for Owens & Minor Inc (NYSE:OMI) is 19.50, with a high estimate of 24.00 and a low estimate of 16.00. The median forecast predicts a drop from the current price of 21.32 of -8.54%.

What is the news on OMI price?

OMI's price is down -1.25% from the previous hour and up 4.84% from the day before. The current market capitalization, calculated by dividing the total number of coins by the exchange rate, is $0.00 USD. OMI has a maximum quantity of 311.06 billion OMI and a circulating supply of 270.35 billion coins.