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Love Gostosinho - Ao Vivo
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Americana Na Vaquejada
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Golzinho Vermelho - Ao Vivo
921K streams
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Agora é Pra Valer
815.7K streams
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Nattan's YouTube Videos

Tem cabaré essa noite - Nivaldo Marques | Nattan (Clipe Oficial)
Jul 13, 2022
Love Gostosinho - Nattan e Felipe Amorim (DVD AO VIVO)
Dec 28, 2022

@Nattan & @Raí Saia Rodada - Storiezin (Clipe Oficial)


@Nattan  & @Raí Saia Rodada - Storiezin (Clipe Oficial)
Mar 10, 2021

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Events3 Events

Viiixe Forró e Piseiro Fortaleza
, FortalezaN/A N/A
Festival Virada Salvador
, SalvadorN/A N/A
Festival Virada Salvador
, SalvadorN/A N/A

Nattan's Upcoming Events2 Events

  • Viiixe Forró e Piseiro Fortaleza festival

    João Gomes, Nattan, Tarcísio do Acordeon, Zé Vaqueiro, Mari Fernandez, Felipe Amorim, Xand Avião, Vitor Fernandes, Ávine Vinny, Priscila Senna, Zé Cantor
    BRA, Fortaleza
  • Festival Virada Salvador festival

    Gusttavo Lima, Nattan, Ivete Sangalo, Tarcísio do Acordeon, Bell Marques, Igor Kannário, Ilê Aiyê
    BRA, Salvador

Nattan's Past Events1 Event

  • Festival Virada Salvador festival

    Gusttavo Lima, Jorge & Mateus, Alok, Wesley Safadão, Leo Santana, João Gomes, Nattan, Ivete Sangalo, Tarcísio do Acordeon, Zé Vaqueiro, Mari Fernandez, Xand Avião, Vitor Fernandes, Claudia Leitte, Thiago Brava, Thiago Aquino, Bell Marques, Parangolé, É O Tchan, Psirico, Saulo Fernandes, Daniela Mercury, Simone, Timbalada, Durval Lelys, Rafa & Pipo Marques, Olodum, La Fúria, Ilê Aiyê, Danniel Vieira
    BRA, Salvador

More about Nattan

Overview of Forró musician Nattan

Nattan is a Brazilian musician that plays Latin music and is an expert in the Forro subgenre. Nattan's music, which is renowned for its passionate and expressive tone and blends traditional Forro with contemporary elements, has won over audiences all across Brazil and beyond. Nattan's music has established itself as a mainstay of the Brazilian music scene thanks to its catchy rhythms and joyful songs.

Nattan is renowned as a musician for his excellent voice skills and his capacity to produce music that is both engrossing and stimulating. His music is approachable to listeners of all ages and backgrounds because of the frequent references to love, heartbreak, and the difficulties of daily living in his songs. Nattan has established himself as a beloved figure in the Latin music community thanks to his love of music and his unrelenting commitment to his profession.

Overall, Nattan is a gifted artist who has established himself in the cutthroat Latin music industry. He is guaranteed to keep audiences spellbound for years to come with his distinctive sound, strong voice, and relevant lyrics.

What are the most popular songs for Forró musician Nattan?

With his amazing Latin and Forro music, Nattan, a gifted musician from Sobral, Brazil, has won the hearts of many. Nattan has established himself as a household name in Brazil and elsewhere thanks to songs like "Comunicacao Falhou - Ao Vivo," "Love Gostosinho - Ao Vivo," and "Conduta - Ao Vivo." These songs have become more well-known because of their captivating beats and lyrics that resonate with his followers.

Two more well-known songs by Nattan that highlight his range as a musician are "Tem Cabare Essa Noite" and "Morena". They mix classic Forro and contemporary Latin music, which is sure to have people dancing. Among Nattan's followers, "Storiezin," "P Q P," "Diferente dos Diferentes," "Pelado," and "Diferente das Diferentes" are additional songs that have become more well-liked.

Listeners can easily be transported to the energetic streets of Brazil, where music and culture are entwined, thanks to Nattan's music. He celebrates life, love, and everything in between via his music. It is understandable why he has grown to be one of Brazil's most renowned and admired musicians.

To sum up, Nattan's music has won over many listeners with its infectious rhythms, relevant lyrics, and distinctive fusion of traditional Forro and contemporary Latin genres. The amazing music he has created can be heard on tunes like "Comunicacao Falhou - Ao Vivo" and "Love Gostosinho - Ao Vivo," to name just a couple. Nattan is without a doubt one of Brazil's most accomplished and well-respected artists.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Forró musician Nattan?

With his most recent albums, Nattan, a gifted Latin and Forro musician from Sobral, Brazil, has kept his listeners on their toes. O Fantastico Mundo De Nattan (Ao Vivo) (2022), his most recent album, is a live recording of his enthralling and dynamic performances. The album includes a variety of songs, such as "Vamos Dar Play No Nathanzinho (2021)" and "Pelado (2022), that highlight Nattan's distinctive fusion of Latin and Forro music.

'Especialistas (2023)', Nattan's most recent hit, is already causing a stir in the music business. The song is a fantastic illustration of Nattan's talent for fusing classic Forro music with contemporary Latin beats to create a distinctive and eclectic sound that is sure to get people moving. 'Volta Pra Mim (Ao Vivo) (2023), 'Ainda Sou o Teu Amor (Ao Vivo) (2023), and 'Como Vou Deixar Voce (2023)' are further singles to keep an eye out for.

With his most recent releases, Nattan has demonstrated his versatility and ability to make music that appeals to listeners from all walks of life while pushing the frontiers of Latin and Forro music. Fans may expect this amazing musician to deliver more thrilling new music in the future.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Forró musician Nattan?

Nattan, a Latin and Forro music sensation from Sobral, Brazil, has enthralled audiences on numerous stages. At the Festival Virada Salvador, where he made one of his most significant festival appearances, he dazzled the audience with his distinctive fusion of Latin and Forro beats. He dominated the audience and left them wanting more during his performance at the festival, which was a testimonial to his talent and stage presence.

Nattan has performed around Brazil, including the Sao Joao Festival in Caruaru and the Fortal Festival in Fortaleza, in addition to the Festival Virada Salvador. Nattan captivated spectators and left a lasting impression at each of these events by bringing his distinctive voice and style to the stage.

Nattan gave one of his most memorable performances during the Sao Joao Festival in Caruaru, when he sang his popular song "Combi do Amor" in front of a large crowd. As Nattan gave a high-intensity performance that got everyone dancing and singing along, the electricity in the audience was palpable.

For fans of Latin and Forro music, Nattan's concerts are a must-see. Anyone who is fortunate enough to see one of his performances will undoubtedly be left with a positive impression thanks to his contagious beats and engaging stage persona.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Forró musician Nattan?

Brazilian Forro musician Nattan has worked with a number of other musicians to create some of his best work. On the song "Comunicacao Falhou - Ao Vivo," he collaborated with Mari Fernandez in one of his most memorable projects. Nattan and Mari Fernandez sing in unison throughout the song, resulting in a stunning blend of their vocals. On the song "Love Gostosinho - Ao Vivo," Felipe Amorim and the other artist combine their own musical idioms to produce an upbeat and catchy composition.

Along with these projects, Nattan has also collaborated with Mari Fernandez on the song "Conduta - Ao Vivo," demonstrating their excellent musical skills and good chemistry. Another noteworthy collaboration is Nattan's with Nivaldo Marques on "Tem Cabare Essa Noite," where their vocal harmonies produce a genuinely memorable song.

Finally, Nattan and Rai Saia Rodada's work on "Storiezin" merits special recognition. The song is the ideal illustration of how two gifted musicians can collaborate to produce a memorable and catchy melody that will stick with listeners long after the song has ended.

In general, Nattan's associations with different artists have aided him in producing some of his best work. Each partnership adds something special to the table, resulting in a remarkable and varied record that highlights his artistry.

What do people also ask about Forró musician Nattan?

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