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Ask About Me
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Feel Good
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Beast & Peace
165.5K streams
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MohBad's YouTube Videos

Mohbad - Feel good (official video )
Aug 26, 2021
MohBad Ft Naira Marley - Komajensun
Feb 07, 2020
Rexxie, MohBad - KPK (Ko Por Ke) (Official Music Video)
Feb 22, 2021

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MohBad's Beatport Songs

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Shacky Body feat. Mohbad feat. Mr Bee (Original Mix)
Released on Jan 02, 2020
Artist Name
MMM (Original Mix)
Released on Aug 26, 2022
Artist Name
MMM feat. MohBad feat. Rexxie (Original Mix)
Released on Feb 18, 2022

Shacky Body feat. Mohbad feat. Mr Bee (Original Mix)


More about MohBad

Overview of Afrobeat musician MohBad

African musician MohBad hails from Lagos, Nigeria. His musical style combines contemporary Afrobeat beats with traditional African rhythms to produce a distinctive sound that perfectly encapsulates African music. The catchy melodies, contagious beats, and moving lyrics that represent the hardships and victories of daily life define MohBad's music.

MohBad is an Afrobeat singer known for his upbeat live shows and his talent for relating to audiences through his songs. His music is frequently referred to be a blend of contemporary Afrobeat beats and traditional African rhythms with an emphasis on storytelling and emotional expression. MohBad's love for music is evident in every note he plays, whether he is playing in front of a large audience or in the studio.

All things considered, MohBad is a gifted and driven musician who has had a big impact on the African music landscape. He has inspired and brought delight to numerous admirers around the world with his music, and his distinctive sound and style never fail to enthrall listeners everywhere. MohBad is unquestionably a musician to check out whether you enjoy Afrobeat or African music.

What are the most popular songs for Afrobeat musician MohBad?

Nigerian Afrobeat musician MohBad, who is from Lagos, has been causing a stir in the music business with his contagious beats and memorable lyrics. Among his best songs are "KPK (Ko Por Ke)", "Feel Good", "Komajensun", "Backside", "Ask About Me", "Peace", "Weekend", "Ponmo", "Ronaldo", and "KPK (Remix)".

With its energetic speed and catchy melody, "KPK (Ko Por Ke)" is one of MohBad's most well-known songs. The song is a mainstay in Nigerian clubs and parties and has received millions of views on YouTube. The well-known song "Komajensun" also includes the gifted Nigerian musician Naira Marley. The song has a chill vibe and incorporates MohBad's distinctive fusion of rap and Afrobeat.

With its energetic tempo and appealing chorus, "Feel Good" is another hit with the crowd. The theme of the song is enjoying each and every moment of life to the fullest. MohBad and Nigerian musicians Zinoleesky and Naira Marley collaborated on the laid-back beat and more relaxed sound of "Ponmo," which has a more chill atmosphere.

Overall, MohBad's music captures his individual personality and sense of style by fusing traditional Afrobeat with contemporary rap to produce a sound that is uniquely Nigerian. His fan base is expanding and his songs are dominating the charts, solidifying his position as one of Nigeria's top Afrobeat musicians.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Afrobeat musician MohBad?

One of the best Afrobeat musicians from Nigeria, MohBad, has been putting out hit after hit in recent years. In 2020, he released his most recent album, "Light," to rapturous accolades from both reviewers and fans. The album mixes lively and downtempo songs, displaying MohBad's range as a musician.

Along with "Light," MohBad has also released a number of other new tunes that have been causing a stir in the Nigerian music industry. All of the songs "Shina Peters," "Ask About Me (Sped Up)," "Ask About Me," and "Level" were released in 2023 and have since become increasingly well-liked by fans. Each song offers a distinctive flavor and demonstrates MohBad's versatility in delivering new, engaging music.

All things considered, MohBad is one of Nigeria's most gifted and creative Afrobeat musicians. Fans are anxiously awaiting his forthcoming releases and can't wait to see what he has in store for them next. MohBad will undoubtedly keep the party going for many years to come with his contagious sounds and memorable lyrics.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Afrobeat musician MohBad?

The Nigerian Afrobeat superstar MohBad has worked with a number of musicians to create some of the most well-known tracks in the genre. The songs "KPK (Ko Por Ke)" with Rexxie, "Komajensun" with Naira Marley, "Weekend" with Imole, "Ponmo" with Naira Marley and Lil Kesh, and "Money" with Terri and Bella Shmurda are just a few of his best collaborations.

"KPK (Ko Por Ke)" is one of his most popular joint projects with Rexxie. When the song was launched in 2020, it immediately went viral and acquired fame not just in Nigeria but also elsewhere. The song became a popular favorite, especially among the younger generation, with to its upbeat beat and MohBad's distinctive voice.

Naira Marley and Lil Kesh's collaboration on "Ponmo" is another noteworthy one. The song, which combines rap and Afrobeat, was released in 2020 and became a big hit right away. The words and rhythm of the song perfectly capture the spirit of Nigerian street culture, making it a quick hit with listeners.

In conclusion, MohBad has achieved success in the Nigerian music business in large part because to his collaborations with other performers. Some of the biggest singles in the Afrobeat genre have been created by his distinctive style and vocals in collaboration with the imaginative contributions of other talented artists.

What do people also ask about Afrobeat musician MohBad?

Who sings Mohbad?

Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, who goes by the stage name Mohbad, sings.

Which month did Mohbad release peace?

Answer: Mohbad released "Peace" in the month of September.

Is Mohbad and Bella Shmurda friends?

Bella Shmurda is pals with popular Nigerian musician Mohbad, and Bella helped make people aware of Mohbad's tense relationship with his old record label.

How old is Mohbad?

26 years (June 8, 1996)

Has Mohbad left Marlian music?

His assertion implied that Mohbad had departed Marlian Music and that his musical career had now fallen on hard times. While he was signed to the label, none of his independent releases were as successful as his singles.

Does Mohbad own a car?

Mohbad reportedly owns a brand new Lexus which he bought in 2021.

When did Mohbad started music?

MohBad started his music career in 2019 and has since released several hit singles.

How old is Mohbad and his net worth?

As of 2023, the rapper Mohbad will be 26 years old, however it is unknown what his fortune is. He hails from Nigeria's Lagos State.