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Mellow & Sleazy's Top Spotify Songs

Artist Name
Imnandi lento (feat. Tman Xpress)
563K streams
Artist Name
Wena Wa Pallwa (feat. Ch'cco & LeeMcKrazy)
180.4K streams
Artist Name
Abo Mvelo (feat. Mellow & Sleazy & M.J)
128.7K streams
Artist Name
Imali iKhona (feat. Mellow & Sleazy, Madumane & Uncool MC)
104.5K streams
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Kwelinye (feat. Keynote)
92.2K streams
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Mellow & Sleazy's YouTube Videos

Mellow & Sleazy, Sjavasdadeejay, TitoM - Imnandi lento (Official Audio) ft. Tman Xpress
Aug 17, 2023

Bopha (Official Music Video)


Bopha (Official Music Video)
Dec 13, 2021
Mellow & Sleazy, TmanXpress - Kwelinye (Official Audio) ft. Keynote
Mar 01, 2023

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Past 12 Months

Events3 Events

Cotton Fest
South Africa
, JohannesburgN/A N/A
Spring Fiesta
South Africa
, BardeneN/A N/A
Delicious International Food and Music Festival Kenya
South Africa
, MidrandN/A N/A

Mellow & Sleazy's Past Events3 Events

  • Cotton Fest festival

    Nasty C, DJ Maphorisa, Tyler ICU, Cassper Nyovest, Focalistic, Uncle Waffles, Oscar Mbo, Mellow & Sleazy, Pabi Cooper, Big Zulu, MaWhoo, Young Stunna, A-Reece, Felo le Tee, Sjava, Blaq Diamond, Nadia Nakai, Sam Deep, Blxckie, DBN GOGO, Emtee, Musa Keys, K.O, Costa Titch, TOSS, Mas Musiq, Robot Boii, Mörda, Soa Mattrix, Elaine, Ch'cco, Reece Madlisa, Maglera Doe Boy, Okmalumkoolkat, Shane Eagle, Mdu a.k.a Trp, Gaba Cannal, 25K, Priddy Ugly, Da Capo, Sino Msolo, Mash​Beatz, Anatii, FLVME, Mashudu, Uncle Vinny, YoungstaCpt, Abidoza, Semi Tee, Tshego, Lebza TheVillain, Moozlie, Touchline, Distruction Boyz, DJ SLIQE, Lucas Raps, Zuma, Jay Jody, Yumbs, Frank Casino, Thato Saul, Majorsteez, Ney, Dee Koala, TDK Macassette, Bravo Le Roux, Sizwe Alakine, KMAT, Roiii, Kaygee The Vibe, M.J, TBO, Stilo Magolide, K.Keed, 2woshort, Slade, Flow Jones Jr., LesediTheDJ, Holy Alpha, Tyson Sybateli, DJ Stopper, 031CHOPPA, ReaDaSoul, Stino Le Thwenny, DJ Venom, Audiomarc, DJ pH, DJ LeSoul, scumie, LuuDaDeejay, PatrickxxLee, Goodguy Styles, Ms Cosmo, Dj Kyotic, Uncool MC, jaykatana, Ka$hCPT, Espiquet, Dr Peppa, DJHarvey, Shishiliza, Phantom Steeze, DJ Kaymoworld, Loki., Ma Lemon, LeoDaLeo, Champuru Makhenzo, BoiBizza, BELO SALO, K1llbrady, Kiddo CSA, Nvcho, Horid the Messiah, King Deetoy, NOTBENJAMIN, Herc Cut The Lights, lilnosebleedd, Lookatups, Case-Klowzed, Stompiiey, DJ Doowap, SHOULDBEYUANG, Zādok, Buzzi Lee, yungseruno, Money Badoo, DJ Sandiso, Mustbedubz, Willy Cardiac, HENNYBELIT, 808 Sallie, Benny Chill, Dj Candii, Asvnte, Lash T, KindlyNxsh, Soul Jam, Eddie Soul, Uncle Partytime, Taura Montana, Lord Script, Kevi Kev, Legendary Crisp, Leezy Lindokuhle, Trusted SLK, Fif_laaa, Dj Meech, Hopemasta, DJ Banques, KING KY, Skolleywood, Cye, Soulphobic, Jägermeister Brass Cartel, BLEACHRS, Fresh Ty, YungkiddReezy, Authentic
    ZAF, Johannesburg
  • Spring Fiesta festival

    DJ Maphorisa, Kamo Mphela, Focalistic, Mellow & Sleazy, Daliwonga, Young Stunna, Felo le Tee, AKA, DJ Tira, Kelvin Momo, Blxckie, Emtee, LAMIEZ HOLWORTHY, Costa Titch, Njelic, Ami Faku, Mörda, MFR Souls, Heavy-K, Black Motion, Caiiro, DJ Kent, Da Capo, Dladla Mshunqisi, Lerato Kganyago, Gazza, Kasango, Culoe De Song, Majorsteez, Citizen Deep, Chronical Deep, Kaygee The Vibe, FKA Mash, Kid Fonque, Lemon & Herb, LesediTheDJ, ReaDaSoul, Mo Flava, SIÓ, SGVO, Nutty Nys, Da Africa Deep, Lulo Cafe, Vanco, Ryan the DJ, DJ Naves, Dj Kyotic, Uncool MC, Sphectacula And Dj Naves, Hypaphonik, Malumz on Decks, KVRVBO, Vinny Da Vinci, Roger Goode, Linda Moeketsi, Kat La Kat, DJ Buhle, DJ Fae Fae, Loki SA, Christos, Zane Gulston, Dj Pedabotic, Shejay Glam, Dj KillaMo, DJ Nel, Hectic & Siya, No Comply
    ZAF, Bardene
  • Delicious International Food and Music Festival Kenya festival

    Burna Boy, Kamo Mphela, Mr JazziQ, Mellow & Sleazy, Major League DJz, Babyface, Dlala Thukzin, DJ Zinhle, Kelvin Momo, Blxckie, DBN GOGO, LAMIEZ HOLWORTHY, Ami Faku, OSKIDO, Angie Stone, Sha Sha, Msaki, Digable Planets, Stereo MC's, DJ Ganyani, Nissi, Dj Fresh (SA), Simphiwe Dana, M'du, Trompies, Nduduzo Makhathini, Thebe, DJ DINO BRAVO, Christos, DJ G-Force
    ZAF, Midrand

Mellow & Sleazy's Beatport Songs

Artist Name
Sporofita (Original Mix)
Released on Jul 26, 2022
Artist Name
Areyeng (Original Mix)
Released on Jul 15, 2022

More about Mellow & Sleazy

Overview of Amapiano musician Mellow & Sleazy

A South African music duo named Mellow & Sleazy has dominated the electronic music scene. The Pretoria-based pair has succeeded in fusing electronic music with the well-known Amapiano subgenre to produce a distinctive sound. Mellow & Sleazy has grown to be one of the most sought-after musical bands in the nation because to their throbbing beats and contagious songs.

Their music is a flawless fusion of Amapiano and electronic music, with characteristics from both genres that appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners. Mellow & Sleazy's music is distinguished by its appealing hooks, pounding beats, and their capacity to produce an upbeat yet energizing atmosphere. Their music has the appropriate beats to get you moving, making it ideal for dancing.

With its potent melodies and seductive rhythms, Mellow & Sleazy's music has the power to take listeners to a new world. Their music is proof of the influence of electronic music and its capacity to unite listeners. Mellow & Sleazy is a must-listen if you enjoy Amapiano and electronic music.

What are the most popular songs for Amapiano musician Mellow & Sleazy?

South African electronic and amapiano music duo Mellow & Sleazy have recently gained a lot of popularity. They make music that gets people moving and dancing by fusing African rhythms with electronic sounds. Favorite songs from them include "Abo Mvelo," "Nkao Tempela," "Waga Bietjie," "Pele Pele," and "Kwelinye."

M.J. is featured on one of their most well-known songs, "Abo Mvelo," which perfectly captures their distinctive style. The song's catchy pace and excellent rhythm encourage people to dance. Another well-known song that demonstrates their capacity to blend electronic sounds with African rhythms is "Nkao Tempela". The song has a distinctive tone that is unmatched in the music industry.

Mellow & Sleazy have produced a number of other well-liked songs, such as "Wenza Kanjani," "Chipi ke Chipi," "Amasango," "SJEPA," and "16 Days No Sleep." Every song has a distinctive sound and rhythm of its own, but they all have one thing in common: they all make people want to dance. Mellow & Sleazy have a talent for making upbeat, entertaining songs.

The electronic and amapiano music scenes have seen a significant increase in the popularity of Mellow & Sleazy. Their music is a distinctive blend of electronic sounds and African rhythms that gets people moving. Their best songs, such as "Abo Mvelo," "Nkao Tempela," and "Waga Bietjie," demonstrate their talent for making upbeat, catchy music.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Amapiano musician Mellow & Sleazy?

The cutting-edge electronic and amapiano music duo Mellow & Sleazy, from Pretoria, South Africa, has been creating waves with their most recent albums. Their most recent CD, "Midnight In Sunnyside 2 (2023)," is proof of their distinctive style. An amalgam of electronic sounds, amapiano rhythms, and lyrical melodies can be heard on the CD. Each song on the CD has a unique vibe and takes the listener on a new aural adventure.

The duo's finest track and most recent release, "10 Past 4 (2023)," demonstrates their flexibility. The song is an upbeat amapiano number with a beat that will have you moving. Another song that showcases Mellow & Sleazy's ability to mash up various genres is "The Magic Violin (2023)." The song's classical violin melody is accompanied by electronic sounds and piano rhythms. Two other tracks that highlight the duo's distinctive sound are "Blue String (2023)" and "Amini (2023).

The most recent album by Mellow & Sleazy prior to "Midnight In Sunnyside 2" is "Barcadi Fest (2022)." The album consists of a variety of peppy, lighthearted techno and amapiano compositions. The album contains songs that are ideal for dancing and having a good time.

Overall, Mellow & Sleazy's distinctive style continues to push the frontiers of electronic and jazz music. Their most recent albums demonstrate their adaptability and capacity to smoothly meld many genres. They are undoubtedly a combo to watch in the music business.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Amapiano musician Mellow & Sleazy?

The South African electronic and Amapiano music duo Mellow & Sleazy has made some notable appearances at festivals and concerts. One of their most famous performances was when they joined other foreign performers at the Delicious foreign Food and Music Festival in Kenya. They made an impression on the audience with their dynamic performance and distinctive sound, and festival goers praised them highly.

Another noteworthy festival performance took place during Johannesburg's famed music festival, Spring Fiesta. The crowd was dancing and singing along the entire time the duo was performing because of their strong stage presence and catchy sounds. They were one of the festival's highlight performances, and both fans and critics highly applauded their performance.

Mellow & Sleazy has also played at a number of other music festivals and events in South Africa, including the Pretoria Music Festival and the Black Coffee Block Party. Additionally, their music has been played on numerous radio stations and online platforms, which has helped them develop a devoted fan base in their home nation and beyond.

Overall, Mellow & Sleazy have established themselves as rising stars in the electronic and Amapiano music scenes with to their performances and festival appearances. They continue to fascinate audiences with their distinctive sound and dynamic performances, making them an act to keep an eye out for in the future.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Amapiano musician Mellow & Sleazy?

The Electronic and Amapiano music duo Mellow & Sleazy from Pretoria, South Africa, has worked with a variety of musicians to create some of their most enduring songs. The song "Abo Mvelo" with M.J. and Daliwonga is one of their most memorable collaborations. Mellow & Sleazy's sweet vocals and the distinctive Amapiano sound combine flawlessly in this song.

Keynote and Tman Xpress's collaboration on the song "Kwelinye" is another memorable one. The duo's ability to create a high-energy beat that melds with the featured artists' smooth vocals is on full display in this song. The song's catchy melody and contagious beat have helped it become more well-known among the Amapiano community.

Another musician who has collaborated with Mellow & Sleazy is Pabi Cooper. The song "Waga Bietjie" showcases their distinctive style together with Cooper's deep voice. The song is ideal for a chill-out session because of its easygoing and funky rhythm.

In conclusion, Mellow & Sleazy have collaborated with a variety of musicians to create some of the most iconic Amapiano songs. Through their collaborations, they have been able to demonstrate their creativity and produce music that is timeless and will stand the test of time.