Maria Becerra
Maria Becerra

Maria Becerra

ARGPop, Latin Pop
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Maria Becerra's Top Spotify Songs

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4.2M streams
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Los del Espacio
4.1M streams
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El Amor de Mi Vida
3.9M streams
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3M streams
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2.9M streams
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Los del Espacio

LIT KILLAH, Tiago PZK, Maria Becerra, Duki, Emilia, Rusherking, Big One, FMK
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Maria Becerra, Chencho Corleone, Ovy On the drums
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Maria Becerra's YouTube Videos

J Balvin, Maria Becerra - Qué Más Pues? (Official Video)
May 27, 2021
TINI, Maria Becerra - Miénteme (Official Video)
Apr 29, 2021

Rusherking, Tiago PZK, KHEA, LIT Killah, Duki, Maria Becerra - ADEMAS DE MI REMIX (Official Video)

Rusher King

Rusherking, Tiago PZK, KHEA, LIT Killah, Duki, Maria Becerra - ADEMAS DE MI REMIX (Official Video)
Mar 03, 2021

Maria Becerra's Chart Ranks

Past 12 Months

Events27 Events

Festival de Viña del Mar
, Viña del MarN/A N/A
Festival Internacional de Peñas Villa María
, Villa MariaN/A N/A
Feid at Staples Center
United States
, Los Angeles10000 - 30000 Hall
, Bogota, D.C.N/A N/A
Maria Becerra at Velódromo Municpal de Montevideo
, Montevideo10000 - 30000 Stadium

Maria Becerra's Past Events27 Events

  • Festival de Viña del Mar festival

    Peso Pluma, Anitta, Maria Becerra, Manuel Turizo, Maná, Mora, Alejandro Sanz, Andrea Bocelli, Miranda!, Men At Work, Los Bunkers, YOUNG CISTER
    CHL, Viña del Mar
  • Festival Internacional de Peñas Villa María festival

    Maria Becerra, Duki, Soledad
    ARG, Villa Maria
  • Feid at Staples Center

    Feid, Farruko, Young Miko, Maria Becerra, Prince Royce, Yandel, Darell
    Staples Center
    USA, Los Angeles
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Megaland festival

    Anitta, Sebastian Yatra, Maria Becerra, Eladio Carrion, Jhayco, Ryan Castro, Zion & Lennox, Beéle, Ñejo, Ovy On the drums, Nico Hernández, Ela Taubert, Sen Senra, Susana Cala, Laura Maré, West Blanco, Aria Vega, Duplat, Thania
    COL, Bogota, D.C.
  • Maria Becerra at Velódromo Municpal de Montevideo

    Maria Becerra
    Velódromo Municpal de Montevideo
    URY, Montevideo
    Stadium10K - 30K

Maria Becerra's Beatport Songs

Artist Name
AYNEA REMIX (Original Mix)
Released on Dec 17, 2020

More about Maria Becerra

Overview of Latin Pop musician Maria Becerra

A emerging talent in the Latin Pop music scene is Maria Becerra. She is an Argentinean native who has won over fans all over the world with her distinctive fusion of pop and Latin rhythms. She stands out in a crowded field thanks to the impassioned vocabulary that permeates her music and encourages a more expressive tone.

Maria Becerra, one of the most fascinating performers in the Latin Pop genre, has quickly gained popularity thanks to her strong vocals and contagious songs. Her songs deftly blend conventional Latin rhythms with contemporary pop sensibilities to produce a sound that is both recognizable and original. She has a natural capacity to engage her audience, enticing them with her moving lyrics and alluring melodies.

A real talent in the Latin Pop industry, Maria Becerra is one to keep an eye on. She is already making waves in the industry with her music, which is a testimonial to her love of the genre. Maria Becerra, with her distinctive tone and tremendous talent, is a force to be reckoned with.

What are the most popular songs for Latin Pop musician Maria Becerra?

With her catchy and approachable songs, Maria Becerra from Argentina has established a name for herself in the Latin Pop music arena. "Que Mas Pues?" by J Balvin, one of her most well-known songs, has had over 400 million YouTube views. Smooth vocals from Becerra and distinctive reggaeton beats from Balvin combine flawlessly in this song. Another popular song with over 270 million views is "Mienteme," whose lyrics describe a romance that has ended badly.

Another well-known song with Nicki Nicole is "Entre Nosotros (Remix) [con Nicki Nicole]," which has received more than 200 million YouTube views. The two performers' combination produced an uplifting, catchy song that is a huge success. Another popular song featuring Becerra's vocal range, "AUTOMATICO," has received over 130 million YouTube views.

There are numerous additional well-known songs by Becerra, such as "High (Remix)," "Marte," "Los Tragos," "Mal Acostumbrao," "Tranquila," and "Te Espero." These songs all feature Becerra's musical skill and range, and each one has its own distinctive style and tone.

To sum up, Maria Becerra is a rising star in the Latin Pop music field, and her songs have found a loyal following among listeners all over the world. She has developed a devoted fan base that eagerly anticipates her upcoming release thanks to her sweet vocals and appealing tunes.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Latin Pop musician Maria Becerra?

With her heartfelt songs and lovely voice, Maria Becerra, a rising star in the Pop and Latin Pop music genres from Quilmes, Argentina, has been making waves in the music business. Early in 2022, she released "LA NENA DE ARGENTINA (2022)," which has since garnered acclaim from both music reviewers and fans. With songs like "Te Cura," "Amigos," "DESAFIANDO EL DESTINO (Live Version)," and "Perfecta (Version 2023)," Maria has once again demonstrated her prowess as a gifted musician.

Her most recent single, "Te Cura (FAST X Soundtrack) (2023)," was released in that year. The song has a distinctive sound that combines Latin Pop with electronic beats and has already amassed a huge fan base. Another soulful song that displays the singer's range and talent is "Amigos (con Maria Becerra) [Bachata] (2023)." Fans of live music must listen to "DESAFIANDO EL DESTINO" in its live performance since it gives the song an additional rawness and vitality. A remix of her blockbuster song "Perfecta," "Perfecta (Version 2023)" features new sounds and an original feel that will have you bopping along.

Maria Becerra's most recent album and single serve as evidence of her artistic development. As her music has developed, listeners all over the world have fallen in love with her distinctive sound. Maria Becerra is without a doubt one of the most promising musicians to keep an eye on in the Latin Pop music landscape, with her deep voice and passionate lyrics.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Latin Pop musician Maria Becerra?

The emerging artist from Quilmes, Argentina, Maria Becerra, is well-known in the Pop and Latin Pop music scenes. She has given performances at some of the most prominent venues and festivals all over the world, demonstrating her extraordinary skill and enthralling crowds wherever she goes.

Maria Becerra made one of her most important festival appearances at Lollapalooza Argentina. One of the greatest music festivals in the nation, this one is renowned for showcasing some of the biggest stars in the music business. Another major festival participation was at the annual Coca-Cola Flow Fest CDMX in Mexico City, which emphasizes Latin American music.

Maria Becerra has also given performances at a number of prestigious places all over the world. One such location is Mexico City's Auditorio Nacional, which is renowned for its outstanding acoustics and magnificent architecture. The Palacio Vistalegre, a multi-purpose arena in Madrid, Spain, is another noteworthy location. It is renowned for presenting some of the largest musical acts in the world.

Maria Becerra has also made memorable appearances at Cosquin Rock, Festival Internacional de Penas Villa Maria, and Coca-Cola Flow Fest MTY. Each of these events draws visitors from all over the world and provides music fans with a distinctive experience.

At some of the most famous locations and festivals throughout the world, Maria Becerra has given some incredible performances. We can only anticipate seeing more outstanding performances from her in the future. Her talent and passion for music have mesmerized audiences everywhere she travels.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Latin Pop musician Maria Becerra?

The Latin Pop superstar from Argentina, Maria Becerra, has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business. With its distinctive lyrics and enticing beats, "Que Mas Pues?" featuring J Balvin became an immediate hit. The song had over 400 million views on YouTube and peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Global 200 list. Maria Becerra's duet with J Balvin turned out to be a significant breakthrough for her and solidified her place on the international music industry.

A further noteworthy project was "Mienteme" with TINI. Becerra's deep vocals and TINI's musical sensibility blended flawlessly throughout the song. The song was favorably appreciated by both listeners and reviewers, and it reached its peak position on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100 chart at number 8. With more than 200 million views on YouTube, the music video, which included both singers, was also a big success.

Additionally, Tiago PZK, Nicki Nicole, and LIT KILLAH worked with Maria Becerra on the song "Entre Nosotros (Remix)." The song was a remix of PZK and Nicole's original track, but Becerra's addition gave it a brand-new feel. The song achieved its highest position on the Argentina Hot 100 list at number 2, where it was a huge smash.

In conclusion, Maria Becerra has reached new levels of success as a result of her partnerships with J Balvin, TINI, Sofia Reyes, and other musicians. She is a rising star in the Latin Pop music field thanks to her distinctive voice and aesthetic, and her collaborations with other outstanding musicians have only served to further her appeal.

What do people also ask about Latin Pop musician Maria Becerra?

How did Maria Becerra get famous?

Becerra rose to fame through her work as a YouTuber and was subsequently shortlisted for a Latin Grammy in 2021 for best new artist. She has also had a number of top 10 Latin Airplay entries as well as multiple Hot Latin Songs appearances, including her duet with J Balvin.

How old is Maria Becerra?

23 years (February 12, 2000)

What genre is Maria Becerra?

Latin Urbano

Where is Maria Becerra from?

Quilmes, Argentina.

What does the name Becerra mean?

Galician and Spanish: nickname from becerra, "young cow, heifer," perhaps used to a person with great spirits. It could have also been a cowherd's metonymic occupational name.

Why was Maria Grever successful?

In the 1930s, Maria Grever had success writing music for Paramount Pictures. She also had success with successful recitals and compositions that were well-known thanks to the era's top vocal stars, which helped her establish her reputation in popular music.

What ethnicity is Becerra?

Becerra is Latino.

What nationality is the last name Becerra?

Becerra is a Spanish surname that means 'young cow', 'heifer'.