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32.2K streams
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Zwivhuya (feat. Jon Delinger)
22.9K streams
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Tsini Tsini
15.2K streams
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Milandu Bhe
15K streams
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Ghanama (feat. Prince Benza)
14.5K streams
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Openmic Productions

Nov 27, 2019
Makhadzi - Ghanama [Ft Prince Benza] (Official Video)
Jul 23, 2021
MASTER KG- Tshinada Feat. Khoisan Maxy and Makhadzi  (OfficialCalculation)
Jan 04, 2020

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Makhadzi's Beatport Songs

Artist Name
Tshinada (feat. Maxy & Makhadzi) (Original Mix)
Released on Aug 31, 2022
Artist Name
Di Boya Limpopo (feat. Zanda Zakuza & Makhadzi) (Original Mix)
Released on Aug 31, 2022
Artist Name
Party (feat. Makhadzi & Lebb Simons) (Original Mix)
Released on Aug 31, 2022
Artist Name
Mutshavhona (feat. Makhadzi & CK the Dj) (Original Mix)
Released on Oct 13, 2022
Artist Name
KHARILITSHE (Original Mix)
Released on Jun 02, 2023

More about Makhadzi

Overview of Amapiano musician Makhadzi

South African electronic and amapiano musician Makhadzi has been enthralling audiences with her distinctive sound and flair. Makhadzi's music is a celebration of the rich cultural legacy of her native country, fusing traditional African beats with contemporary electronic sounds.

Her songs are distinguished by their cheerful tempos and contagious rhythms, which are guaranteed to get people moving. Makhadzi's passion and zeal are irresistible, and her music has gained her fans all over the world whether she is singing live or in the studio.

In the field of electronic and amapiano music, Makhadzi is a rising artist who has a strong and enduring love for her work. Her followers eagerly anticipate what she will produce next since her music is a testament to the strength of imagination and originality.

What are the most popular songs for Amapiano musician Makhadzi?

In South Africa, Makhadzi is a well-liked performer who is renowned for her distinctive fusion of electronic and amapiano music. Her most well-known songs include "Ghanama", "Tshinada (feat. Maxy & Makhadzi)", "MaGear", "Zwivhuya", "Murahu", "Ma Yellowbone", "Red Card", "Ngwago", "Mama" and "Sugar Sugar".

With its catchy beat and contagious lyrics, "Murahu" stands out as a fan favorite among her best songs. The song highlights Makhadzi's distinctive vocals and demonstrates her talent for fusing contemporary electronic beats with traditional African sounds. "Ma Yellowbone" is another standout track; it has a more understated sound and emphasizes Makhadzi's vocals and the song's emotive lyrics.

The excellent artist Makhadzi has established herself in the South African music scene. It's hardly surprising that her music has attracted such a large following among listeners given her distinctive style and enticing beats. The discography of Makhadzi has songs for all tastes, whether you prefer electronic or Amapiano.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Amapiano musician Makhadzi?

The South African musician Makhadzi has been making waves in the music industry with her most recent albums. She performs electronic and amapiano music. "African Queen 2.0 (2022)," her most recent CD, displays her distinctive voice and style by blending conventional African rhythms with contemporary electronic beats. Each song on the CD shows Makhadzi's potent vocals and dynamic range and is a combination of lively dance music and heartfelt ballads.

In 2023, Makhadzi not only published her album but also a number of new songs, including "KHARILITSHE," "Ayina Balance," "Ngibambe," and "Tsini Tsini." Each song demonstrates Makhadzi's artistic flexibility as she combines many genres and styles to produce a sound that is all her own. These songs will surely get listeners moving and grooving, from the contagious rhythms of "Ngibambe" to the eerie melodies of "KHARILITSHE."

Overall, the South African music landscape still has Makhadzi as one of the most dynamic and creative artists. Her talent for fusing modern electronic beats with traditional African music has won her legions of fans worldwide, and her most recent releases are certain to solidify her status as a true legend of the genre. In the realm of electronic and amapiano music, Makhadzi is a force to be reckoned with thanks to her strong vocals, contagious rhythms, and dynamic energy.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Amapiano musician Makhadzi?

South African musician Makhadzi specializes in electronic and amapiano music, and together with other musicians, they have created some of the genre's most well-known songs. 'Ghanama' with Prince Benza, 'Tshinada (feat. Maxy & Makhadzi)' with Master KG, 'MaGear' with Mr. Brown, 'Zwivhuya' with Jon Delinger, and 'Murahu' with Mr. Brown are a some of her best collaborations.

'Tshinada,' a song she made with Maxy and Master KG, is one of her most memorable collaborations. Millions of people have viewed the song on YouTube, where it was popular not just in South Africa but worldwide. The vocal harmonies of Makhadzi and Maxy are flawless, and Master KG's beat perfectly complements the lyrics.

'Murahu', a noteworthy collaboration that includes Mr. Brown, is another example. The song features Makhadzi's distinct style and an infectious beat that is hard to ignore. The tune is beautifully enhanced by Mr. Brown's singing, and the two musicians work beautifully together.

In conclusion, some of the most well-known Electronic and Amapiano tracks in South Africa and elsewhere were created by Makhadzi's collaborations with Prince Benza, Mr. Brown, Jon Delinger, and Master KG. She has become one of the best musicians in the genre as a result of these partnerships, and she keeps churning out hits.

What do people also ask about Amapiano musician Makhadzi?

Where is Makhadzi now?

Makhadzi, a South African pop singer who left Open Mic Productions, started her own record company.

What does Makhadzi do for a living?


Does Makhadzi have children?

South African singer Makhadzi has a daughter.

How rich is Makhadzi?

Makhadzi's net worth is said to be $400 000, which is almost R5.7 million, according to multiple web sources.

Is Makhadzi a Millionaire?

Makhadzi recently signed a R120 million deal with Kokovha, making her a potential billionaire.

How much is Makhadzi per hour?

Makhadzi (One hr) on stage pocketed: K35million. Transport and accommodation paid for.

Is it true that Makhadzi was shot?

Multi award-winning singer Makhadzi reportedly survived a shooting in Tshwane over the past weekend.

Does Makhadzi have a car?

Zalebs claims that Makhadzi is known to have previously bought an Audi A1, an Audi A4, and a Mercedes Benz A-Class.

What does Makhadzi mean?

Makhadzi is referred to an aunt in Tshivenda language.

Is Makhadzi still in love with Master KG?

It is unknown if Makhadzi is still in love with Master KG since he said in December that they are no longer together.

What did Makhadzi do for her community?

In an effort to better her neighborhood, Makhadzi offers free space during her performances for local women who work as street vendors to sell their wares.

How much is Makhadzi house?

Makhadzi built three mansions in addition to purchasing one. She spent R4 million on a property in Johannesburg in 2021. The interior has a kitchen island and is completely furnished in contemporary styles.

Where is Makhadzi originally from?

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

How old is Makhadzi?

26 years (June 30, 1996)

Who sings Makhadzi?

Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, known professionally as Makhadzi.

How much does it cost to book Makhadzi?

The multi-award winning artist Makhadzi can be booked for R150,000 according to her management.

Does Makhadzi have a child?

South African singer Makhadzi has a daughter, as revealed by a recent picture she posted.

What song made Makhadzi famous?

She garnered local attention after her single "Tshanda Vhuya" released in 2017.

Is Makhadzi a billionaire?

After recently agreeing to an R120 million contract with Kokovha, Makhadzi declared herself the next millionaire.

How did Makhadzi become famous?

After securing a significant record deal with Rita Dee Entertainment and releasing her debut album as the youngest musician in the Limpopo region, Makhadzi rose to fame in 2015.