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Raining In Manila
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Pwede Ba
364.7K streams
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Maybe Maybe
223K streams
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Sundan Mo Ko
197K streams
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Lola Amour's YouTube Videos

Lola Amour - Raining in Manila (Official Lyric Video)
Jun 14, 2023
Lola Amour - Pwede Ba (Official Lyric Video)
Mar 11, 2019
Lola Amour - Fallen (Official Lyric Video)
Jun 19, 2021

Lola Amour's Chart Ranks

Past 12 Months

Events9 Events

Fête de la Musique PH
, ManilaN/A N/A
Aurora Music Festival & Hot Air Balloon Display
, Angeles CityN/A N/A
UP Fair
, Quezon CityN/A N/A
Nobita at Bulacan Sports Complex
, Malolos2500 - 5000 Stadium
Malo Summer Fest
, MalolosN/A N/A

Lola Amour's Past Events9 Events

  • Fête de la Musique PH festival

    Lola Amour, Maki, Ang Bandang Shirley, Dj Ericnem, Marielle Montellano, Cesca, SOS, Soulja444, DJ Love, Ena Mori, Oh, Flamingo!, Free The Robots, of Mercury, Zion Aguirre, Cheats, Kindred, Gabba, Sansette, Eggboy, CoffeeBreak Island, Vincent Eco, Corvus Mind, Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas, The Early Ears, Archie Sax, Luncheon, Goon Lagoon, Tiger Pussy, Bad Ong, WINDJAY, Balaraw, KRNA, Paninap, The Ericsons, Hotbitterwater, Mad Generic, Cerise, Kat Darling, Marcos Boricua, Gav Santi, La Crema, 10 a.m. Departure, Save The Prophet, JM Quiblat, Thirstkid, Tanakuta, Mazerboy, Katha Na, MANTRA, Alice Who, M-Soul, Atman Remorse, Our Lies, Hernandez Brothers, Sebastian Kidd, Gazera, Kunyan, Tomorrow For Sure, Uncle Bob's Funky Seven Club, Manic Mundane, Anima Tierra, folkways, Casterfall, Sunday Service, DJ Cocoy Puyat, Rood, Gnarrate, Sena Komori, Salamangka, Mahal, Souldrift, Embi Steady, Hablot, Lucylle, Moontide, The Howler Project, (Bandang) Toyo, Good Weather Company, Wanton Mawi, YSBL, Rvrd, March Fourteen, Shane Lumanog, D'Wala?, Lharzi, RankinRadio, Blue Island, Tim G, Mustasa Verde, Yajem, Jennifer Is Missing, Turntides, Excomunicado, Tones From The Rooftop, Honey Bandits, Jerry Something, Lotus Child, Sikaja, Agathos Smokei, DissiDents, Jao, seb, Sirkosoma, Iris, Petunia, Scenario, Never We Demand, The SUB, AD Instrumentality, Decode, Karra, The Riffs, Sentiments of a Phoenix, Dogyouth, Tulisan, Anjo, Dogs Of May, Bong Dailo, Lestercanon, A DJ Called ER, Semi-Colon, Dayorama Pilipinas, Spoonfed, Bulletgroove, The Neophytes, Lucid, Unsamani, Doctor Dagat, Blaster & the Celestial Klownz
    PHL, Manila
  • Aurora Music Festival & Hot Air Balloon Display festival

    Ben&Ben, Lola Amour, December Avenue, Adie, Arthur Nery, Silent Sanctuary, Parokya Ni Edgar, Mayonnaise, Kamikazee, Sponge Cola, mrld, Ely Buendia
    PHL, Angeles City
  • UP Fair festival

    Ben&Ben, Lola Amour, Al James, December Avenue, Adie, Cup of Joe, The Juans, I Belong to the Zoo, Orange & Lemons, Mayonnaise, kiyo, Loonie, Zild, mrld, Because, The Itchyworms, Moonstar88, 6CycleMind, Janine Teñoso, Munimuni, Unique Salonga, Kenaniah, Ron Henley, Alisson Shore, Bini, Imago, Pricetagg, Waiian, Abra, Zae, Apekz, Over October, Soapdish, Ebe Dancel, Autotelic, Sandwich, Jason Dhakal, YNO, Gracenote, KARTELL'EM, Any Name's Okay, Paolo Sandejas, Kean Cipriano, Quest, Tanya Markova, SHNTI, 7th, The Ransom Collective, SOS, Chrstn, HEY JUNE!, CHNDTR, JP Bacallan, Oh, Flamingo!, Ysanygo, The Vowels They Orbit, RuiijiKun, Valley of Chrome, Pedicab, KURIMAW, Libre, Written By The Stars, FourPlay, Earl Generao, Banda Ni Kleggy, Chelsea Alley, Carousel Casualties, Eugene Layug, Better Days, Pappel, Daniel Paringit, The Jerks, Andrøid-18, Yorko, Calix, Ica Frias, DJ Buddah, Dotty's World, Sid Buan, Even, Hey Moonshine, The MotherCampers, Gem Largo, Fridge, Kiss n Tell, Bree, Hey Jace, Off to Neverland, Sunset Shore, Jon Bonifacio, Pik Nik, That Band Astra, Hawaiian Combo Meal, Eskalera
    PHL, Quezon City
  • Nobita at Bulacan Sports Complex

    Lola Amour, Nobita, AGSUNTA, Munimuni
    Bulacan Sports Complex
    PHL, Malolos
    Stadium2.5K - 5K
  • Malo Summer Fest festival

    Lola Amour, Al James, Adie, Silent Sanctuary, Bandang Lapis, Nobita, Because, AGSUNTA, Munimuni, Patty Tiu, JET BOADO, Mc Boo
    PHL, Malolos

More about Lola Amour

Overview of Alternative Rock musician Lola Amour

Rock musician Lola Amour is a gifted native of Muntinlupa, Philippines. Her music, a distinctive fusion of rock and alternative rock, demonstrates her musical versatility. She has developed a sizable fan base both domestically and abroad because to her bold and passionate sound.

Powerful vocals, stomping basslines, and explosive guitar riffs define Lola Amour's sound. Her lyrics explore themes of love, loss, and self-discovery and are reflective and thought-provoking. She has a compelling and relatable raw and authentic style that draws listeners in with her open and sensitive songwriting process.

Lola Amour is a musician noted for her thrilling and captivating live performances that are high-energy. Every note she plays reflects her love of music, and her ability to engage audiences is proof of her skill and commitment. Lola Amour is a rising star in the world of Rock and Alternative Rock music, with a sound that is both distinctive and classic.

What are the most popular songs for Alternative Rock musician Lola Amour?

Over the years, the Filipino rock and alternative rock group Lola Amour from Muntinlupa, Philippines, has created a number of well-known songs. With its moving lyrics about heartbreak and loss, their song "Fallen" stands out. With its memorable melody and realistic lyrics on the difficulties of relationships, "Pwede Ba" is another fan favorite. Meanwhile, "Maybe Maybe" demonstrates the group's talent for creating peppy, entertaining songs with deep themes.

Other well-known songs by Lola Amour include the fast-paced song "Madali," which has a catchy tune, and the rock ballad "Sundan Mo Ko," which features strong vocals. The soothing love song "Dahan-Dahan" and the moving song "Please Don't Leave" both deal with the fear of losing someone you love. The songs "No Tomorrow" and "Sanity" both deal with mental health, while "No Tomorrow" is a rousing, upbeat anthem. Last but not least, "Fools" is a melancholy ballad with a haunting tune that lingers in your mind long after the song has ended.

The music of Lola Amour is renowned for its ability to flawlessly combine the rock and alternative rock genres with its emotional depth and relatable lyrics. Their songs cover a variety of subjects, including mental health, personal development, and concerns like love and heartbreak. It's hardly surprising that Lola Amour has amassed a devoted fan base in the Philippines and elsewhere, and their music still appeals to listeners everywhere.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Alternative Rock musician Lola Amour?

With their most recent albums, the rock and alternative rock group Lola Amour from Muntinlupa, Philippines, has been making waves in the music industry. "Looking Back (Live at the PETA Theater, 2022)," the band's most recent record, demonstrates their live enthusiasm and performance. Some of their most well-known songs, like "Dahan-Dahan" and "Madali," are included on the album.

The band has released many new tracks, including "Click (feat. Leanne & Naara)," "Dahan-Dahan," "The Lunchtime Special," and "Madali." A slow-burning rock ballad called "Dahan-Dahan" displays the group's emotional and reflective side. Gritty rock song "The Lunchtime Special" displays the group's unbridled intensity. The energetic, catchy rock tune "Madali" is sure to get fans moving. The song "Click (feat. Leanne & Naara)" was created in partnership with Leanne & Naara, two more Filipino musicians.

Lola Amour's distinct fusion of rock and alternative rock songs never fails to dazzle. The band's diversity and capacity to write songs that connect with listeners are on full display in their most recent releases. Lola Amour is undoubtedly a band to keep an eye on in the Philippine music scene because to their memorable hooks, moving lyrics, and exciting concerts.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Alternative Rock musician Lola Amour?

The rock and alternative rock band Lola Amour, from Muntinlupa, the Philippines, has recently played some impressive festival appearances and concerts. They have played at a number of prestigious events, including the UP Fair, Malo Summer Fest, Aurora Music Festival & Hot Air Balloon Display, Rakrakan Festival, and Fete de la Musique PH.

One of the most enduring performances they gave at the Rakrakan Festival in 2019 was theirs. Thousands of music fans from across the nation attended the festival. The crowd enjoyed Lola Amour's live performance very much, and they were deeply affected by it. The crowd couldn't stop singing along with the band because of their contagious stage vigor and passion.

In addition to these festivals, Lola Amour has given performances at a number of outstanding venues. They have played at places including Skinny Mike's Sports Bar, 19 East Bar, and Bulacan Sports Complex. They gave a very impressive performance at the 19 East Bar. The music by Lola Amour was the ideal choice for the quaint and private atmosphere. The crowd was ecstatic, and the evening ended up being one to remember.

In conclusion, everybody who like rock and alternative rock music should attend Lola Amour's musical performances. Their live shows are consistently excellent, and they never fail to astound the crowd. Their songs are the ideal blend of upbeat melodies, deep themes, and tremendous intensity. It is understandable why they have rose to the top of the Philippine music scene.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Alternative Rock musician Lola Amour?

Some of the top artists in the Philippine music business have worked with Lola Amour. On the songs "Sundan Mo Ko" and "Madali," she collaborated with Al James in one of her most memorable projects. The distinctive sound of Lola Amour, which combines rock and alternative rock components with Al James' distinctive voice, can be heard in both songs. Particularly "Madali" stands out thanks to its catchy melody and energizing guitar riffs.

On the song "Closer Than Before," Clara Benin and I collaborated in another memorable way. The song blends Clara Benin's soft and comforting voice alongside the harsh and emotional vocals of Lola Amour. The two musicians' respective approaches are expertly merged in the song to create a hauntingly lovely ballad.

Leanne & Naara, Reese Lansangan, and Keiko Necesario are among the other female musicians with whom Lola Amour has collaborated on the song "Awit ng Bagong Taon." The tune is a joyful and uplifting piece that wonderfully encapsulates the New Year's mood.

Overall, Lola Amour's collaborations demonstrate her range as a musician and her capacity to slickly meld her distinctive sound with other performers. Her partnerships are evidence of the Philippines' thriving and varied music landscape.

What do people also ask about Alternative Rock musician Lola Amour?

What happened to Lola Amour?

Lola Amour stated in a statement on May 2 that they will no longer be working with their longstanding bandmates as they seek their individual futures.

Why is it named Lola Amour?

When they went to college, the band changed its name to Lola Amour in honor of the grandmother of vocalist Pio Dumayas.

What is Lola Amour real name?

Pio Dumayas, Martin Kim, Raymond King, Zoe Gonzales, Angelo Mesina, Joxx Perez, and Renzo Santos make up the band Lola Amour. They sing and play a variety of instruments.

Why are they called Lola Amour?

When they first came together and played at their senior year graduation ball, the group chose the name "Lola Amour" in honor of vocalist Pio Dumayas' grandmother, and they formally adopted it when they went to college.

Why did Martin Kim leave Lola Amour?

Martin's resignation was caused by his separation from the other members of the band and their competing schedules, which made it challenging for them to collaborate on songs.

What nationality is Lola Amour?

Lola Amour is a Filipino band from Muntinlupa, Philippines, that plays a mix of pop, funk, and contemporary rock music.