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Lil Peep's Top Spotify Songs

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Star Shopping
5.6M streams
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5.1M streams
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Falling Down - Bonus Track
3M streams
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white tee
2.6M streams
Artist Name
your favorite dress
2.1M streams
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Lil Peep, rainy bear
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Lil Peep's YouTube Videos

Lil Peep - Save That Shit (Official Video)
Dec 19, 2017
Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION - Falling Down
Sep 18, 2018
lil peep - benz truck (prod. smokeasac)
Jun 07, 2017

Lil Peep's Beatport Songs

Artist Name
RATCHETS (Original Mix)
Released on Nov 15, 2019
Artist Name
AQUAFINA (Original Mix)
Released on Nov 15, 2019
Artist Name
Sunlight On Your Skin (Bonus Track)
Released on Sep 27, 2018
Artist Name
I've Been Waiting (Original Mix)
Released on Jan 31, 2019
Artist Name
I've Been Waiting (Original Version)
Released on Nov 15, 2019

More about Lil Peep

Overview of Trap musician Lil Peep

Lil Peep, a native of Allentown, Pennsylvania, was a pioneer in the hip-hop and trap music genres. Lil Peep won over rap and emo lovers all around the world with his own fusion. His troubles were reflected in his music, which he used as a vehicle to communicate his suffering to his audience.

Heartbreak, addiction, and mental health were frequent themes in Lil Peep's lyrics, which were emotive and unvarnished. He didn't hesitate to show vulnerability in his music, and his sincerity is what endeared him to so many listeners. He was able to capture the anxiety and feelings of a generation through his music, which was a reflection of the times.

We'll never forget Lil Peep's influence on the hip-hop and trap music scenes. He was a genuine artist who connected deeply with his audience and utilized his position to bring awareness to significant causes. His music continues to carry on his legacy, and he will always be regarded as a trailblazer who had a profound impact on the music business.

What are the most popular songs for Trap musician Lil Peep?

Some of the most well-known songs in recent years have been produced by Lil Peep, a rising star in the hip hop and trap music scenes. His two most well-known tracks, "Save That Shit" and "Falling Down - Bonus Track," both have infectious melodies and accessible lyrics. Fans also adore "Star Shopping" and "Benz Truck (gelik)," with each song showcasing Lil Peep's distinct voice and fashion sense.

The songs "Spotlight" and "Awful Things" are two additional examples of Lil Peep's skill at fusing several genres to produce a sound that is uniquely his own. Other noteworthy songs are "witchblades" and "Beamer Boy," in which Lil Peep's words and singing harmonize well with the instrumentals. The final two songs on the list of Lil Peep's best songs are "The Brightside" and "white tee," whose unfiltered passion and straightforward lyrics connected with listeners all around the world.

The hip hop and trap music scenes have been greatly influenced by Lil Peep's music overall, and his legacy continues to influence future generations of musicians. His distinctive music, which combines elements of emo, punk, and hip hop, is all his own. Despite Lil Peep's passing, his music will continue to be heard for a long time.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Trap musician Lil Peep?

"LIVE FOREVER," Lil Peep's most recent album, was released in 2022. Travis Barker and Lil Tracy are among the artists who collaborated on the album. The album features a variety of musical styles, including rock, emo, and trap, and it highlights Lil Peep's adaptable look.

"Changes," "switch up," "your eyes," and "runaway (OG Version)," all of which were released in 2023, are some of Lil Peep's most recent singles. While "switch up" has a more lively rhythm and lyrics about ending a relationship, "changes" has a mournful melody and lyrics about losing someone. Both "Your eyes" and "runaway (OG Version)" explore the themes of love and heartbreak and have a hazy, ethereal tone.

Before the release of "LIVE FOREVER," Lil Peep's most recent album was "Everybody's Everything," which was issued in 2019. The album showcases Lil Peep's development as an artist by combining previously published and unreleased songs. The 2018 release of his album "Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2" had songs with emotive lyrics and a fusion of hip hop and rock influences.

Overall, Lil Peep's music demonstrates his own style and vulnerability through his lyrics and sound, inspiring and resonating with listeners all over the world.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Trap musician Lil Peep?

Lil Peep was well-known for his distinctive blending of trap and emo music. During his career, he worked with many musicians, including XXXTENTACION, Marshmello, Lil Tracy, and nedarb. Lil Peep and XXXTENTACION collaborated on the posthumous song "Falling Down - Bonus Track" in 2018. The song was a financial and critical success, reaching its top position on the US Billboard Hot 100 list at number 13.

The song "Spotlight" that Marshmello and I collaborated on was another noteworthy project. It was one of Lil Peep's most commercially successful tracks and was released in 2018. Lil Peep performs and interacts with fans in the music video for the song, demonstrating his engaging and captivating stage presence.

Additionally, Lil Peep and Lil Tracy worked together on a number of songs, including "Awful Things" and "witchblades". Lil Peep's emotive and reflective lyrics were on full display in these songs, and his younger fan base responded favorably to them. Another memorable collaboration was Lil Peep's "Beamer Boy" with nedarb, which included his distinctive fusion of trap and emo music.

Overall, Lil Peep's partnerships with other musicians shaped his career and allowed him to express his distinctive musical vision and style. New generations of listeners continue to be inspired by his songs because they are drawn to his emotional genuineness and unvarnished honesty.

What do people also ask about Trap musician Lil Peep?

What happened with Lil Peep?

The Rock in Tucson, Arizona, where he was scheduled to perform that night, was where he was discovered unconscious on his tour van. Despite attempts to save him, he was declared dead right away. Drug overdose, specifically from a mixture of fentanyl and Xanax, was found to be the cause of death.

When did Lil Peep come out?

Lil Peep came out as bisexual on August 8, 2017 in a Twitter post.

Who did Lil Peep date before he died?

The rapper was said to be dating Arzaylea Rodriguez at the time of his death.

Did Lil Peep have a gf?

Lil Peep had been dating Instagram star Arzaylea Rodriguez for roughly two months when he passed away. At one of his performances in Los Angeles, they got to know one another. No Response.

What was Lil Peep struggling with?

The Dangers Associated With Self-Medication.

Is Lil Peep passed?

November 15, 2017, Tucson, Arizona, United States

How many fans did Lil Peep have before he died?

Lil Peep had 1.3 million fans before he died.

Why is Lil Peep still making music?

Rappers who have passed away, like Lil Peep, can still put out new music because they recorded unreleased songs before they died. These tracks are available to record companies, producers, and other partners who want to release them after their passing.

What is Lil Peep's music about?

Lil Peep was a pioneer of the SoundCloud rap movement who connected with listeners through his genre-defying sound and tracks that tackled topics like anxiety, addiction, and sadness.

What did Peep's dad do?

Karl Johan Åhr.

How many songs does Lil Peep have?

Lil Peep released two studio albums, five mixtapes, and fourteen extended plays during his career.

How old is Lil Peep 2023?

November 1, 2023.

Did Lil Peep have any diagnosis?

At a young age, he was given a bipolar disorder and a diagnosis of depression; it is clear that his mental problems contributed to his substance abuse.

Who is Lil Peep's brother?

Karl Åhr

How much money was Lil Peep?

Lil Peep had a net worth of $300 thousand dollars at the time of his death.

What type of person was Lil Peep?

Lil Peep was an ISFP personality type who was renowned for her sensuality, generosity, and creativity. He was fervent about topics he supported and had a strong moral compass.

How many tattoos does Lil Peep have?

During his life, Peep collected over 50 tattoos—many of which were on his neck, hands and face.

Who did Lil Peep date when he died?

Lil Peep was dating Arzaylea Rodriguez at the time of his death.

How is Lil Peep still releasing music?

Lil Peep's mother, Liza Womack, is the owner of the rights to his previously unheard songs and has been progressively releasing it to the public in order to preserve his legacy and musical output.

Did Peep have a gf?

The rapper was said to be dating Arzaylea Rodriguez at the time of his death.

Do people still listen to Lil Peep?

Yes, even though Lil Peep passed away three years ago, he still has fans. His music is still well-liked by people of all ages and can be listened to on websites like Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.

Has Lil Peep gone platinum?

Lil Peep had two songs go platinum: "Star Shopping" and "Beamer Boy."

Where can I listen to unreleased Lil Peep?

Stream 𝐔𝐍𝐑𝐄𝐋𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐄𝐃 | Listen to Lil Peep playlist online for free on SoundCloud.

How long did Lil Peep date?

At the time of his death, Lil Peep had been dating Arzaylea Rodriguez for around two months.