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Liberación's Top Spotify Songs

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Cómo Estás Tú
619.4K streams
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Ese Loco Soy Yo
581.9K streams
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Enamorado De Un Fantasma
579.8K streams
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Nubes De Algodón
387.3K streams
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Con El Corazón En La Mano
337.4K streams
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Liberación's YouTube Videos

Liberación - Enamorado De Un Fantasma (Chyron)
Jul 07, 2015
Liberación - Ese Loco Soy Yo (Chyron)
Jul 07, 2015
Liberación - ¿Cómo Estás Tú?
Nov 15, 2018

Liberación's Chart Ranks

Past 12 Months

Events28 Events

Liberación at Peacock Theater
United States
, Los Angeles5000 - 10000 Hall
Liberación at The Magnolia
United States
, El Cajon500 - 1200 Hall
Liberación at El Pulpo Restaurant
United States
, Grand PrairieN/A Bar
Liberación at The Sound Del Mar
United States
, Del Mar0 - 500 Hall
Liberación at Arena Theatre Houston
United States
, Houston2500 - 5000 Hall

Liberación's Past Events28 Events

  • Liberación at Peacock Theater

    Liberación, Industria del Amor, BXS Bryndis X Siempre
    Peacock Theater
    USA, Los Angeles
    Hall5K - 10K
  • Liberación at The Magnolia

    The Magnolia
    USA, El Cajon
    Hall500 - 1.2K
  • Liberación at El Pulpo Restaurant

    El Pulpo Restaurant
    USA, Grand Prairie
  • Liberación at The Sound Del Mar

    Liberación, BXS Bryndis X Siempre, Los Bondadosos, Los Muecas
    The Sound Del Mar
    USA, Del Mar
    Hall0 - 500
  • Liberación at Arena Theatre Houston

    Liberación, Grupo Mojado, BXS Bryndis X Siempre
    Arena Theatre Houston
    USA, Houston
    Hall2.5K - 5K

More about Liberación

Overview of Regional Mexican Music musician Liberación

A Latin music ensemble from Monterrey, Mexico, called Liberación is well-known for its lyrical and vivacious Regional Mexican Music. This style of music has roots in traditional folk music from Mexico and includes ranchera, cumbia, and polka components. The group has been going strong since the late 1980s and has established itself as a mainstay of the Latin music landscape.

Passionate voices, vibrant accordion melodies, and sophisticated guitar work define their sound. Liberación's fervent live performances and contagious rhythms have helped them develop a devoted following both in Mexico and beyond. The challenges and victories of daily life are reflected in their music, which speaks to the core of Mexican culture.

A new generation of musicians and listeners are being inspired by Liberación, which remains a driving force in the regional Mexican music industry. They are living examples of Latin music's lasting appeal and a celebration of Mexican culture.

What are the most popular songs for Regional Mexican Music musician Liberación?

Some of the most well-known songs in their genre were created by the Monterrey, Mexico-based Latin and Regional Mexican Music group Liberación. With its distinctive fusion of cumbia, salsa, and other Latin rhythms, their music is renowned for captivating audiences. They are well known for their songs "Ese Loco Soy Yo," "Enamorado De Un Fantasma," "Como Estas Tu," and "Quien Me Ha Robado Tu Corazon."

"Ese Loco Soy Yo," one of their most well-known songs, is a cumbia tune with a lively tempo and relatable lyrics. The song depicts the tale of a man who lives life on his own terms and doesn't care what other people think of him. The romantic ballad "Enamorado De Un Fantasma," another well-liked song, tells the story of a man who falls in love with a ghost from his past.

Some of the band's other well-known songs include "Mi Pequeno Amor," "Y No Hay Manana," "Por Esa Yegua," "Con El Corazon En La Mano," "Como Duele," and "En La Misma Cama." Each of these tracks demonstrates the band's talent at writing songs that connect with listeners.

Liberación has developed a sizable fan base in the Latin and regional Mexican music scenes, and their music is still well-liked by followers. They have established themselves as one of the most well-known bands in their genre because to their distinctive sound and capacity for writing accessible songs.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Regional Mexican Music musician Liberación?

The well-known Monterrey-based band Liberación recently released their newest record, "Desamor y Despecho," in 2023. The album includes a selection of brand-new songs that perfectly capture the band's classic Latin and regional Mexican music vibe. The band's flexibility and talent for writing music that connects with their fans' hearts are on full display on this album.

Their 2022 single "Quince Primaveras" was well received by their audience. The band's distinctive fusion of modern Latin music and traditional Mexican music is featured in the song, which is a lovely portrayal of their distinctive style. It's a love song that perfectly expresses the wonder of youth and the essence of young love.

The 2021 album "Cumbias Para Bailar" by Liberación similarly honors the joy and vigor of cumbia music. The CD has a number of lively songs that are ideal for dancing and celebrations. For their catchy beats and contagious melodies, songs like "El Muneco," "Por Esa Yegua," and "Con El Corazon En La Mano" have won praise from critics and fans alike.

Liberación is one of the most well-known and important bands in the Latin and Regional Mexican Music scene overall. They have cemented their place in the hearts of their fans with their most recent album and singles, which further demonstrate their talent and inventiveness.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Regional Mexican Music musician Liberación?

Throughout their history, the well-known Monterrey, Mexico-based regional Mexican music group Liberación has given a number of memorable concerts and festival appearances. The Xalos Event Center, Majestic Theatre, El Coliseo Austin, Arena Theatre Houston, and Rosemont Theatre are just a few of the prestigious locations where they have performed.

At the Xalos Event Center in Anaheim, California, they gave one of their most memorable performances. Over 2,000 fans attended the group's sold-out performance, singing along to their hit songs including "Ese Loco Soy Yo" and "Como Me Duele." The crowd was buzzing, and the band put on a performance that left the audience clamoring for more.

Over the years, Liberación has also made a number of appearances at other music events. They appeared as one of the headline bands at the Fiesta Broadway festival in Los Angeles in 2017. In 2019, they also gave a performance at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, which attracted more than 15,000 spectators.

Overall, Liberación has seen success in the regional Mexican music scene, as evidenced by their live performances and festival appearances. The ensemble always puts on a fun show for its fans, whether they are playing at a tiny location or a big festival.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Regional Mexican Music musician Liberación?

Over the course of their history, the Monterrey, Mexico-based band Liberación has worked with a number of musicians. The songs "Si Estuvieras Conmigo" by Grupo Bryndis, "Y La Fiesta Continua..." by Ladron, Los Caminantes, and Los Acosta, and "Ese Loco Soy Yo" by La Arrolladora Banda El Limon De Rene Camacho are just a few of their most well-known joint efforts.

"Enamorado De Un Fantasma" with Montez De Durango was one of their most well-known joint projects. This duet, which became popular in the Regional Mexican Music genre, highlighted the distinctive sounds of both bands. The recording of "Mi Pequeno Amor" with Fievre Looka is another outstanding effort. This song became a hit among listeners as a result of its cheerful tempo and loving lyrics.

Overall, Liberación's musical partnerships have demonstrated their diversity as a band and aided to grow their fan base. They have shown that they are able to collaborate with a range of musicians while still maintaining their distinctive sound.