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No Hay Palabras
525 streams
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Nada Me Detendrá
304 streams
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Amo a un Extraño
249 streams
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Corazón de Azúcar
172 streams
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139 streams
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LaTenaz's YouTube Videos


LaTenaz - Amo a un extraño (La ley del corazón 2)


LaTenaz - Amo a un extraño (La ley del corazón 2)
Nov 22, 2016

Comercial Feria del libro de


Comercial Feria del libro de
Aug 15, 2010

¨Más¨ LaTenaz ft. La Ramona


¨Más¨ LaTenaz ft. La Ramona
Sep 11, 2018

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LaTenaz's Past Events1 Event

  • BIME Live festival

    Ir Sais, Francisca Valenzuela, Chef'special, Samuraï, Judeline, Muerdo, The Mills, Shakira Martínez, La Muchacha, ZETAK, Yin Yin, 31 FAM, Gianluca, Amantes del Futuro, Gabriel Rios, Friolento, anaïs, Queralt Lahoz, Brenda Navarrete, Jossman, Ben Yart, N. Hardem, Cala vento, Catnapp, Shego, Enry-K, Mariel Mariel, Niños del Cerro, Los Besos, La Élite, Aiko el grupo, Karavana, Los Punsetes, Dawer X Damper, Karmento, Santero y Los Muchachos, Oh'laville, Naë, Yael Meyer, Faxu, Maelføy, La Perla, Fingathing, Hofe, Hipnotica, Merca Bae, San Ignacio, Skakeitan, DeLaurentis, Niña Tormenta, Merina Gris, MixHell, Rosario La Tremendita, Anna Majidson, Sandra Monfort, Ha$lopablito, IDOIA, Erik Urano, Chini.png, Club Makumba, Killabeatmaker, pau, Atzur, Caravanchela, Ifi Ude, Bum Motion Club, Scotch & Water, Tigre y Diamante, LaTenaz, Indus, Carlota Flâneur, dani, Albertine Sarges, The Gulps, Señora music, Euskoprincess, VVV, Rosin de Palo, M I C E, Luciana Tagliapietra, Idoipe, Staytons, Chaqueta de Chándal, Playback Maracas, La Dani, Laguna Goons, Agrupación Guarura, Carrera, Katanga Dub, Sama Yax, Magia Bruta, Miravalles, Celeraka, Bengo
    ESP, Barakaldo

More about LaTenaz

Overview of Other Latin Music musician LaTenaz

Colombian-born musician LaTenaz performs Latin music. LaTenaz contributes a distinctive and lively sound to the music world with a gripping fusion of the primary genre, Latin, and the subcategory, Other Latin Music. Their music skillfully fuses contemporary elements with classic Latin rhythms to produce a fusion that is both upbeat and heartfelt.

LaTenaz's music is evidence of their profound knowledge of and affection for Latin music. Their songs have captivating melodies, infectious beats, and moving lyrics that have a deep emotional impact on listeners. Their flexibility as musicians is demonstrated by their ability to adroitly combine several Latin music genres including salsa, merengue, and cumbia.

La Tenaz's music has the ability to take listeners to the energetic streets of Colombia thanks to its passionate tone and emotive words. Their music is passionate and elicits a multitude of feelings, including happiness and celebration as well as desire and melancholy. LaTenaz's music acts as a link between the traditional and modern Latin music scenes and is a true depiction of their cultural heritage.

In conclusion, Colombian musician LaTenaz gives a new and exciting perspective to the Latin music scene. They produce a sound that is both alluring and genuine thanks to their mix of conventional and new components. Their music reflects Colombia's rich musical legacy and celebrates Latin culture. LaTenaz is a major player in the Latin music industry, and their songs are destined to have a lasting impression on listeners all around the world.

What are the most popular songs for Other Latin Music musician LaTenaz?

The Colombian Latin band LaTenaz has become well-known for its wide variety of songs. "Corazon de Azucar," one of their best songs, captivates listeners with its upbeat tune and sentimental lyrics. Another standout piece, "Delirio Tenaz," demonstrates LaTenaz's aptitude at fusing several musical styles to produce a singular and alluring sound.

Another well-liked song by LaTenaz is "No Hay Palabras," which has hypnotic rhythm and seductive vocals that hook listeners from beginning to end. LaTenaz's ability to seamlessly switch between several musical genres in "Como Anos al Vino" makes a strong effect on their listeners.

The song "Amo a Un Extrano" by LaTenaz exemplifies their capacity to produce deeply felt music that connects with listeners. The songs "Tus Ansias" and "Mas" further demonstrate LaTenaz's skill at writing catchy hooks and contagious melodies. The songs "Mi Buena Suerte" and "Sacar de Mi" stand out in LaTenaz's career because of their special combination of vigor and feeling. Last but not least, the song "Ahi Voy" demonstrates LaTenaz's talent for composing soulful yet upbeat music.

LaTenaz has won the hearts of music enthusiasts with their wide variety of songs thanks to their distinctive sound and compelling performances. They stand out in the Latin music scene thanks to their ability to adroitly meld several genres and produce music that is emotionally stirring.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Other Latin Music musician LaTenaz?

LaTenaz is a Colombian musician who specializes in Latin music, and they often release new songs for their listeners to enjoy. Their most recent album, "Rockarrabalera (2022)," demonstrates their distinctive fusion of rock and classical Latin music. LaTenaz keeps enthralling audiences with their upbeat and memorable melodies on songs like "He Venido Otra Vez" and "Ahi Voy".

LaTenaz has recently released a number of singles in addition to their album. Songs from 2021 like "Sacar de Mi" and "He Perdido la Copa" highlight their range and capacity to engage listeners with their sincere lyrics and contagious sounds. LaTenaz's music is an accurate representation of their love of music and their talent for writing catchy songs that connect with listeners.

As LaTenaz continue to push boundaries and experiment with new sounds, fans can anticipate even more intriguing music in the future. LaTenaz is certain to make a lasting effect on the music landscape with their distinctive fusion of rock and Latin influences. Watch for their next albums and get lost in LaTenaz's enthralling musical universe.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Other Latin Music musician LaTenaz?

The Colombian Latin band LaTenaz has made countless appearances at festivals and in live performances over the course of their career. The famed BIME Live event is one of their memorable festival appearances. This festival draws music fans from all over the world and offers a stage for both well-known and up-and-coming performers to demonstrate their abilities. LaTenaz's performance at BIME Live was warmly received, and their vivacious stage presence enthralled the crowd.

LaTenaz has performed at a number of other locations and festivals in addition to BIME Live, making a mark wherever they go. Without going into detail about each performance, it is clear that their music connects with listeners, and their live shows are proof of their ardor and commitment.

The music of LaTenaz combines elements of Latin and Other Latin Music to produce a distinctive sound that is enjoyed by a variety of listeners. They have a devoted fan following and have cemented their status in the music industry thanks to their contagious rhythms and ear-worm songs.

Overall, the success of LaTenaz as a Latin music band has been greatly influenced by their concerts and festival appearances. Everywhere they go, their ability to engage listeners through their music and live performances enables them to make a lasting impression. LaTenaz continue to demonstrate their musical prowess and solidify their position as a dominant force in the Latin music business with their talent and tenacity.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Other Latin Music musician LaTenaz?

LaTenaz, a musician from Colombia who specializes in Latin music, has worked with a number of gifted musicians to create some incredible music. One of these well-known pairings is "No Hay Palabras," a song with Burning Caravan. LaTenaz's distinctive approach and Burning Caravan's diverse musical style combine to produce a captivating fusion of Latin and alternative music. The song demonstrates LaTenaz's talent for seamlessly fusing genres and producing engrossing music.

The song "Colombia," which also includes Linda Habitante, Laura Roman, and MASILVA, is a noteworthy example of a cooperation. LaTenaz honors Colombia's lively spirit and rich culture with this potent collaboration. Each artist's unique skill set is expertly incorporated into the song, creating a compelling ode to their common ancestry.

All of the collaborations are charming in their own right, but "Me Voy - Long," starring Los Malavibra, stands out. The track's exploration of a more reflective and empathetic sound demonstrates LaTenaz's artistic range. LaTenaz's soulful singing and Los Malavibra's moving lyrics combine to produce a moving and engrossing musical experience.

These collaborations demonstrate LaTenaz's aptitude at blending in with other performers and producing music that crosses boundaries. LaTenaz consistently creates music that is varied, interesting, and significant, whether they are blending Latin and alternative sounds or paying respect to their Colombian heritage. LaTenaz continues to push the limits of Latin music through these partnerships and forges a distinct musical identity.