Keisya Levronka
Keisya Levronka

Keisya Levronka

IDNPop, Mainstream Pop
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Keisya Levronka's Top Spotify Songs

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Tak Ingin Usai
2.5M streams
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Jadi Kekasihku Saja
907.6K streams
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Tak Pantas Terluka
478.7K streams
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Mengejar Matahari
215.2K streams
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Better On My Own
199.1K streams
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Damaikan Dunia

Aldo Longa, Abdul & The Coffee Theory, A. Nayaka, Arsy Widianto, Ben Utomo, Brisia Jodie, Delika, Ecoutez, Gloria Jessica, Ikke Nurjanah, Keisya Levronka, Lyodra, Maria Simorangkir, Marion Jola, Montase, MukaRakat, Nadya Fatira, Pee Wee Gaskins, Peraukertas, Rayi Putra, SAMSONS, Tiara Andini, Ziva Magnolya
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Keisya Levronka's YouTube Videos

Keisya Levronka - Tak Ingin Usai (Official Lyric Video)
May 23, 2022
Keisya Levronka - Tak Ingin Usai (Official Music Video)
May 11, 2022


Keisya Levronka Channel

May 21, 2023

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Overview of Mainstream Pop musician Keisya Levronka

A rising star in the Indonesian music industry, Keisya Levronka is renowned for her catchy pop songs and alluring vocals. She has developed a following as a Mainstream Pop performer because of her talent for fusing energetic rhythms with moving lyrics to produce songs that are both danceable and accessible. Keisya, an Indonesian musician, gives a distinctive viewpoint to the pop genre by integrating traditional Indonesian music components into her songs while maintaining the pop aesthetic.

Keisya Levronka has rapidly emerged as one of the most fascinating new voices in pop music thanks to her evident talent and contagious charisma. Catchy hooks, soaring vocals, and dramatic arrangements are what set her music apart and make for a unique listening experience. Keisya's music is the ideal soundtrack for anyone wishing to dance, sing, and feel good since it is always permeated with a sense of hope and optimism, whether she is singing about love, heartbreak, or the joys of life.

What are the most popular songs for Mainstream Pop musician Keisya Levronka?

Indonesian singer-songwriter Keisya Levronka is well-known for her deep vocals and upbeat songs. The joyful love ballad "Tak Ingin Usai," one of her most popular songs, has received millions of YouTube views. Another well-liked song is "Jadi Kekasihku Saja," which is a fan favorite and displays Keisya's vocal range.

With its uplifting lyrics and appealing tempo, "Mengejar Matahari" is another song that has earned favorable reviews from listeners. Slower ballad "Hidup Tanpamu" demonstrates Keisya's range of emotions as a performer. Many of her followers have found "Damaikan Dunia" to be a song that promotes peace and harmony.

Keisya has also made English-language music, including the more Western-sounding song "Better On My Own," which demonstrates her range as a performer. Her well-known love ballad is featured in a lovely duet called "Tak Ingin Usai - Duet Version" with another famous Indonesian musician. Fans have also enjoyed "Lagu Untuk Hari Ini" and "Tergesa," two more songs.

Last but not least, "Darkest Hour - Keisya Levronka Version" is a stirring rendition of Florence + The Machine's famous song. Both fans and critics have praised Keisya's original interpretation of the song.

In general, Keisya Levronka is a gifted artist with a wide selection of songs that highlight her abilities as a singer and songwriter. She is well-liked by fans both in Indonesia and abroad thanks to her ability to meld Western and Indonesian elements.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Mainstream Pop musician Keisya Levronka?

With her most recent album, "Levronka (2023)," Indonesian pop musician Keisya Levronka has been creating waves in the music business. The album's distinctive fusion of pop sounds and moving lyrics will enthrall listeners. Darkest Hour (Keisya Levronka Version) (2023), the album's opening tune, is a stirring ballad that highlights Keisya's singing and creative skills. The song is already becoming increasingly well-liked and successful among her followers.

Along with 'Darkest Hour,' Keisya has also released other tracks that have drawn the interest of music fans. The upbeat song "Mengejar Matahari (2023)" inspires listeners to follow their aspirations and never give up. The emotional song "Hidup Tanpamu (2022)" discusses the value of love and how it affects our life. Finally, 'Tak Ingin Usai (Duet Version) (2022)' is a duet with another Indonesian musician that depicts the tale of a love that never fades.

Overall, Keisya Levronka's most recent album and songs are evidence of her skills as an artist and musician. Because of how relatable, moving, and infectious her music is, it's simple for fans to identify with her. It will be interesting to watch what new sounds and styles she develops as she continues to produce music.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Mainstream Pop musician Keisya Levronka?

Keisya Levronka has worked with a variety of popular and mainstream musicians. In addition to "Mengejar Matahari" with Andi Rianto, "Damaikan Dunia" with Aldo Longa, Abdul & The Coffee Theory, A. Nayaka, and Arsy Widianto, "Tak Ingin Usai - Duet Version" with Nabila Razali, and "Darkest Hour - Keisya Levronka Version" with Astrid S. are some of her well-known collaborations.

With Andi Rianto, Keisya Levronka produced one of her most notable songs, "Mengejar Matahari." She became well-known in the Indonesian music scene thanks to the song, which was well-liked by listeners. The song continues to be one of Andi Rianto's most well-known to date due to the success of their partnership.

Another noteworthy collaboration is for the song "Darkest Hour - Keisya Levronka Version" with Astrid S. Both singers' strong vocals are featured prominently in the song, which is an emotive ballad. Keisya Levronka's capacity to collaborate with different artists while putting up a lovely and moving performance was highlighted by the project.

In conclusion, Keisya Levronka has worked with a variety of musicians, but some of her most noteworthy associations are with Andi Rianto and Astrid S. These partnerships have helped her become well-known in the Indonesian music market and highlight her performing skills.