Jordan Burns
Jordan Burns

Jordan Burns

AUSElectronic, House
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Events13 Events

Day For It Festival
, BrisbaneN/A N/A
Rejecta at Manning Bar
, Sydney500 - 1200 Club
Boo Seeka at The Third Day
, Melbourne500 - 1200 Club
The Grass is Greener - Cairns
, CairnsN/A N/A
Excision and Svdden Death at Eatons Hill Hotel & Function Centre
, Brisbane2500 - 5000 Other

Jordan Burns's Past Events13 Events

  • Day For It Festival festival

    Restricted, Mashd N Kutcher, Jordan Burns, Ned Kelly, Mood Swing & Chevy Bass, Noy, Jacob Tompkins, Zedena, Doslyf
    AUS, Brisbane
  • Rejecta at Manning Bar

    Jordan Burns, Rejecta
    Manning Bar
    AUS, Sydney
    Club500 - 1.2K
  • Boo Seeka at The Third Day

    Jordan Burns, Boo Seeka, Dear Sunday, Eliza & The Delusionals
    The Third Day
    AUS, Melbourne
    Club500 - 1.2K
  • The Grass is Greener - Cairns festival

    Alok, Ty Dolla $ign, YG, Pnau, ZHU, Sticky Fingers, ALUNA, SIDEPIECE, Onefour, Maya Jane Coles, Mashd N Kutcher, Piero Pirupa, Walker & Royce, Jordan Burns, VNSSA, TDJ, Wongo, Little Fritter, CRUSH3d, BRUX, Market Memories, Mood Swing & Chevy Bass
    AUS, Cairns
  • Excision and Svdden Death at Eatons Hill Hotel & Function Centre

    Excision, Svdden Death, Jessica Audiffred, Jordan Burns, Flava D, Drezo
    Eatons Hill Hotel & Function Centre
    AUS, Brisbane
    Other2.5K - 5K

Jordan Burns's Beatport Songs

Artist Name
Like Me (Original Mix)
Released on Jul 10, 2020
Artist Name
Movin (Original Mix)
Released on Jul 10, 2020
Artist Name
None of It's Real (Original Mix)
Released on Jul 10, 2020
Artist Name
Lights Out (Original Mix)
Released on Apr 02, 2021
Artist Name
Killers (Original Mix)
Released on May 10, 2019

Distance (feat. New Haven) (Extended Mix)

Jordan Burns

Ghost (Dave Winnel Extended Remix)

Jordan Burns, Jade Alice, Dave Winnel

Lost and Found (Original Mix)

Jordan Burns

More about Jordan Burns

Overview of House musician Jordan Burns

From Brisbane, Australia, Jordan Burns is a producer of electronic house music. Burns is well-known in the electronic music field for his distinctive and varied sound. Burns, whose subgenre is house, has a gift for fusing several genres and producing dynamic songs that fascinate his listeners.

Burns is one of the most in-demand producers in Australia's electronic music scene thanks to his remarkable track record. His music is renowned for its upbeat and catchy sounds, which keep the audience grooving and dancing all night. Burns' love for music is clear in his work, and his talent for writing songs that connect with listeners has established him as a household name.

Overall, Jordan Burns is a gifted musician that stands out from other electronic music producers thanks to his distinctive sound. He is a force to be reckoned with in the Australian electronic music industry thanks to his enthusiasm for music, talent, and dedication to his art.

What are the most popular songs for House musician Jordan Burns?

Popular Brisbane, Australia-based Electronic and House musician Jordan Burns has created a number of noteworthy songs that have drawn praise from both critics and fans. The songs "Weekend," "It's Not Over," "Lost and Found," and "Blown" are among his most well-known. These songs feature a distinctive electronic and house music fusion that gives off an upbeat and groovy vibe.

"Weekend," one of Jordan Burns' most well-known songs, features a snappy tempo and a lively tune that make it the ideal party song. "Cut It" is another well-liked song that has a more laid-back and relaxed vibe while still managing to get listeners moving. Another well-liked song, "Voyage," has a more laid-back beat and a dreamy melody that produce a calming and unwinding environment.

Remixes by Jordan Burns, including "You & I - Jordan Burns Remix" and "Neverland - Jordan Burns Remix," have also helped him acquire fame. His remixes give the original music a distinctive twist while incorporating his own sound, making for an engaging and novel listening experience.

Overall, Jordan Burns has succeeded in making a name for himself in the Electronic and House music market because to his distinctive style and well-liked songs. He continues to create music that appeals to people from all over the world despite receiving a lot of attention from both fans and critics.

What are the latest songs and music albums for House musician Jordan Burns?

In 2023, a number of singles were released by Australian electronic and house musician Jordan Burns. These songs demonstrate his capacity to create melodic, danceable music. The most recent singles are "Holding On," "Forever," "Top Floor," and "TBYL." Even though each song has an own sound and aesthetic, they all have Jordan Burns' signature upbeat attitude.

Outstanding music "Forever" has a pounding tempo and soaring melodies. Slowly gaining momentum, the music engages the listener with its subtle percussion and synth work. The more upbeat song "Top Floor" has a great vocal hook and a lively bassline. The song will undoubtedly get everyone on the dance floor moving.

The gloomy song "TBYL" has a melancholy bassline and a haunting vocal sample. The song has a moody, atmospheric tone that is ideal for listening late at night. Last but not least, the lively song "Holding On" has a captivating vocal hook and a strong beat. Fans of Jordan Burns' prior music are sure to love this song.

Overall, Jordan Burns' most recent singles are examples of his production prowess. Each song demonstrates his talent for writing music that is both danceable and emotive. These most recent albums won't disappoint fans of Electronic and House music.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for House musician Jordan Burns?

Australian electronic/house musician Jordan Burns, who is from Brisbane, has built a name for himself at a number of events and venues. The Grass is Greener in Cairns and Gold Coast, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Touch Bass in Brisbane, and Day For It Festival are just a few of the top festivals he has performed at. Burns' performances at these events have been praised for being electrifying and for leaving the crowds clamoring for more of his music.

Burns has also given performances in some of Australia's best locations, such as Eatons Hill Hotel & Function Centre, Sandstone Point Hotel, Manning Bar, and The Third Day, in addition to these festivals. Audiences at these locations have responded well to his distinctive fusion of electronic and house music, with admirers applauding his ability to maintain a high level of intensity throughout his performances.

At the Grass is Greener festival in Cairns, Burns gave one of his most memorable performances, mixing his own music with remixes of well-known electronic and dance music tunes. He also gave a remarkable performance at the Sandstone Point Hotel, where his lively and contagious sounds kept the crowd dancing. Burns' tracks are renowned for their catchy melodies and powerful basslines, and his music has been dubbed a superb blend of electronic and house music.

Overall, Jordan Burns' performances at concerts and other events have solidified his standing as one of Australia's best electronic/house music musicians. His ability to keep the audience dancing and involved during his concerts has led to the development of a devoted following, many of whom are looking forward to his upcoming appearance.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for House musician Jordan Burns?

Throughout his career, Jordan Burns has worked with various musicians. The songs "You & I - Jordan Burns Remix" with Marcus Santoro, "Neverland - Jordan Burns Remix" with Mazde and Khary, "Phantom LoVer" with Vania, "No Pressure - Jordan Burns Remix" with Odd Mob and Super Silly, and "Say My Name (feat. Benjamin Joseph) - Jordan Burns Remix" with Peking Duk are some of his most notable collaborations.

"Say My Name (feat. Benjamin Joseph) - Jordan Burns Remix" by Peking Duk is one of the album's notable collaborations. The remix gives the already well-liked song a distinctive electronic twist and provides a new beat to go with the original vocals. Jordan Burns and Peking Duk's partnership produced a single that has grown to be a fan favorite and a standard in electronic dance music.

"Neverland - Jordan Burns Remix" with Mazde and Khary is another noteworthy project. The original music is changed by Jordan Burns' remix into a throbbing dance song with a captivating chorus. The three musicians worked together to create a single that has garnered positive feedback from fans and has been included in a number of electronic dance music playlists.

Overall, Jordan Burns has worked with a wide variety of musicians to produce original and avant-garde electronic dance music. He has become well-known in the electronic dance music field thanks to his collaborations, which have produced some of the genre's most cherished songs.