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Love Your Voice
715.7K streams
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Без тебя я не я
445.2K streams
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Камин (feat. JONY)
433.2K streams
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204.9K streams
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176.1K streams
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Jony's YouTube Videos

JONY - Love your voice
Jun 18, 2019
JONY, HammAli & Navai - Без тебя я не я
Apr 17, 2019
JONY - Аллея
Mar 19, 2019

Jony's Chart Ranks

Past 12 Months

Events2 Events

Viva Braslav Open-Air
, BraslawN/A N/A
Summer Fest
, KishinevN/A N/A

Jony's Past Events2 Events

  • Viva Braslav Open-Air festival

    Jony, Marnik, Dabro, GAYAZOV$ BROTHER$, Mari Kraimbrery (Мари Краймбрери), Asiya (Асия), Swanky Tunes, Shapov, Mari Ferrari, Anton Tokarev (Антон Токарев), Freddy Red, TEMRA
    BLR, Braslaw
  • Summer Fest festival

    ХАБИБ, Jony, Smiley, Rasa, Filatov & Karas, Carla's Dreams, Monatik, ELMAN, Andro, Mojito, Andrew Rayel, Mumiy Troll (Мумий Тролль), Misha Miller, Ivan Valeev, Manuel Riva, Natalia Gordienko, Zvonkiy, DoReDoS, Sunstroke Project
    MDA, Kishinev

More about Jony

Overview of Mainstream Pop musician Jony

A young Pop musician from the Russian Federation, Jony. He combines earworm melodies with reflective lyrics that address topics of love, sorrow, and self-discovery in his music. With its radio-friendly hooks and sing-along choruses, Jony's music is the epitome of Mainstream Pop.

Jony has swiftly built a devoted following both in Russia and abroad because to his moving vocals and accessible lyrics. His music is proof of the ability of pop to unite people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. In the congested field of Pop music, Jony stands out as an artist thanks to his distinctive fusion of peppy production and moving narration.

Overall, Jony is a performer to keep an eye on in the years to come as he continues to refine his skill and gain new fans all over the world. Jony is positioned to become one of the most well-known names in Pop music because to his contagious enthusiasm and approachable songs.

What are the most popular songs for Mainstream Pop musician Jony?

With his distinctive voice and moving lyrics, Jony, a well-known mainstream pop musician from the Russian Federation, has established a name for himself. Among his most well-known songs are "Love Your Voice," "Bez tebia ia ne ia," and "Alleia."

Heartfelt ballad "Love Your Voice" highlights Jony's vocal range and emotional range. The song, which pays homage to a lost love, has eerie melodies and moving lyrics that are likely to touch listeners.

Another well-liked song is "Frendzona," an upbeat pop tune that honors friendship and youth. The song is a favorite among Jony's fans thanks to its fast speed and catchy chorus, and its cheery message has helped it become a success on the Russian pop charts.

The albums by Jony also contain the notable songs "Kometa," "Ty besposhchadna," and "Lali." These songs exhibit Jony's musical diversity and breadth, and his capacity to emotionally connect with listeners has helped him establish himself as one of the most cherished pop singers in the Russian Federation.

Overall, Jony's music is a testament to the ability of popular music to unite people and motivate them to rejoice in life's accomplishments and face its difficulties. There is no doubting the emotional effect of Jony's songs and the enduring impression they have on listeners, whether you are a devoted fan or a beginner to his music.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Mainstream Pop musician Jony?

The Russian pop performer Jony's most recent album, "Ne ishchite vo mne zhanry (2022)," has generated significant buzz in the music business. This album is a demonstration of Jony's artistic diversity as he experiments with many genres while adhering to his musical roots. The album includes songs like "Mir zelenogo tsveta" and "Kak liubov' tvoiu poniat'?" that have garnered positive reviews from both critics and fans.

Jony has released a couple singles in addition to the album that have received media notice. Recently released song "Zavorozhionnyi (2023)" demonstrates Jony's vocal range and his capacity for writing memorable hooks. Another song that has gained a lot of traction is "Novogodniaia pesnia (2022)" thanks to its joyful atmosphere and accessible lyrics.

The songs "Alleia" and "Lali" from Jony's prior album, "Spisok tvoikh myslei (2019)", were instant hits. Jony has demonstrated his artistic development with each new release while remaining faithful to his distinctive style.

Overall, Jony's music is evidence of his talent for engaging listeners with accessible words and memorable melodies. For aficionados of pop and mainstream pop music, his most recent album and hits are essential listening.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Mainstream Pop musician Jony?

In his native Russia, Jony has given some outstanding musical performances and festival appearances. He has performed on stages at events including Summer Fest and Viva Braslav Open-Air, among others. Jony had the opportunity to perform his distinctive pop and electronic music fusion for a receptive audience during Viva Braslav Open-Air. His performance was upbeat, and the audience was actively involved throughout the entire set. A lot of admirers continued to talk about Jony's performance long after the festival had concluded because of how outstanding his participation at Summer Fest had been.

Additionally, Jony has given performances at a range of locations across Russia, including nightclubs and music halls. One of his most illustrious performances took place in front of a packed house of enthusiastic fans at the Glavclub in Moscow. The acoustics of the space were ideal for Jony's music, and the crowd remained entranced during the entire performance. Another noteworthy location was the Red Club in St. Petersburg, where Jony performed a unique show for fans in a small-scale setting.

Overall, Jony has been nothing short of outstanding during his music performances and festival appearances. His distinctive tone and engaging performances have allowed him to win over fans all throughout Russia. Jony consistently gives a remarkable performance that leaves fans wanting more, whether he is performing in a jam-packed club or on a big festival stage.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Mainstream Pop musician Jony?

The Russian pop musician Jony has worked with a variety of musicians to create some of his top tracks. Some of his most significant musical collaborations are "Bez tebia ia ne ia" with HammAli & Navai, "Lollipop" with Gafur, "Kamin" with Emin, "Kak liubov' tvoiu poniat'?" with ANNA ASTI, and "Lunnaia noch'" with Emin.

"Bez tebia ia ne ia" with HammAli & Navai was one of his most well-known joint projects. Millions of people viewed the song on YouTube and other streaming services as it became a huge hit in Russia and the CIS. The song's appeal can be ascribed to its memorable melody, relatable lyrics, and the strong vocals of Jony and HammAli & Navai.

With ANNA ASTI, "Kak liubov' tvoiu poniat'?" was another noteworthy project. The song was a somber ballad that demonstrated the vocal range and emotional range of Jony and ANNA ASTI. It was a difference from the peppy, energizing pop songs that Jony usually sings, and it showed how versatile he is as a musician.

The success of Jony as a pop musician may be attributed to his collaborations with artists like HammAli & Navai, Gafur, Emin, ANNA ASTI, and Emin. Every collaboration, whether it resulted in a catchy melody, emotional depth, or potent vocals, added something special to Jony's music.

What do people also ask about Mainstream Pop musician Jony?

What is Jony real name?

Jahid Afrail oglu Huseynli

Who is the CEO of Jony?

Anil Lakhani is the CEO of Jony.

Who owns Gini and Jony?

The Lakhani brothers, who have been promoting the Indian children's clothing line since 1980, are the owners of Gini & Jony.

Is Gini and Jony a good brand?

106 employee evaluations for Gini & Jony have a rating of 3.5 out of 5 on AmbitionBox. Skill development, which is evaluated at the top and given a rating of 3.7, is well-known for Gini & Jony. Salary & Benefits, which received the lowest rating of 3.0, can be improved.