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João Gomes

João Gomes

BRALatin, Forró
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Eu Não Dou Conta - Ao Vivo
5.1M streams
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5 Da Manhã - Ao Vivo
1.9M streams
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Cafézim de Vó - Ao Vivo
1.5M streams
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1.1M streams
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Meu Pedaço de Pecado
709K streams
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SE FOR AMOR - João Gomes e Vitor Fernandes (DVD Ao Vivo em Fortaleza)

João Gomes Cantor

SE FOR AMOR - João Gomes e Vitor Fernandes (DVD Ao Vivo em Fortaleza)
Jul 06, 2021

METE UM BLOCK NELE - João Gomes (DVD Ao Vivo em Fortaleza)

João Gomes Cantor

METE UM BLOCK NELE - João Gomes (DVD Ao Vivo em Fortaleza)
Jul 06, 2021

AQUELAS COISAS - João Gomes e Tarcísio do Acordeon (DVD Ao Vivo em Fortaleza)

João Gomes Cantor

AQUELAS COISAS - João Gomes e Tarcísio do Acordeon (DVD Ao Vivo em Fortaleza)
Jul 20, 2021

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Past 12 Months

Events9 Events

Viiixe Forró e Piseiro Fortaleza
, FortalezaN/A N/A
Salvador Fest
, SalvadorN/A N/A
Nameless Music Festival
, Annone di BrianzaN/A N/A
Nômade Festival
, Sao PauloN/A N/A
Breve Festival
, Belo HorizonteN/A N/A
João Gomes at Indigo at The O2
United Kingdom
, London2500 - 5000 Hall

João Gomes's Upcoming Events1 Event

  • Viiixe Forró e Piseiro Fortaleza festival

    João Gomes, Nattan, Tarcísio do Acordeon, Zé Vaqueiro, Mari Fernandez, Felipe Amorim, Xand Avião, Vitor Fernandes, Ávine Vinny, Priscila Senna, Zé Cantor
    BRA, Fortaleza

João Gomes's Past Events8 Events

  • Salvador Fest festival

    Ana Castela, Ludmilla, Leo Santana, Matuê, João Gomes, Ferrugem, Mari Fernandez, Teto, Belo, WIU, Oh Polêmico, XANDDY HARMONIA, Parangolé, O Kannalha, O Erótico, Edcity, O Maestro, A Dama, Swing do T10, MC 7Kssio, Lu Costa, Nata do Samba
    BRA, Salvador
  • Nameless Music Festival festival

    Skrillex, Lost Frequencies, João Gomes, Tokischa, Geolier, Hardwell, ANNA, Benny Benassi, 070 Shake, Ofenbach, Dom Dolla, Rondodasosa, Salmo, HUGEL, Oliver Heldens, Nando Reis, Alcione, ArrDee, Paul Kalkbrenner, Sonny Fodera, VillaBanks, Ernia, Chris Lake, Maddix, Kid Yugi, Mau P, Neima Ezza, Gordo, Rose Villain, Will Sparks, Merk & Kremont, BYOR, Slings, Hedex, Mara Sattei, Nitro, Icy Subzero, Liniker, Matroda, Tita Lau, BISCITS, Diss Gacha, Karol Conká, Jengi, Nello Taver, CLARA, Vieze Asbak, Kayzo, Il Pagante, Mida, MALAA, Rosa Chemical, Giorgia Angiuli, Astrality, Catz 'N Dogz, Ensi, Luca Agnelli, M¥SS KETA, GRAVEDGR, Marauda, Sam Divine, LA SAD, NERONE, Tredici Pietro, The Upbeats, Albertino, Horse Meat Disco, Rovere, Rocket Pengwin, Mattei & Omich, Galeffi, gladde paling, The Caracal Project, Greg Willen, DJ Hype, UNIIQU3, FUCKYOURCLIQUE, NCT, Beatrice Quinta, SLVR, Automhate, Lil Busso, Sam Ruffillo, DANCE SYSTEM, Kapote, Sillyelly, Edmmaro, Cave Studio, Hu, Claudym, Capozzi, Greeko, gyrofield, MNNR, Athlete Whippet, Ave, W.A.D, Kaze, Shorty, Agon, SQU4RE, Miles, Virginie a.k.a Gee Lane, Igloo, Joshwa, Andréa Laís, chaze, Noisy Boï, Dj VAL S, Olly, Mora, Mother Inc., LRNZ, Scarlett, Grazed, Dylan, Goldie, VSC
    ITA, Annone di Brianza
  • Nômade Festival festival

    João Gomes, Little Lion Sound, Seu Jorge, Nando Reis, Alcione, Queen Omega, Criolo, Alborosie, Liniker, Geraldo Azevedo, Capleton, Chico César, Anthony B, Tasha & Tracie, Blaiz Fayah, Barrington Levy, Luedji Luna, Karol Conká, BaianaSystem, General Levy, Blacko, Chezidek, MC Tha, The Congos, Tiwony, Broussaï, Derrick Sound, Meta And The Cornerstones, Irie Ites, Jahnaton, Mad'J, Junior Roy, JOE ARIWA, Missah & Weedo, Asher Selector, Jahkasa, Jaly Luz, Christophe Rigaud
    BRA, Sao Paulo
  • Breve Festival festival

    Luísa Sonza, Ludmilla, Matuê, João Gomes, Péricles, Alcione, Alceu Valença, Gilsons, Joss Stone, ANOTR, Liniker, Black Alien, FBC, Tasha & Tracie, Luedji Luna, Planet Hemp, Don L, Tiga, VHOOR, Giorgia Angiuli, Gui Boratto, Dixon, GHEIST, Bala Desejo, Priscilla, Davis, João Nogueira
    BRA, Belo Horizonte
  • João Gomes at Indigo at The O2

    João Gomes
    Indigo at The O2
    GBR, London
    Hall2.5K - 5K

More about João Gomes

Overview of Forró musician João Gomes

Brazil's Campinas is home to the talented Latin musician João Gomes. The ancient Brazilian music style known as forro, which is distinguished by its vivacious, bouncy rhythms and accordion-driven melodies, has had a significant influence on his music. Gomes is a talented musician who contributes a distinctive and passionate sound to the Latin music landscape by fusing traditional Forro elements with contemporary musical styles to provide a very engrossing listening experience.

Gomes has amassed a devoted fan base both in his own Brazil and all across the world because to his skillful accordion playing and strong voice. His music is known for its contagious vigor and upbeat rhythms, which are guaranteed to get any crowd moving. Gomes consistently delivers passionate performances that highlight his amazing musical talent, whether he's playing live or in the studio.

Overall, João Gomes is an absolute treasure in the Latin music scene. He has become a beloved character in the Brazilian music scene thanks to his distinctive style and clear enthusiasm for music, and his popularity only increases yearly. He is certain to have audiences dancing and singing along for many years to come with his contagious rhythms and entrancing melodies.

What are the most popular songs for Forró musician João Gomes?

Popular musician João Gomes is from Campinas, Brazil, and is well-known for his Latin and Forro songs. He is well known for his songs "Meu Pedaco de Pecado," "Aquelas Coisas," "Dengo," "Se For Amor," "Meu Bem," "Eu Tenho a Senha," "Mete Um Block Nele," "Debaixo do Cobertor," "Digo ou Nao Digo - Ao Vivo," and "Meu Cafofo."

The cheerful and appealing tune "Meu Pedaco de Pecado" displays João Gomes' distinct style and tone. The song's catchy chorus and solid beat make it simple to dance and sing along to. Another well-known song, "Aquelas Coisas," has a more tranquil and romantic vibe, with João Gomes' sultry voice and masterful guitar playing taking center stage.

João Gomes's other standout songs mix lively and slower-tempo songs with an emphasis on appealing melodies and approachable lyrics. While "Se For Amor" is a sentimental song that shows João Gomes' emotional range and expressive voice, "Dengo" is a lighthearted and lively music that combines traditional Forro and modern pop elements.

Overall, because to his memorable and approachable songs that highlight his distinct style and voice, João Gomes has established himself as a beloved figure in the Latin and Forro music scenes. He has a devoted following both in Brazil and internationally thanks to his top songs, which are evidence of both his talent and appeal.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Forró musician João Gomes?

With his most recent album, "RAIZ," which was published in 2023, Campinas, Brazil's talented Latin Forro musician João Gomes has been creating waves in the music industry. This album has a number of songs that exhibit João's distinctive sound, which combines traditional Forro rhythms with modern Latin elements. Each song on this album, from the energetic and catchy "Nao Manda Audio" to the deep ballad "Saudade Digitando," is a testament to João's creative talent.

João Gomes has released a number of new songs in addition to his album, including "Cha de Sumico," "Saudade Digitando," and "Na Mesma Cama," all of which were live recordings that were released in 2023. These songs, with their intense emotion and raw energy, perfectly encapsulate the spirit of João's live performances.

João Gomes has dedicated his career to sharing the joy and fervor of Forro music with listeners all around the world. He keeps pushing the limits of this genre with his most recent album and singles, combining it with other Latin sounds to produce a new and thrilling sound. João Gomes is a musician to check out whether you enjoy good music or are a die-hard Forro fan.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Forró musician João Gomes?

Brazilian Latin and Forro musician João Gomes has performed at a number of festivals and locations, showing his extraordinary talent and love of music. He has garnered positive reviews for his performances and is now well-known in the Latin music community.

At the Jaguariuna Rodeo Festival, one of the most important rodeo events in Brazil, João made one of his most noteworthy festival appearances. The audience was dancing and singing along to his upbeat performance and distinctive fusion of Latin and Forro music. The crowd was left wanting more after João's performance at the Festival Virada Salvador, which was equally outstanding. His music created an explosive environment.

João also gave a performance at the Boom Festival, one of Portugal's biggest electronic music festivals, where he displayed his artistic flexibility. His performance at the Breve Festival was equally outstanding, and his music was a great unifier of people from various nationalities and origins.

João has played at a number of locations across the world, including the Indigo at The O2 in London, in addition to his festival appearances. The audience was fascinated by his music and presentation throughout his appearance at this venerable theatre; it was nothing short of extraordinary.

Overall, João Gomes has emerged as a major player in the Latin and Forro music scenes, and his appearances at various festivals and venues have cemented his reputation as one of Brazil's most gifted and in-demand musicians.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Forró musician João Gomes?

Brazilian musician João Gomes has worked with numerous other great musicians to produce some of the most well-known Latin and Forro music recordings. One of his best joint projects is "Se For Amor" with Vitor Fernandes, followed by "Debaixo do Cobertor" with Felipe Amorim, "Digo ou Nao Digo - Ao Vivo" with L7NNON, "Sera que Da Certo" with Vitor Fernandes, and "Nao Manda Audio" with MC Ryan SP.

The song "Se For Amor" he made with Vitor Fernandes is among his most well-known collaborations. The two musicians' approaches blend beautifully, creating a stunning and moving track that has connected with listeners across Brazil. The lyrics of the song are about love and the difficulties that come with it, and both Vitor Fernandes and João Gomes give stirring performances that make an impression.

The song "Debaixo do Cobertor" by Felipe Amorim is another noteworthy collaboration. This song, which is a lively and upbeat piece of Forro music, displays the great talent of the performers. Fans of the genre will love the song's catchy tune and lighthearted lyrics, while João Gomes and Felipe Amorim's connection can be heard throughout the entire song.

João Gomes has collaborated with some of the most skilled musicians in the Latin and Forro music scenes, and the results are some absolutely iconic songs. His music provides something for everyone, from poignant ballads to witty and vivacious dance numbers.

What do people also ask about Forró musician João Gomes?

Onde mora a namorada de João Gomes?

Na cidade de Petrolina, na divisa entre Pernambuco e Bahia, onde o casal mora.

Qual foi a música de João Gomes que estourou?

João Gomes "estourou" in 2021 with the song "Eu Tenho a Senha," which composed the musical score for the TV Globo adaptation of "Pantanal."

Quanto é que tá o show de João Gomes?

Aniversário de SP: cachê de João Gomes é de R$ 450 mil; veja outros.

É verdade que João Gomes terminou o namoro?

On Friday, July 13, João Gomes announced the end of his relationship with influential woman Ary Mirelle. The information was made public on his Instagram profile. They began their relationship in December 2022.

Quem é a ex do João Gomes?

The book that marked the end of João Gomes and Ary Mirelle's relationship gained another chapter.

Como é o nome da namorada de João Gomes no Instagram?

Mylla Vieira Gomes (@myllavieiira) • Instagram photos and videos.

Qual música João Gomes fez para Ary?

João Gomes fez uma música dedicada a Ary a partir do seu sofrimento pelo fim do relacionamento.

Qual foi o ano que João Gomes estourou?

O cantor João Gomes estourou nacionalmente durante o São João de 2021.

Como é o nome do empresário de João Gomes?

Jeovane Guedes.

O que João Gomes fazia antes da fama?

He was born in Serrita, a city in the state of Pernambuco, and lived on a rock as a child until moving to Petrolina. João completed the IF's technical course in agropecuaria and quickly became well-liked by his classmates.

Qual é o nome da namorada do João Gomes no Instagram?

Jasminy De S. 🦋✨ (@jasminyds) • Instagram photos and videos.

Quem é a namorada de João Gomes?

João Gomes e Ary Mirelle reatam namoro.

Quanto vale o João Gomes do Flamengo?

João Gomes, a Ninho do Urubu native, was sold by Flamengo to the Wolves in January for 18,7 million euros, or almost R$ 100 million at the time. The amount, which is 340 million euros, will be paid to the player and represents the percentage of economic rights that belong to the individual athlete.

Qual foi o motivo da separação de João Gomes?

The relationship between João Gomes and Ary Mirelle had ended because to the influencer and the singer. After a month of separation, João Gomes and Ary Mirelle resumed their relationship. Rumors suggested that the singer and the influencer had broken up in January over the mae of his, Katia.

Quanto vai ganhar João Gomes na Inglaterra?

In addition, the five-year contract with Wolverhampton stipulates that the player will get €1.5 million if his or her goals are met. Additionally, O Flamengo was given 10% of future sales.

Quem é ex de João Gomes?

Ary Mirelle, the singer's former flame, was one of the audience members. A 22-year-old dental student left a suggestive comment during the transmission.

Quem terminou o namoro João Gomes e Ary?

João Gomes e Ary Mirelle terminam namoro.

Como João Gomes foi descoberto?

He began to succeed in his early stages while pursuing his technical agro-aquaculture degree at the Federal Institute of Pernambuco (IF Sertao-PE). According to what he himself stated in an interview with G1, the videos started as a friendly competition between coworkers and quickly grew in popularity.

Quem é a ex de João Gomes?

The book that marked the end of João Gomes and Ary Mirelle's relationship gained another chapter.