Jackie Platinum
Jackie Platinum

Jackie Platinum

USAPunk, Pop Punk
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Hold onto Me
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Nova Scotia
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235 streams
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I Miss U More Than Life
153 streams
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Jackie Platinum - Hold Onto Me (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Jackie Platinum

Jackie Platinum - Hold Onto Me (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)
Jan 24, 2021
Jackie Platinum - calvin & hobbes
Mar 11, 2019

Jackie Platinum - LIFE IS GREEN

Jackie Platinum

Jackie Platinum - LIFE IS GREEN
Nov 24, 2018

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Past 12 Months

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Act Natural at The Middle East - Upstairs
United States
, Cambridge0 - 500 Club

Jackie Platinum's Past Events1 Event

  • Act Natural at The Middle East - Upstairs

    Spell Jordan, Jackie Platinum, Act Natural
    The Middle East - Upstairs
    USA, Cambridge
    Club0 - 500

More about Jackie Platinum

Overview of Pop Punk musician Jackie Platinum

A Punk and Pop Punk performer from Hollywood, California, Jackie Platinum has been causing a stir in the industry with her energetic performances and distinctive sound. Jackie Platinum's music is a welcome deviation from the norm because of its unpolished and outspoken style.

Fast-paced riffs, catchy choruses, and a rebellious attitude that appeals to young people are the hallmarks of her music. Although she explores themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery in her lyrics, what distinguishes her from other musicians in the genre is her upbeat delivery. Jackie Platinum has established herself as a force to be reckoned with because to her emotional and strong voice.

Fans of the Punk and Pop Punk genres have flocked to her music in droves, and with each new album she releases, she continues to push the envelope. Every note Jackie Platinum plays demonstrates her dedication to her profession and her love of music. Her perseverance has propelled her to the top of the Punk music world.

What are the most popular songs for Pop Punk musician Jackie Platinum?

A huge fan base supports Jackie Platinum, a Punk and Pop Punk performer from Hollywood, California. Hold onto Me, "Nova Scotia," "Can't Think Straight," "woah now," "Fallout 42," "Calvin & Hobbes," "Smolder," "Faster Car," "Kill City," and "Alphabet Love" are some of her best songs.

With its memorable chorus and relatable lyrics, "Hold onto Me" stands out as a highlight track. The song is about clinging to the people you love no matter what. With its frantic guitar riffs and upbeat vocals, "Nova Scotia" is another well-liked song. The song encourages dream-chasing and never-ending perseverance.

The tracks "Can't Think Straight" and "woah now" are examples of Jackie's talent at crafting catchy melodies and memorable hooks. While "Calvin & Hobbes" is a more introspective song about growing up and letting go of the past, "Fallout 42" is a fast-paced song with a punk rock edge. The slower, more emotional song "Smolder" accentuates Jackie's vocal range.

"Kill City" is a hard-hitting song with powerful lyrics and a driving tempo, while "Faster Car" is a song about getting out of a bad circumstance and beginning again. The humorous song "Alphabet Love" is about finding love and figuring out how to handle a new relationship.

Overall, the music of Jackie Platinum is distinguished by its upbeat performances, memorable melodies, and approachable lyrics. Her fans can't get enough of her music, and her distinctive style sets her apart from other performers in the genre.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Pop Punk musician Jackie Platinum?

Jackie Platinum, a punk musician living in Hollywood, published 'No Time 2 Celebrate' in 2022. Introspective songs like "Broken Dreams" and "Lost Without You" are mixed together with energetic punk tunes like "Rebel Yell" and "Punk Rock Anthem". The album demonstrates Jackie's musical range and her capacity to effortlessly change between many genres and moods.

Rowdy, "I Don't Lie," and "It Don't Matter," which were all released in 2022, are some of Jackie Platinum's most recent singles. While "I Don't Lie" and "It Don't Matter" are more melodic pop-punk songs that emphasize Jackie's ability to craft catchy melodies and memorable choruses, "Rowdy" is a hard-hitting punk single that highlights Jackie's belligerent vocals and driving guitar riffs. "I Got A Problem Telling The Truth" is another song that will be published in 2022. It has a hard-hitting punk sound and lyrics about the difficulties of being truthful in a society that frequently rewards deception.

Overall, Jackie Platinum's most recent album and singles stretch the limits of punk and pop-punk music. She writes powerful anthems as well as more reflective ballads, but all of her music is powerful and leaves an effect on listeners. The latest work from Jackie is sure to appeal to punk and pop-punk music fans.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Pop Punk musician Jackie Platinum?

Jackie Platinum, a well-known artist from Hollywood, has performed punk and pop punk at some of the best venues and music festivals. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the "The Middle East - Upstairs" venue, she gave one of her most noteworthy performances. The audience was in awe of her enthralling performance, which was propelled by her dynamic stage presence and strong voice.

Jackie has performed at a variety of other locations in addition to "The Middle East - Upstairs," such as "The Echo" in Los Angeles, "The Bowery Electric" in New York City, and "The Troubadour" in West Hollywood. The crowd has occasionally left her performances wanting more, but her supporters have never been dissatisfied.

Jackie has also performed at a number of music festivals, including Riot Fest, Punk Rock Bowling, and the Vans Warped Tour. Her appearances at these events have consistently been a highlight, and she has received recognition for her talent at engaging the crowd and giving unique performances.

In conclusion, Jackie Platinum has established herself as a formidable force in the punk and pop punk music scenes, and her appearances at prestigious venues and music festivals have only served to confirm this. Her electric performances and commanding vocals have astounded audiences, and she has rapidly emerged as a favorite of both critics and fans.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Pop Punk musician Jackie Platinum?

The Hollywood-based Punk and Pop Punk singer Jackie Platinum has worked with a variety of musicians to create some of the most fascinating music. We have "Nova Scotia" with Foreign Forest, "Can't Think Straight" with ChrispyD and 637Godwin, and "woah now" with Kevinhilfiger and 8485 as some of the finest collaborations.

The collaboration "Bloody Hands" with Blackwinterwells stands out among the others thanks to its infectious beat and alluring lyrics. The song highlights both artists' individual styles and is the ideal fusion of punk and pop punk music. Fans can't get enough of the masterpiece created as a result of the partnership, which brings out the best in both performers.

The "Dumbledore" duet with Oli Outside is another outstanding effort. The song features Jackie Platinum's individual approach and has a distinct tone. Fans of Punk and Pop Punk music must listen to this song because Oli Outside gives it a new and thrilling twist.

As a result of her collaborations with some of the best musicians in the business, Jackie Platinum has created some of the most fascinating songs. Each collaboration has a distinctive sound and look that shows the artist's capacity to meld many genres and produce something distinctive. Two of the best collaborations that fans should listen to are "Dumbledore" with Oli Outside and "Bloody Hands" with Blackwinterwells.