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Mar 07, 2020
Feb 09, 2019


JYP Entertainment

Jul 27, 2019

ITZY's Chart Ranks

Past 12 Months

Events7 Events

ITZY at The Fabulous Fox
United States
, St Louis2500 - 5000 Hall
Ateez at Staples Center
United States
, Los Angeles10000 - 30000 Hall
ITZY Premiere Showcase Tour 'ITZY? ITZY!' IN USA at Kings Theatre
United States
, New York2500 - 5000 Hall
Itzy Premiere Showcase Tour Itzy? Itzy! In USA at Warner Theatre
United States
, Washington1200 - 2500 Hall
ITZY Premiere Showcase Tour 'ITZY? ITZY!' IN USA at Revention Music Center
United States
, Houston2500 - 5000 Hall

ITZY's Past Events7 Events

  • ITZY at The Fabulous Fox

    The Fabulous Fox
    USA, St Louis
    Hall2.5K - 5K
  • Ateez at Staples Center

    Staples Center
    USA, Los Angeles
    Hall10K - 30K
  • ITZY Premiere Showcase Tour 'ITZY? ITZY!' IN USA at Kings Theatre

    Kings Theatre
    USA, New York
    Hall2.5K - 5K
  • Itzy Premiere Showcase Tour Itzy? Itzy! In USA at Warner Theatre

    Warner Theatre
    USA, Washington
    Hall1.2K - 2.5K
  • ITZY Premiere Showcase Tour 'ITZY? ITZY!' IN USA at Revention Music Center

    Bayou Music Center
    USA, Houston
    Hall2.5K - 5K

More about ITZY

Overview of Asian Pop musician ITZY

ITZY is a young pop star from Seoul, South Korea, who has captivated audiences everywhere with their distinctive brand of Asian Pop music. Their songs are renowned for their upbeat beats, hummable melodies, and empowering lyrics, which have found an audience all around the world. Hip-hop, electronic dance music, and pop are just a few of the genres that ITZY has mastered to create their own sound.

ITZY's music, which celebrates youth and female empowerment, has found an audience with their listeners. In addition to being catchy and danceable, their music also conveys an essential message about confidence and self-love. The group's music videos are a visual feast, with exquisite clothing, imaginative dancing, and vivacious colors. Fans of ITZY are left wanting more by the band's dynamic performances and contagious stage persona.

ITZY is a pioneer in the realm of Asian Pop music, offering a new viewpoint to the genre, in conclusion. They are an unstoppable force in the music industry thanks to the empowering, upbeat, and contagious nature of their music. ITZY is certain to keep topping the charts and capturing people's hearts throughout the world with their distinctive sound and fascinating performances.

What are the most popular songs for Asian Pop musician ITZY?

ITZY is a well-known South Korean girl group that has captivated audiences around with its peppy and catchy pop songs. Their most popular songs are "WANNABE," "DALLA DALLA," and "LOCO." "WANNABE" features a powerful chorus with lyrics that encourage listeners to be themselves and follow their dreams. With a similar message of self-acceptance and love, "DALLA DALLA" is a fan favorite thanks to its distinctive choreography and catchy beat.

In addition to these popular tracks, ITZY has also released other notable songs such as "Cheshire," "Not Shy," and "In the morning." "Cheshire" is a playful and energetic track that showcases the group's unique style and sound. The more sophisticated and seductive song "Not Shy" showcases ITZY's artistic development. "In the morning" is a fun and upbeat track that celebrates living life to the fullest.

ITZY's other tracks like "ICY," "SNEAKERS," "SHOOT!," and "SWIPE" also showcase the group's versatility and talent. "ICY" has a cool and refreshing vibe with a memorable chorus that will have listeners singing along. "SNEAKERS" is a fun and playful track about the joy of wearing sneakers. "SHOOT!" is a high-energy dance track that showcases the group's impressive choreography skills. "SWIPE" is another energetic dance track that will get listeners moving and grooving.

Overall, ITZY has become a popular and beloved group in the pop and Asian pop music scene, thanks to their catchy tracks, impressive dance skills, and positive messages of self-love and acceptance.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Asian Pop musician ITZY?

ITZY, a Seoul-based South Korean pop group, has recently released some incredible music. For all K-Pop fans, their most recent album, "CHECKMATE (2022)," is a must-listen. The group's flexibility and artistic development are on full display in this album's strong beats and engaging hooks.

In addition to being chart-toppers, the album's most recent singles, "CHESHIRE (2022)," "Boys Like You (2022)," "Blah Blah Blah (2022)," and "Swipe (2022)," have been getting a lot of love from fans. These songs have a distinctive sound and are ideal for playlists for events.

ITZY first released "CRAZY IN LOVE (2021)" and "IT'z ME (2020)," both of which were enormous hits, before "CHECKMATE (2022). The trio keeps raising the bar for Pop and Asian Pop music with every album and single release.

ITZY's discography is an overall testament to their talent and diligence. Pop, hip-hop, and electronic dance music are expertly merged in their songs, and their live shows are never dull. Make sure to listen to their most recent album and singles if you haven't previously. You won't be let down!

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Asian Pop musician ITZY?

The South Korean pop and Asian pop band ITZY has played at a number of prestigious venues and festivals across the globe. One of their most famous performances took place during their "ITZY? ITZY!" showcase tour at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The ensemble also gave performances at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C., The Fabulous Fox in Atlanta, Bayou Music Center in Houston, and The Novo by Microsoft in Los Angeles.

ITZY played at the 2019 KCON NY, one of their festival appearances, and sang their popular songs "Dalla Dalla" and "ICY." Additionally, they participated in the 2019 M2 X Genie Music Awards, where they took up the "Female New Artist" prize. They also gave a performance at the 2019 V Heartbeat Music Festival in Vietnam, where they got a roaring reception from the audience.

ITZY has demonstrated its talent and vigor during performances in various locations and festivals. They have amassed a sizable fan base throughout the world because to the critical accolades their music and performances have received. The group has become one of the most well-known K-Pop groups in the globe as their popularity has increased over time.

ITZY is a rising sensation in the K-Pop and Asian Pop music scenes, as seen by their appearances at numerous prestigious venues and festivals. They have made a name for themselves in the music industry with their exhilarating performances and captivating music. Their upcoming appearances are eagerly anticipated, and they will no doubt continue to wow audiences everywhere.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Asian Pop musician ITZY?

The South Korean girl group ITZY has cooperated with a number of musicians. On the song "Break My Heart Myself," they worked with American singer Bebe Rexha in one of their memorable collaborations. Yeji and Ryujin, who are both members of ITZY, are featured on the song, which addresses the challenges of love and self-acceptance. The outcome is a catchy and uplifting pop song that highlights the vocal range and force of both artists.

Another noteworthy collaboration is on the song "TING TING TING" with Dutch DJ and producer Oliver Heldens. The song combines ITZY's savage vocals with Heldens' distinctive house beats to create an upbeat dance track. ITZY's ability in playing with many genres and sounds is demonstrated through the partnership.

In addition to these two projects, ITZY has also collaborated with DallasK on "DALLA DALLA - DallasK Remix," Imad Royal on "WANT IT? - Imad Royal Remix," and Big Wiz on "Fix You Crown." These partnerships highlight ITZY's versatility in blending various musical genres while preserving their own character as a girl group.

ITZY's collaborations with Bebe Rexha and Oliver Heldens demonstrate their global popularity and capacity to work with musicians from all over the world. ITZY has been able to broaden their musical horizons and connect with a larger audience thanks to these partnerships.

What do people also ask about Asian Pop musician ITZY?

Is ITZY losing hype?

Even though Itzy continues to enjoy strong album sales, views, music show victories, etc., they aren't as well-known as they were in the years leading up to their debut until 2020.

Who is the most beautiful member in ITZY?

Lia is the prettiest member of ITZY.

Are ITZY close in real life?

Yes, they are friends.

How old is Yuna ITZY?

19 years (December 9, 2003)

Is ITZY more famous than TXT?

When it comes to Instagram followers, MIDZY has a significant advantage than TXT, with 15.61 million+ followers to 11.61 million+ for MOA.

Who is more famous ITZY or BlackPINK?

#BlackPINK is Spotify's most streamed group in 2022, according to data from 2022 globally.

Who is the most unpopular member of ITZY?

Chaeryeong is considered the least popular member of ITZY.

How long is ITZY dating ban?

JYP Entertainment has a strict three-year ban on new idols dating.

Are ITZY and BlackPINK friends?

In the end, only the members of Itzy and Blackpink are aware of their friendship. However, some K-pop fans believe that Jisoo and TWICE Nayeon were close friends because they both made their debuts around the same time, and Hyeri and Rose have a long-standing bond.

Who are best friends in ITZY?

Yuna and Lia are best friends in ITZY.

When did ITZY disband?

Their contract would expire after 2024 because they made their debut in early 2018. They have till 2024 to decide whether to terminate their agreement and stop promoting as a unit or renew it.

Who is the best dancer in ITZY?

Yeji (ITZY), who has exceptional dance abilities and stage presence, is regarded as one of K-pop's finest performers of the fourth generation. Yeji is praised for her incredible stage presence and energy.

Is ITZY or Skz more popular?

In South Korea, Itzy is more well-liked than Stray Kids, whereas Stray Kids are more well-liked outside of South Korea.

Why is ITZY not doing well?

"Girl groups are oversaturated, so [ITZY's] stance has grown a little hazy. They put on excellent performances, but the songs are only passable. And I don't believe their business is doing a good job of raising concerns about ITZY.

Who is the kindest ITZY member?

Conversation. One of the most generous K-Pop idols, Lia of ITZY, has shown her generosity numerous times, including these 4 instances.

Who is the prettiest member in ITZY?

Who is the cutest ITZY member? Lia! All members are cute, but Lia, Choi Jisu, takes the cake!

Is Yeji the center of ITZY?

She is comparable to ITZY's Nayeon, but without the center. Lead singer who usually has the most lines and center time and always sings in the chorus.

Who is the most introvert in ITZY?

Yeji is the most introvert in ITZY.

Who has the best smile in ITZY?

Chaeryong has the softest smile that can instantly melt fans' hearts.

Who in ITZY was born rich?

Lia came from a rich family.

Who is more popular TXT or Itzy?

When it comes to Instagram followers, MIDZY has a significant advantage than TXT, with 15.61 million+ followers to 11.61 million+ for MOA.

How popular is ITZY in Japan?

According to JYP Entertainment, the girl group ITZY was awarded the best-selling rookie of the first half of the year by Japan's Oricon. Between December 17 and June 20, the girl trio had the best-selling debut album in Japan's music industry.