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Barbie World (with Aqua) [From Barbie The Album]
8.4M streams
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Boy's a liar Pt. 2
5.3M streams
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Princess Diana (with Nicki Minaj)
2.4M streams
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In Ha Mood
1.3M streams
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Princess Diana (with Nicki Minaj)

ice spice, Nicki Minaj
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Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj - Princess Diana (Official Music Video)


Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj - Princess Diana (Official Music Video)
Apr 13, 2023
Ice Spice - Deli
Jul 25, 2023
Ice Spice - in ha mood (Official Video)
Jan 27, 2023

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Events34 Events

Doja Cat at Nationwide Arena
United States
, Columbus10000 - 30000 Stadium
Doja Cat at Target Center
United States
, Minneapolis10000 - 30000 Hall
Doja Cat at CHI Health Center Omaha
United States
, Omaha10000 - 30000 Hall
Doja Cat at Little Caesars Arena
United States
, Detroit10000 - 30000 Hall
Doja Cat at Scotiabank Arena
, Toronto10000 - 30000 Stadium
Doja Cat at TD Garden
United States
, Boston10000 - 30000 Hall
Doja Cat at Prudential Center
United States
, Newark10000 - 30000 Hall
Doja Cat at Barclays Center
United States
, New York10000 - 30000 Hall
Doja Cat at Capital One Arena
United States
, Washington10000 - 30000 Hall
Doja Cat at Spectrum Center
United States
, Charlotte10000 - 30000 Hall

ice spice's Upcoming Events7 Events

  • Doja Cat at Nationwide Arena

    Doja Cat, ice spice
    Nationwide Arena
    USA, Columbus
    Stadium10K - 30K
  • Doja Cat at Target Center

    Doja Cat, ice spice
    Target Center
    USA, Minneapolis
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Doja Cat at CHI Health Center Omaha

    Doja Cat, ice spice
    CHI Health Center Omaha
    USA, Omaha
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Doja Cat at Little Caesars Arena

    Doja Cat, ice spice
    Little Caesars Arena
    USA, Detroit
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Doja Cat at Scotiabank Arena

    Doja Cat, ice spice
    Scotiabank Arena
    CAN, Toronto
    Stadium10K - 30K

ice spice's Past Events27 Events

  • Doja Cat at TD Garden

    Doja Cat, ice spice
    TD Garden
    USA, Boston
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Doja Cat at Prudential Center

    Doja Cat, ice spice
    Prudential Center
    USA, Newark
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Doja Cat at Barclays Center

    Doja Cat, ice spice
    Barclays Center
    USA, New York
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Doja Cat at Capital One Arena

    Doja Cat, ice spice
    Capital One Arena
    USA, Washington
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Doja Cat at Spectrum Center

    Doja Cat, ice spice
    Spectrum Center
    USA, Charlotte
    Hall10K - 30K

More about ice spice

Overview of Alternative Hip Hop musician ice spice

A rising sensation in the realm of Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop music, Ice Spice is from New York, USA. He has been making waves in the industry and winning over admirers all over the world with his own sound and approach.

Your head will nod as you listen to Ice Spice's music, which combines hard-hitting beats, contemplative lyrics, and contagious melodies. He stands out from the competition thanks to his ability to blend conventional Hip Hop with aspects of other genres like electronic and rock. His music is approachable to a wide spectrum of audiences since it is a reflection of his life experiences, challenges, and victories.

Ice Spice is certain to have an impact in the music industry for years to come thanks to his talent and commitment to his profession. In a world of generic Hip Hop, his music is a breath of new air, and his distinctive sound will undoubtedly encourage others to push the limits of what is conceivable in the genre. Watch out for this budding musician as he makes his mark on the music industry.

What are the most popular songs for Alternative Hip Hop musician ice spice?

Popular American Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop artist Ice Spice hails from New York. Boy's a Liar Pt. 2, In Ha Mood, Munch (Feelin' U), Bikini Bottom, Princess Diana (with Nicki Minaj), Gangsta Boo (featuring Lil Tjay), Name of Love, and Princess Diana are a few of Ice Spice's best songs. Each song has a distinct style and vibe, with upbeat beats and stirring lyrics.

Ice Spice's "In Ha Mood" is one of the album's outstanding songs and demonstrates her talent for fusing passionate lyrics with a cool, laid-back attitude. The song has a soothing pace and memorable chorus that will quickly get listeners singing along. The song "Princess Diana (with Nicki Minaj)" is also noteworthy since it has a guest verse by the well-known rapper Nicki Minaj. The song contains a memorable tune and strong lines from Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice.

All things considered, Ice Spice is a gifted artist who has established himself in the Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop scenes. His songs are expertly crafted, with strong lyrical and infectious beats. There's no disputing that Ice Spice is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, regardless of whether you've been a fan for a while or are only now finding his songs.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Alternative Hip Hop musician ice spice?

With their most recent albums, New York-based Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop artist Ice Spice has been making waves. Fans and reviewers alike have been eagerly awaiting their most recent hit, "Princess Diana (with Nicki Minaj)". The song has been made available in a variety of mixes, including the original and a radio edit. The song that Ice Spice made with Nicki Minaj is hailed for its enticing beats and stirring lyrics.

Along with "Princess Diana," Ice Spice has also put out other noteworthy songs in 2023. A follow-up to their earlier smash, "Boy's a Liar Pt. 2" has a new sound and thoughtful lyrics. A slower, more emotional song called "Like..?" demonstrates Ice Spice's range as a performer. Both tracks are new additions to the artist's expanding discography and have gotten favorable reviews from listeners.

Ice Spice's music is distinguished from other artists in the genre by its distinctive fusion of Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop. Their most recent works continue to defy limitations and raise the bar. Ice Spice continues to establish themselves as a major force in the music business with each new song.

Overall, Ice Spice's most recent singles and music albums demonstrate their musical talent and creativity. Fans and reviewers alike have paid them attention and shown praise for their unusual sound and profound lyrics. The fact that Ice Spice is still successful is a testimonial to their commitment and effort in writing songs that connect with fans.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Alternative Hip Hop musician ice spice?

New York-born Hip Hop artist Ice Spice has performed on some of the greatest stages in the globe. Rolling Loud Miami, Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park, Rolling Loud California, Broccoli City Festival, and Listen In Adelaide are just a few of the notable festivals that they have played. Additionally, they have performed in a number of prestigious locations, such as The Roxy Theatre and UBS Arena.

Ice Spice gave one of his most unforgettable performances at Rolling Loud Miami. One of the biggest Hip Hop festivals in the world, the festival, and Ice Spice's performance were both a testament to their skill and vigor. They got the crowd moving with their catchy beats and engrossing words. Another notable performance was at the Broccoli City Festival, when they displayed their musical range. The festival is recognized for fostering social awareness, and the crowd responded to Ice Spice's music, which powerfully conveyed a message of harmony and hope.

Additionally, Ice Spice has had the honor of playing some of the most renowned locations in the globe. The Roxy Theatre, a storied music venue in Los Angeles, hosted one of their most talked-about performances. The small venue provided for a close-up and personal encounter, and Ice Spice's stage presence and musical skill left the audience in amazement. Another noteworthy performance took place at New York's cutting-edge UBS Arena. The audience was treated to an absolutely wonderful experience because to the unmatched acoustics.

Finally, Ice Spice has played at some of the world's biggest festivals and most recognizable locations. They have established themselves as one of the most intriguing Hip Hop artists of our time thanks to their capacity to enthrall audiences with their distinctive sound and compelling message. Ice Spice consistently manages to leave a lasting effect on their audience, whether they are performing on a large stage or in a small space.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Alternative Hip Hop musician ice spice?

Several other musicians and Ice Spice have worked together to produce some iconic Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop songs. Among them are "Boy's a Liar Pt. 2" with Pink Pantheress, "Princess Diana" (with Nicki Minaj), "Gangsta Boo" (with Lil Tjay), "Munch" (with Ice Spice, Skillibeng, & J.I the Prince of N.Y. ), and "One Time (ft. Ice Spice, Skillibeng, & J.I the Prince of N.Y.

"One Time" stands out as a standout track from these collaborations. The song's other artists also contribute significantly to the depth and texture of the sound, and Ice Spice's performance is strong and captivating. The song stands out in the artist's discography because it has a strong beat and contagious enthusiasm.

"Princess Diana (with Nicki Minaj)" is another noteworthy collaboration. This song is a fantastic illustration of Ice Spice's ability to combine many musical genres and styles. Nicki Minaj contributes a potent rap verse to the tune, while Ice Spice's vocals are the ideal finishing touch. The song stands out in the artist's discography because it has a terrific feel and lots of energy.

What do people also ask about Alternative Hip Hop musician ice spice?

Why is Ice Spice so famous?

With the release of her song "Munch (Feelin' You)" in August 2022, she became a household name. The song became viral after being broadcast on Drake's Sirius XM radio station and becoming well-liked on social media sites like TikTok and Twitter.

What is Ice Spice ethnicity?

Isis Gaston's father is African-American and her mother is Dominican.

Is Ice Spice signed to Nicki Minaj?

Ice Spice is signed to a partnership under Nicki Minaj's new record label, Heavy On It Records.

Is Ice Spice Nigerian?

Ice Spice is Nigerian but unsure of her family's tribe.

What is the most sold spice in the world?

A Guide to Pepper: The World's Most Popular Spice.

How did Ice Spice get big?

According to rumors, Ice Spice's career took off after she met record producer RiotUSA in 2021 at Purchase College, State University of New York. After her Buss It challenge video went viral on Twitter, she released her first single, Bully Freestyle, in March of that year.

Is Ice Spice rich?

Ice Spice is a rapper with a net worth of $2 million.

Why do Nigerians eat so much spice?

Nigerians, who are accustomed to eating a lot of pepper, think that eating spicy cuisine raises one's quality of life. This is supported by the idea that eating more pepper makes you stronger and improves the health of your immune system.

What is the most popular spice in Europe?

Garlic is the most popular spice in Europe.

Which country is no 1 in spices?

India is the world's top producer, consumer, and exporter of spices, making it the industry leader. The production of various spices in India reached 10.88 million tonnes in 2021–2022.

Did Ice Spice go to Coachella?

Ice Spice Hits The Desert & More Coachella Party Photos You Missed.

What is Ice Spice favorite color?

Ice Spice's favorite color is orange.

Is Ice Spice an actor?

Actress and composer Ice Spice is well-known for her roles in a number of shows, including PinkPantheress & Ice Spice: Boy's a Liar Pt. 2, Ice Spice: In Ha Mood, and B-Lovee, J.I. & Skillibeng feat. Ice Spice: One Time.

Does Ice Spice have tattoos?

Ice Spice has a butterfly tattoo and is a tropical Scorpio moon.

Why is her name Ice Spice?

Ice chose her stage name, Ice Spice, because it rhymes and she loves spicy food.

Where is Ice Spice from Africa?

American rapper Ice Spice reveals she is Nigerian.

How did Ice Spice get so big?

Because of her TikTok accomplishment becoming viral, Ice Spice gained notoriety. On the platform, her song "Munch (Feelin' U)" was well-liked and even shared by Drake on his Sound 42 Radio SiriusXM channel.

How much is Ice Spice net worth 2023?

Ice Spice's net worth in 2023 is estimated at $2 million (and rising).

Which country has most spice in the world?

India is the world's largest producer of spices.

Which country is rich in spice in the world?

India is the nation with the greatest spice wealth in the world since it is the top producer, consumer, and exporter of spices worldwide.

What is the spice capital of the world?

Kochi is known as the Spice Capital of the world, since ancient times.

Did Drake meet Ice Spice?

She continued by saying that actually meeting Drake was "so cool." He was quite courteous and respectful when they first met at OVO Fest.

How much does Ice Spice make?

Ice Spice, who has a net worth of about $2 million, has had great success in the music business.

Who does Ice Spice look like?

Ice Spice is said to look like actress Lauren London when she was younger.

What is the oldest spice in the world?

Cinnamon is the oldest spice in the world, having been used in Egyptian embalming techniques and predating all other spices in documented culinary history.

How much does it cost to book Ice Spice?

Ice Spice's booking price is currently $15k, as her team has canceled all shows booked with her.

How much Ice Spice got signed for?

Bronx rapper Ice Spice signed a $3 million deal with 10K Projects.

What influenced Ice Spice?

Ice Spice's knowledge of music was influenced by her father, an underground rapper. She lists Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj among her artistic influences.

Who is the most richest Spice Girl?

1. Victoria Beckham.

Did Ice Spice get signed?

The plan worked, and Ice Spice signed a contract with the imprints while keeping complete creative control and the rights to her music. Zach Friedman, one of the co-presidents of 10K, told Billboard that "no one on the label side touches the music."