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Según Quién
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Primera Cita
13.3M streams
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Te Lo Agradezco
4.5M streams
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No Es Por Acá
4M streams
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Carin Leon's YouTube Videos

Grupo Firme  - Carin Leon  - El Toxico - (Official Video)
Oct 26, 2020
Carin Leon - No Es Por Acá (Video Oficial)
Jul 07, 2022
Carin Leon - Primera Cita [Official Video]
Apr 19, 2023

Carin Leon's Chart Ranks

Past 12 Months

Events73 Events

Stagecoach Festival
United States
, IndioN/A N/A
Festival Vallenato
, ValleduparN/A N/A
Carin Leon at The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater
United States
, Miami Beach2500 - 5000 Hall
Carin Leon at Spectrum Center
United States
, Charlotte10000 - 30000 Hall
Carin Leon at CFG Bank Arena
United States
, Baltimore10000 - 30000 Hall
Carin Leon at Prudential Center
United States
, Newark10000 - 30000 Hall
Carin Leon at TD Garden
United States
, Boston10000 - 30000 Hall

Carin Leon's Upcoming Events2 Events

  • Stagecoach Festival festival

    Post Malone, Carin Leon, Wiz Khalifa, Morgan Wallen, Jelly Roll, Nickelback, Bailey Zimmerman, Diplo, Hardy, Miranda Lambert, The Beach Boys, Eric Church, Willie Nelson, Megan Moroney, Leon Bridges, Nate Smith, Elle King, Sam Barber, The War and Treaty, ERNEST, Maddie & Tae, Wyatt Flores, Dylan Schneider, Clint Black, Dwight Yoakam, Josh Ross, Charley Crockett, Hailey Whitters, Luke Grimes, Kylie Morgan, Ashley Cooke, Charles Wesley Godwin, Josh Abbott Band, Shane Smith & the Saints, Pam Tillis, Trampled By Turtles, Tanner Adell, Tenille Townes, Paul Cauthen, Drayton Farley, Allison Russell, Willie Jones, Vincent Neil Emerson, Casey Barnes, Lauren Watkins, Asleep At The Wheel, Lola Kirke, Katie Pruitt, Brittney Spencer, BEN BURGESS, Kassi Valazza, Miko Marks, Zach Top
    USA, Indio
  • Festival Vallenato festival

    Carin Leon, Grupo Frontera, Pipe Bueno, Grupo Niche, Diego Daza, Peter Manjarrés, Elder Dayan Diaz, Ivan Villazon, Ana Del Castillo, Alex Manga, Poncho Zuleta
    COL, Valledupar

Carin Leon's Past Events71 Events

  • Carin Leon at The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater

    Carin Leon, Reik, Tainy, Elena Rose, Silvana Estrada
    The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater
    USA, Miami Beach
    Hall2.5K - 5K
  • Carin Leon at Spectrum Center

    Carin Leon
    Spectrum Center
    USA, Charlotte
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Carin Leon at CFG Bank Arena

    Carin Leon
    CFG Bank Arena
    USA, Baltimore
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Carin Leon at Prudential Center

    Carin Leon
    Prudential Center
    USA, Newark
    Hall10K - 30K
  • Carin Leon at TD Garden

    Carin Leon
    TD Garden
    USA, Boston
    Hall10K - 30K

More about Carin Leon

Overview of Regional Mexican Music musician Carin Leon

Carin Leon is a well-known musician in the Latin and regional Mexican music scenes and is from the Mexican city of Hermosillo. He has won over many followers all over the world with his heartfelt songs and fervent performances.

Leon's music is influenced by traditional Mexican music and combines it with contemporary elements to produce a distinctive sound that is both nostalgic and upbeat. One of the most sought-after performers in the business, his emotive delivery and powerful voice leave an impression on his listeners.

Leon is a talented artist who possesses a natural ability to connect with listeners and share his message via song. His songs are a reflection of his experiences in life and are rife with genuine feeling and sentiment. He inspires and uplifts his audience with every performance by taking them on a journey through his music.

Finally, it should be noted that Carin Leon is a gifted musician who has had a big influence on the Latin and Regional Mexican Music scenes. He has won the hearts of his fans and continues to move audiences all around the world with his distinctive style and moving performances.

What are the most popular songs for Regional Mexican Music musician Carin Leon?

With his distinctive fusion of traditional and modern sounds, Carin Leon, a native of Hermosillo, Mexico, has been creating waves in the Latin and regional Mexican music scene. Two of his best songs are "Me La Avente," a sultry ballad that highlights Carin's vocal prowess, and "El Toxico," a snappy cumbia piece with a vibrant tempo that will get you dancing.

Other notable songs by Carin Leon include "Tu - Live," a stirring live rendition of one of his most well-known songs, and "Que Vuelvas," which has a powerful beat and addictive chorus. With its sombre melody and moving lyrics, "No Es Por Aca" is another standout track, and "Como Lo Hice Yo" is a lively, energetic song that's ideal for a night out.

"El Amor De Tu Vida" is a sentimental song that is sure to touch listeners' hearts, while "Quisiera Saber" is a harrowing ballad that displays Carin's inner depth. With its upbeat pace and catchy melody, "La Farsante" is another memorable track, while "Llorar y Llorar - con Carin Leon" is a dynamic duet that demonstrates Carin's range as a performer.

Overall, anyone who enjoys Latin and regional Mexican music should listen to Carin Leon's songs. He is certain to continue creating waves in the music industry for years to come with his distinctive fusion of traditional and modern sounds.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Regional Mexican Music musician Carin Leon?

With his most recent song releases, Carin Leon, a regional Mexican music artist from Hermosillo, Mexico, has been winning over fans. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of his most recent album, "Colmillo De Leche," which is scheduled for 2023. The album is anticipated to highlight Carin's diverse musical taste and skill with words.

Fans are already buzzing about Carin's most recent tracks, "Me Haces Tan Bien," "Primera Cita," "Mil Maneras De Morir," and "Pedazo De Tonto," which are all scheduled to be released in 2023. The songs are guaranteed to quickly become favorites of the listeners because to their appealing beats and relatable lyrics. These most recent albums by Carin continue her tradition of being real and relatable music.

Carin has also published a live CD, "Cura Local (En Vivo)" in 2022, in addition to his forthcoming album and singles. Some of Carin's most well-known songs, played live in front of a supportive audience, can be found on the album. Fans must listen to the CD because it perfectly conveys the emotion and fervor of Carin's live performances.

Overall, Carin Leon's most recent musical offerings continue to dazzle. He has won over fans of regional Mexican music with his own style and relevant lyrics. We are eager to hear more from him in the future after listening to his most recent album and singles, which are destined to be hits.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Regional Mexican Music musician Carin Leon?

Carin Leon, a musician who specializes in regional Mexican music from Hermosillo, Mexico, is well-known in the Latin music community. Carin Leon has entertained crowds at a variety of events and festivals, mesmerizing them with his performances. Top festivals Carin Leon has performed at include Vive Latino and Tecate Pa'l Norte. Carin Leon has found that these festivals are the ideal venue for him to interact with his audience and display his talent.

In addition to these festivals, Carin Leon has played at prestigious locations like the Kia Forum, Staples Center, Golden 1 Center, Auditorio Nacional, and Auditorio Telmex. Fans have been singing along to Carin Leon's great songs during each of his thrilling performances at these locations.

At the Vive Latino festival, Carin Leon gave one of his most unforgettable performances, stunningly performing his classic song "Me La Avente." The enticing beats of the song had the audience up on their feet dancing and singing. Another noteworthy performance was by Carin Leon at the Auditorio Nacional, where he sang his well-known song "Tu," captivating the audience with his passionate voice.

In conclusion, Carin Leon's spectacular performances at prestigious venues and festivals have irrevocably shaped the Latin music landscape. Carin Leon continues to provide heartfelt performances that leave his fans clamoring for more, and his admirers eagerly anticipate his forthcoming concerts.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Regional Mexican Music musician Carin Leon?

Several musicians in the Latin and regional Mexican music scenes have worked with Carin Leon. The songs "El Toxico" with Grupo Firme, "Que Vuelvas" with Grupo Frontera, "Como Lo Hice Yo" with Matisse, "El Amor De Tu Vida" with Conjunto Primavera, and "Llorar y Llorar" with Mau y Ricky are just a few examples of the notable collaborations.

With Grupo Firme, Carin Leon has worked on some of her most major projects, including "El Toxico." Both artists' individual sounds are present in the song, including Grupo Firme's brass-heavy music and Leon's distinctive voice. Fans of both musicians have enjoyed "El Toxico," which has made Leon a rising star in the regional Mexican music scene.

"Llorar y Llorar" with Mau y Ricky is another noteworthy project. Leon's strong vocals are featured on the song, which is a remake of Los Angeles Negros' timeless ballad with contemporary pop sensibilities from Mau y Ricky. The resulting song, a modern spin on a time-honored classic, has helped Leon gain recognition outside of the realm of regional Mexican music.

Carin Leon has worked with various musicians to broaden her audience and present her distinctive vocal abilities. Leon is developing as an artist and pushing the limits of the Regional Mexican Music subgenre with every new partnership.

What do people also ask about Regional Mexican Music musician Carin Leon?

Why is Carin Leon famous?

Carin Leon is well-known for being the principal songwriter, guitarist, and producer of Grupo Arranke, a popular Mexican regional band. She also has storytelling prowess and musical talent. He writes songs professionally for other musicians.

How old is Carin Leon?

33 years (July 26, 1989)

What nationality is Carin Leon?


Who is Carin Leon signed to?

Tamarindo Rekordsz

What is Leon Ferrari famous for?

Leon Ferrari is renowned for his works of art that criticize the Church, the imperialist west, and the Argentine government.

What is Carin Leons real name?

Óscar Armando Díaz de León Huez

How old is pinky leon?

About 71 years (1952).

Where is Carin Leon born?

Hermosillo, Mexico

What song made Carin Leon famous?

"Arguably his most famous song, “El Tóxico”."

What genre is Carin Leon?

Regional Mexican.

How many kids does Carin Leon have?

Carin León has two children.

What are some interesting facts about Carin Leon?

Leon, the famed lead singer of Grupo Arranke, was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. He joined with Tamarindo Rekords and began his solo career in 2018. When a music video he put on social media became viral, that was his big break.

What color is Leon's hair?

Leon's hair color is dirty blonde, as confirmed in recent entries in the Resident Evil franchise.

When did Carin Leon become famous?

As a founding member, singer, and songwriter of Grupo Arranke, a Mexican and American chart-topping success story, Carin Leon rose to fame in 2010. His band's popularity also extended to his solo career.

How much does Carin Leon charge?

Typically, Carin Leon tickets can be found for as low as $85.00, with an average price of $105.00.

What does Carin Leon play?

Carin Leon is a Mexican regional music singer, composer and guitarist.

Who is Carin Leon's manager?

Carin Leon joined to Tamarindo Rekordsz, the independent record company run by his manager Javier "El Tamarindo" Gonzalez, to assist establish his solo career.

How tall is Karim Leon?

1.78 m