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Bennett's Top Spotify Songs

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Vois sur ton chemin - Techno Mix
13.5M streams
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Mission One
149.2K streams
Artist Name
Faster And Faster
110K streams
Artist Name
Amphetamin - Remix
66.6K streams
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Streams last week
Streams last week
Streams last week

Bennett's YouTube Videos

BENNETT - Vois sur ton chemin (Techno Mix) [Official Audio]
Aug 03, 2023
BENNETT - Vois sur ton chemin (Techno Mix) [Official Visualizer]
Aug 06, 2023

Panic! at the Disco - House of Memories (Bennett Remix)


Panic! at the Disco - House of Memories (Bennett Remix)
May 04, 2022

Bennett's Chart Ranks

Past 12 Months

Events2 Events

Nature One
, HasselbachN/A N/A
Electric City
, KoblenzN/A N/A

Bennett's Past Events2 Events

  • Nature One festival

    Topic, Bennett, Charlotte de Witte, NERVO, Paul van Dyk, Claptone, Alle Farben, Amelie Lens, ÖWNBOSS, Lilly Palmer, Angerfist, AVAION, Harris & Ford, Sara Landry, Borgore, Tchami, Neelix, Sander van Doorn, Moguai, Toby Romeo, OGUZ, Koven, Deadly Guns, Tube & Berger, N-Vitral, Trym, Monkey Safari, Mark Dekoda, AniMe, Sven Väth, Alignment, DJ Mad Dog, AKA AKA, Pan-Pot, Charlie Sparks, Hysta, Niels van Gogh, Klanglos, Ian van Dahl, Super Flu, Shlømo, Re-Style, Lovra, Westbam/ML, Sub Sonik, Alex M.O.R.P.H., DJ Quicksilver, Refuzion, Lorenzo Raganzini, PETER PAHN, Talla 2XLC, Holy Goof, Township Rebellion, Carv, Dominik Eulberg, Xander, Cryogenic, Furyan, Pappenheimer, Klaudia Gawlas, Symphonix (Montagu & Golkonda), Mausio, Matthias Tanzmann, Dr. Rude, Never Surrender, Gregor Tresher, Tha Watcher, BRANDON, Allen Watts, Fabian Farell, Primeshock, Ben Dust, AnD, Ecstatic, Black Circle, Audiofreq, Juliet Sikora, Nosferatu, Maarten de Jong, Sutura, Voicians, Jay Reeve, Vendex, Charly Lownoise, Elite Enemy, LARI LUKE, Noel Holler, Dominik Saltevski, D72, Juliëx, Bonzai All Stars, Tini Gessler, Mr. Bassmeister, Teknoclash, LOST IDENTITY, DROPiXX, Marc van Linden, liquidfive, Mario Più, Ralphie B, JNXD, Zeuz, Tom Wax, Scot Project, GLDY LX, Torsten Kanzler, Rene Ablaze, Drumcomplex, Tham, Woody van Eyden, Flymeon, Basti M, Paolo Ferrara, Gridkiller, Tom Franke, KENLO & SCAFFA, Caravel, SHDW & Obscure Shape, Sebastian Groth, ACINA, Lucas Butler, Bassbrain, TerrorClown, Andreas Kraemer, Broken Element, Frank Sonic, Gourski, Max Lean, Solstice, Bass-D, Catscan, Kerstin Eden, Steve Shaden, Inpulsa, Miss Djax, Day-Mar, ChrizzD., P.A.C.O., Jaycut, Dominique Lamee, Lab-E, Alex Breitling, Crotekk, DeGuzman, Jon Void, Makla, Scove, Noneoftheabove, ASTEROID, Unfused, Frank Waanders, Dumonde, Akira, Brian Brainstorm, MILAN MILANO, Ave, Veyla, DJ Dag, DJ Falk, DJ HTTPS, Alexia K., Luis Martinez, James Cottle, Emphaser, Jens Mueller, Ian Crank, Dan Lee, Timo Mandl, Bluefire, Adi Dassler, DEVN6, Tensor & Re-Direction, Sandra Romina, Oliver Magenta, Ron with Leeds, Defex, ÜBERKIKZ, Alex Lauthals, Wanja TekkFreakz, Sakin Bozkurt a.k.a DJ Sakin, DJ Hildegard, ALLTAG, Mario Angelo, Frank Klassen, Lynel, Masters Of Noise, Ed Lynam, Cyre, Klang der Nacht, Cassa Cristano, TEXTASY, Necmi, Lexxy Chainz, Ruff Limits, Philipp Ruhmhardt, Josh Yob., Ly Da Buddah, JESSEE, Franky B., D'Vision, DJ Anneli, Sorgenkint, Epic Aggressive, Mechanic Freakz, Alleviate, Unterberg, Feed the Fire, Tiko (DE), NOVAH, DJ Maniac, Alicia Hahn, Sonix The Headshock, Toyax, Mantraa., Timm Schirmer, Patara, Autodrive, Marie Bloomfield, Chris Nitro, Criz Rock, Mario Daić, Eric SSL, Dirty Basscore, Rebko, 2 Electronic Souls, DJ FU, Marathi, Tony Mess, TMPR, ADEM, Tomekk, Luca&Lukas, Freaqheadz, Flobu, D'Jester, Nico Jansen, Bernhard Groeger, Eric Wishes, The Motordogs, NEO, John Meva, Sven AlauXen, Jonas Rech, Enaly, Kate Logne, SIPHLEX, Luumica, Tscherboo, Pascal Rueck, Djane Simoné, Moulder, Lyne, Twenty4Hour, Mimalogic, DISI & BLACK, Dj.Sciu, Nitrax, Paytric, Babor, TroubaMix, HairCutter, Hotte, Unmasked Fury, NICO RUSH, Man at arms, Madness M, Hystio, LNTX, Doctor-Verleihnix, Phenikz, Frank Duxxx, Re:Frame, DJ Corehead, Patrick Agricultor, Mvchacho, Sixten, LXD, Emphases, Wavestorm, Dj Joyrider, LAETI, D.KiXX, Lackla, Marc Wall.E, DJ Fabs, Cruel Activity, DJ Dominik Diel, Montee
    DEU, Hasselbach
  • Electric City festival

    Bennett, Hysta, Klanglos, Super Flu, Lovra, Plastik Funk, Bass Modulators, Talla 2XLC, Broken Minds, Dr. Rude, BRANDON, Deetox, HOLY PRIEST, D-Ceptor, Tom Wax, Drumcomplex, NAMARA, Shadym, TESFY, Nick Novity, Quitara, Tensor & Re-Direction, GSB, DJ Raoul, Evolution, Babor, the Czap, Mok, Patrick Agricultor, Bluehouse
    DEU, Koblenz

Bennett's Beatport Songs

Artist Name
Vois sur ton chemin (Extended Techno Mix)
Released on Aug 04, 2023
Artist Name
Faster And Faster (Original Mix)
Released on Nov 12, 2021

Vois sur ton chemin (Extended Techno Mix)


More about Bennett

Overview of Dance musician Bennett

Bennett is a German electronic music performer who has had a big impact on the dance music world. Bennett's music, which primarily consists of electronic music with a dance-related subgenre, has grabbed listeners with its contagious beats and electric energy.

Dance music's rhythmic and melodic aspects are masterfully combined with elements of electronic music in Bennett's music to produce an original and engrossing aural experience. His songs have a remarkable grasp of complex sound design, fluid changes, and pulsing basslines that readily entice listeners to hit the dance floor.

Bennett's soundscapes are expressive and passionate, and he can elicit a variety of feelings from his listeners. His music transports listeners on an exhilarating aural trip that leaves them wanting more, from euphoric melodies to heart-pounding drops.

Bennett's expertise resides not just in his propensity for making catchy songs but also in his ability to construct rich, dynamic arrangements. His music skillfully blends many components and textures to create a lush and varied sound environment that captivates listeners.

Finally, Bennett's distinct fusion of electronic and dance music has cemented his status as a leading figure in the business. He keeps breaking barriers and enthralling audiences all over the world with his engaging compositions and thrilling sound.

What are the most popular songs for Dance musician Bennett?

Bennett, a German electronic and dance music artist, has become well-known for songs like "Mission One" and "Faster And Faster." These songs highlight Bennett's ability to produce catchy melodies and rhythms. With its throbbing rhythm and seductive synths, "Mission One" transports listeners on a musical voyage. The high-energy vibrations of "Faster And Faster" on the other hand get people dancing.

Bennett has a catalog of other well-known songs that have drawn the interest of fans of electronic music in addition to these notable songs. Although the styles and tempos of these songs may differ, they all feature Bennett's distinctive brand of imagination and originality. Each of Bennett's works features an unmistakable groove, complex production, and memorable hooks.

Bennett's music has connected with listeners all around the world, gaining him a devoted following and notoriety in the electronic music field. His reputation as a gifted and well-respected performer has been cemented by his capacity to produce contagious songs that cut across boundaries. Bennett's music is certain to be an enthralling experience, whether you're a fan of electronic music or just seeking for tracks to get your body moving.

Bennett keeps making waves in the electronic and dance music scenes, with songs like "Mission One" and "Faster And Faster" setting the bar. He has captured listeners' attention with his distinctive style and contagious beats, earning him a well-deserved spot among the most well-known electronic music artists in Germany and worldwide. So go ahead, crank up the volume, and let Bennett's music whisk you away on a melodic adventure.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Dance musician Bennett?

German electronic and dance music musician Bennett has gained popularity with his most recent works. His music is the ideal blend of catchy melodies and contagious beats that will have you moving on the dance floor.

"Mission One (2022)" is one of Bennett's most recent hits. This song is an upbeat anthem that displays his own style and producing abilities. The crowd-pleasing track "Mission One" will launch any party with its throbbing basslines and appealing melodies.

Bennett's remix of "Amphetamin (Remix) (2022)" is another recent single. The original music is elevated by this remix, which also includes new components and an upbeat vibe that will keep you dancing all night. This CD showcases Bennett's meticulous attention to detail and capacity to produce contagious remixes.

Bennett also made "Faster And Faster (2021)" available, a song that exemplifies his distinctive sound, in addition to these songs. "Faster And Faster" is a testament to Bennett's artistry and brilliance with its frantic rhythms and ecstatic melodies.

Bennett keeps pushing the limits of Electronic and Dance music with each new album, entrancing audiences with his contagious beats and creative production. His most recent singles are proof of his capacity to write songs that connect with listeners and keep them coming back for more.

Finally, Bennett's most recent tracks, such as "Mission One (2022)," "Amphetamin (Remix) (2022)," and "Faster And Faster (2021)," exhibit his distinctive aesthetic and musical prowess as a dance and electronic music artist. Bennett has established himself in the music business with his contagious beats and enthralling melodies, and he keeps on making music that entertains and engages listeners.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Dance musician Bennett?

German electronic dance music artist Bennett has performed at a number of notable venues and events over the course of their career. Two of their noteworthy performances are Nature One and Electric City. Bennett performed an explosive set at Nature One that had the audience pulsing with excitement. Bennett produced an immersive experience that made an impression on the crowd with their distinctive fusion of contagious beats and alluring songs. Another high point in Bennett's career was Electric City, where they enthralled the audience with imaginative soundscapes and fluid transitions. Bennett found the event to be the ideal venue for showcasing their abilities and meeting music fans from all over the world.

Bennett has carried their music to numerous additional venues and festivals in addition to these top festivals, leaving a mark wherever they go. They have received praise for their performances at prestigious clubs like Berlin's Berghain and Munich's MMA Club, where Bennett's music is said to take on a whole new level in the intimate atmosphere. Bennett's position as a must-see artist in the electronic music world has been further cemented by festival appearances at events like ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) and Sonar in Barcelona.

Their appearances at various places and events have been made particularly unforgettable by Bennett's ability to enthrall listeners and create an immersive musical journey. Bennett continues to push boundaries and enthrall fans all around the world with their distinctive sound and tremendous talent, confirming their status as a major player in the Electronic Dance music field.