Asala Yousef

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Asala Yousef

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Arabic PopArabic Folk

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Arabic Pop
Arabic Folk

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Artist's pick+211k

أصالة يوسف 2018 - ردي شعراتك

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Yaba Yaba Lah


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Artist's pick+852k

أصالة يوسف 2018 - ردي شعراتك


Artist's pick+262k

أصاله يوسف - ليش تضربني؟! - 2019

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Artist's pick16M

أصالة يوسف 2018 - ردي شعراتك

Top tracks

  • 01

    Yaba Yaba Lah

  • 02

    Lazra'lak Bostan Werood

  • 03

    Wah Eani

  • 04

    Dabke W Dabyka

  • 05

    Tkmkesh Hatab

  • 06

    Bent Thalth Sneen

  • 07

    מלכת הלבבות

  • 08

    Wa Aayni

  • 09

    Khamas Sabayia

  • 10

    חייל משמר הגבול

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