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Afrohouse Dj

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Dame Lo Que Necesito
10.9K streams
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Twilight Zone Ay
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Go Wild
1.2K streams
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Piña Colada
584 streams
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La Isla - AfroHouse DJ Remix

DJ Goozo, Massianello, Afrohouse Dj
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, Bello500 - 1200 Club

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    Andres Zandú, Christian Greg, Afrohouse Dj, Felipe Restrepo DJ, Dj Melvin
    La Ksa House
    COL, Bello
    Club500 - 1.2K

Afrohouse Dj's Beatport Songs

Artist Name
La Isla (AfroHouse DJ Remix)
Released on Jan 18, 2019
Artist Name
La Isla (Afro House Dj Remix)
Released on Feb 21, 2020
Artist Name
El Acordionero (Original Mix)
Released on Nov 22, 2018

El Acordionero (Original Mix)

Afrohouse Dj

More about Afrohouse Dj

Overview of Dance musician Afrohouse Dj

This electronic and dance musician, who is from Pereira, Colombia, has been creating waves in the Afrohouse genre. Their distinctive sound is a combination of classic rhythms and contemporary beats, reflecting a deep-seated enthusiasm for music. Their music combines the best of both worlds to produce a compelling and exciting sound.

As an Afrohouse DJ, they have developed a reputation for their capacity to engage with crowds and produce electrifying, life-changing atmospheres. Their performances take listeners on an exhilarating and immersive journey through sound. They have developed a mastery of their art and a deep sense of rhythm and melody, producing music that is both fresh and classic.

This Colombian musician is a true original in a field where electronic music is continuously changing. Their talent is apparent, and their enthusiasm for music is contagious. They continue to push the limits of what is conceivable on the dance floor and in the studio, making music that is upbeat and inspirational. They continue to establish themselves as a major influence in the Afrohouse scene with each new release.

What are the most popular songs for Dance musician Afrohouse Dj?

Some of the most well-known Electronic and Dance songs were created by the Afrohouse DJ from Pereira, Colombia. An Ay and collaboration titled "Twilight Zone" has been popular at events and clubs all around the world. It's a popular among the crowd because of the upbeat pace and catchy tune. Another well-liked song by the DJ is "Dame Lo Que Necesito," which is ideal for dancing due to its fast tempo and pulsing beat.

The Afrohouse DJ's other favorite song is "Pina Colada - Extended." The tempo of this song is entrancing and will have the listener moving. The DJ's expert blending of electronic and house music components results in a distinctive and captivating sound. With its Latin-inspired sounds and memorable hooks, "Afrodita" is another well-liked song.

The energetic song "Go Wild" is ideal for any party or dance occasion. The song is a wonderful choice for getting the crowd moving because of its quick tempo and strong beat. The more relaxed track "Sweet Melody" displays the DJ's variety of musical genres. The song's soothing sounds and lyrical melody make for a comfortable listening experience.

The Afrohouse DJ's other well-known songs include "Gracias a la Vida," "Big Time," and "Delicado." Although every song has an own sound and beat, they all have the DJ's special blend of electronic and house music elements. The Afrohouse DJ has established himself as one of the most exciting Electronic and Dance music artists in the world thanks to these well-known songs.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Dance musician Afrohouse Dj?

In 2022, Colombia's Pereira-based Afrohouse Dj has been keeping busy by producing new tracks. He recently released the tracks "Pina Colada," "Sweet Melody," "Go Wild," and "Gracias a la Vida." His distinctive style of fusing Afro-house rhythms with electronic beats and catchy melodies is evident in the tracks.

The upbeat song "Pina Colada" has a throbbing rhythm and beats with a tropical feel. The song has already drawn a lot of attention from fans of electronic dance music and is excellent for kicking off a party. The more laid-back track "Sweet Melody" features a haunting vocal sample and a dreamlike setting. The song is a stunning illustration of Afrohouse Dj's talent for making danceable and evocative music.

The upbeat song "Go Wild" has a strong beat and contagious vocal samples. The song is excellent for a dance floor and has already received a ton of support from DJs all over the world. Last but not least, "Gracias a la Vida" is a lovely ode to life with upbeat music and an encouraging message. The song is the ideal illustration of how Afrohouse Dj can make music that is both entertaining and meaningful.

Overall, Afrohouse Dj's most recent singles demonstrate his distinct fusion of electronic sounds with Afro-house rhythms. These songs will appeal to fans of electronic dance music and are guaranteed to get people on the dance floor.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Dance musician Afrohouse Dj?

Throughout his career, the Pereira, Colombia-born Afrohouse DJ has given various noteworthy performances, some more important than others. One of the most well-known places where he has performed is La Ksa House, a well-liked club that plays a blend of electronic and dance music. Additionally, he has performed abroad and at various locations in Colombia.

At the Tribal Gathering Festival in Panama, Afrohouse DJ made one of his most significant festival appearances. He may connect with other musicians in the electronic music industry and present his work to a larger audience at this festival. At the Zandari Festa in Seoul, South Korea, where he performed among other international artists, he made another significant festival appearance.

Throughout his career, Afrohouse DJ has also performed at numerous other locations and festivals, including as the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain, and the Sundance Festival in Ecuador. He has been able to connect with various audiences through these appearances while also showcasing his own sound.

Overall, Afrohouse DJ has become recognized as a respected musician in the electronic and dance music scenes because to his performances and festival appearances. He is a notable performer in the business thanks to his commitment to his profession and his talent for relating to audiences from many racial and cultural backgrounds.