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Abuela Coca

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El ritmo del barrio
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Se duerme otra vez
3K streams
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Asesinos son
1.8K streams
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1.6K streams
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Se Duerme
1.1K streams
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El Ritmo del Barrio

Abuela Coca
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Abuela Coca - Se Duerme Otra Vez ft. Socio (DVD 2018)

Abuela Coca

Abuela Coca - Se Duerme Otra Vez ft. Socio (DVD 2018)
Mar 11, 2018


Abuela Coca

Apr 07, 2014
ABUELA COCA - El Ritmo del Barrio (Autores En Vivo)
Apr 03, 2014

Events1 Event

Cosquin Rock Uruguay 2018 (06.10. - 07.10.) at Landia, Centro de Espectáculos Parque Roosevelt
, Canelones2500 - 5000 Public / Outdoor

Abuela Coca's Past Events1 Event

  • Cosquin Rock Uruguay 2018 (06.10. - 07.10.) at Landia, Centro de Espectáculos Parque Roosevelt

    Os Paralamas Do Sucesso, Las Pastillas del Abuelo, Ska-P, Las Pelotas, BOOMERANG, Francisco el Hombre, La 25, Miss Bolivia, El Bordo, Agarrate Catalina, Cuatro Pesos de Propina, Once Tiros, Trotsky Vengarán, La Triple Nelson, Tabaré Cardozo, La Bomba de Tiempo, De la Gran Piñata, Julieta Rada, Dostrescinco, La Tabaré, Milongas Extremas, Abuela Coca, La Chancha, Alfonsina, El Club de Tobi, Dinamita & La Swing Factory, Delirium X Tremens, Buitres
    Landia, Centro de Espectáculos Parque Roosevelt
    URY, Canelones
    Public / Outdoor2.5K - 5K

More about Abuela Coca

Overview of Latin Pop musician Abuela Coca

Abuela Coca is a mesmerizing pop performer from Uruguay's Montevideo. Pop and Latin pop are combined in her work, exhibiting her distinct sound and aesthetic. Abuela Coca is a well-liked figure in the pop music industry due to her ability to captivate her audience with her passionate voice and expressive tone.

The music of Abuela Coca is evidence of her dedication to writing songs that connect with her audience. Her songs have the ideal blend of memorable melodies and relevant words, making it simple for her listeners to relate to her on a personal level. It's impossible not to feel inspired after listening to her music because it celebrates life, love, and everything in between.

In summary, Abuela Coca is a gifted pop performer whose songs represent her distinct sound and aesthetic. She is a well-liked character in the pop music industry since her music celebrates life and love. She has gained recognition as one of the most fascinating pop musicians of our day thanks to her passionate voice and expressive tone, which have enthralled audiences all over the world.

What are the most popular songs for Latin Pop musician Abuela Coca?

The Uruguayan pop and Latin pop performer Abuela Coca has a number of well-known songs that are loved by many. "El ritmo del barrio," a vivacious and uplifting song with a catchy beat and witty lyrics, is one of the most well-known tracks. "Asesinos son," a more reflective and depressing song that demonstrates Abuela Coca's versatility as a performer, is another fan favorite. Another well-known song with a Latin and pop fusion, "Templo," is a smash with followers of both genres.

Abuela Coca's music is renowned for its sincerity and unfiltered emotion, with songs like "Santa soledad" and "El Artesano" demonstrating the musician's capacity to convey strong emotions through sound. Another well-known song featuring strong vocals by Abuela Coca and a melody that sticks with listeners long after the song has ended is "A eso voy."

The songs "Walking" and "Se Duerme otra vez" are two more that have become favorites among Abuela Coca followers. Both songs have a more relaxed feel, with "Walking" displaying the musician's aptitude for fusing rock elements into her music. Overall, Abuela Coca's music is a distinctive fusion of pop and Latin rhythms that demonstrates the singer's versatility as a musician and her capacity to elicit strong emotional responses from listeners.

What are the latest songs and music albums for Latin Pop musician Abuela Coca?

The Latin Pop band Abuela Coca, from Montevideo, Uruguay, has gained popularity with their most recent album, "25 Anos (En Vivo) (2018)." Some of their most well-known songs, like "Mala Herencia (En Vivo) (2018)" and "Patotero Silencioso (En Vivo) (2018)," are captured live on the CD. Fans of Latin Pop music must listen to it because each track exhibits the band's upbeat and colorful performance.

A number of singles were also released by Abuela Coca throughout 2018 in addition to their most recent album. The songs "Cabeza de Parlante (2018)," "A Eso Voy (2018)," and "Patotero Silencioso (En Vivo) (2018)" all exhibit the band's distinctive sound and aesthetic. These tunes have addictive rhythms and appealing beats that are likely to have fans dancing.

Fans of Abuela Coca should also check out their earlier albums, "20 Anos (2011)" and "En Vivo (2015)". The songs "La Casa del Sol Naciente" and "La Llorona" from these albums are among the group's most well-known. Abuela Coca has built a reputation as one of the most vibrant and dynamic Latin Pop bands in the business over the course of their more than 20-year history.

Overall, Abuela Coca's most recent album and singles are evidence of their musical talent and love. The band keeps pushing limits with each song, producing unique and compelling music that will capture listeners all over the world.

Which are the most important music performances and festival appearances for Latin Pop musician Abuela Coca?

The Uruguayan pop and latin pop sensation Abuela Coca has made notable musical appearances at a number of festivals over the course of her successful career. Landia and the Centro de Espectaculos Parque Roosevelt are a couple of her favorite places.

Abuela Coca performed at Landia in front of tens of thousands of loving spectators. She sang a number of her most well-known songs, such as "La Llamada," "Mala Yerba," and "El Ritmo del Barrio." Her deep voice and dynamic stage presence charmed the audience. Abuela Coca made a strong effect on everyone in attendance, and the event was a big success.

At the Centro de Espectaculos Parque Roosevelt, Abuela Coca gave another noteworthy performance. Here, she captivated the crowd with her enthralling renditions of "El Diablo en Tu Corazon" and "La Cumbia del Diablo." Everyone was singing and dancing to her music, which helped to create a fun environment that persisted all night.

Over the years, Abuela Coca has also performed at a number of festivals, including the Latin Grammy Awards, the Festival Internacional de la Cancion de Punta del Este in Uruguay, and the Festival de la Cancion de Vina del Mar in Chile. She has a devoted following both in Uruguay and all over the world because to her energetic performances and memorable songs.

Abuela Coca has consistently delivered outstanding musical performances and festival appearances. Her talents continue to stand out in every performance she does, and she has repeatedly shown that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music business.

Which are the most important collaborations with other musicians for Latin Pop musician Abuela Coca?

The Uruguayan Pop and Latin Pop musician Abuela Coca has worked with other professionals on a number of occasions. 'El Artesano - En Vivo' with Monica Navarro, 'El Remix del Barrio' with Ariel Perazzoli, and 'Walking - Remix' with Fernando Picon are a few examples of these collaborations.

Abuela Coca and Monica Navarro team up to create the vibrant and energizing single "El Artesano - En Vivo." The track combines acoustic and electronic elements, and Navarro's voice and Abuela Coca's distinctive vocals mesh beautifully. Abuela Coca's ability to collaborate with different musicians to produce a track that stands out in the Latin Pop genre is demonstrated by this project.

With the help of Ariel Perazzoli, Abuela Coca adds a more urban flavor to her song "El Remix del Barrio." The remix creates a catchy and danceable track by fusing traditional Latin rhythms with electronic and hip-hop beats. Abuela Coca's partnership with Perazzoli serves as a showcase for her ability to work in a variety of artistic styles and genres.

Abuela Coca and Fernando Picon collaborate to remake their hit song "Walking" in "Walking - Remix." The song has a more electronic vibe, and Picon gives it his own special touch. Abuela Coca's ability to collaborate with various musicians to produce a novel and distinctive sound while adhering to her Latin Pop heritage is demonstrated by the project.

Abuela Coca has worked with Monica Navarro, Ariel Perazzoli, and Fernando Picon, and these projects have helped to highlight her versatility as a musician and her capacity to make danceable music that is also catchy. Abuela Coca has become recognized as one of the best Latin Pop musicians in the business thanks to these collaborations.