Dynamic mobile apps
for music festivals

The Viberate Festival app platform is a simple and easy-to-use service that lets you build a native mobile app for your festival with only a few clicks. Your new app then will becomes your main communication channel and a central hub for every piece of information your festival has to offer.

We got you covered!

Building your own festival app has never been easier, faster and cheaper. By utilizing Viberate'smassive festival database, we can automatically sync all of your basic info, line-up with enriched artist profiles, photo gallery, and your social media content.

  • All the festival info in one place

    Lineups, running orders, photo galleries, venue maps, activities, ticket links, chat. You name it, we’ve got it.

  • Content management made simple

    Manage content through your Viberate profile and use our automated daily data synch feature.

  • Efficient communication

    Mobile apps have become one of the most important channels for keeping up to date with your target group. Take advantage of targeted or general push notifications and interact with your fans through a built-in chat.

  • Virality features

    Built-in viral components incentivize users to invite their friends on a festival, which generates word-of-mouth and can get the ball rolling.

Lineup & timetable

The essence of any festival

Lineup and timetable are the heart and soul of each festival. Allow your fans to easily browse through automatically synced content, rich artist profiles and the lineup by date, stage and play times. Fans have the ability to create a personalized schedule based on their taste and receive push notifications when their favorite artists take the stage.

All I need to know about a festival


Experience more

Long gone are the days when festivals were only about music. Nowadays workshops, culinary offers, and other engaging activities is what makes your festival stand out from the crowd. With this in mind,we've dedicated an entire section to the promotion of your experiences.


Push notifications

Stay in the loop

Utilize our push engine to announce giveaways, early bird offers, promote experiences or just keep your fans informed about major schedule changes. With a 90% open rate, push notifications dominate the communication segment with the added value of being completely free.


There’s more under the hood…

  • Accommodations

    Let your fans plan their stay ahead with accommodation section with all of the available capacities from services like Airbnb and Booking.com


    A unique direct communication tool that offers fans and organizers an opportunity to answer questions, post special offers or organize sweepstakes.

    Offline mode

    The app periodically caches vital information in case a device loses connection.

  • Merch

    Sell your merch through an additional outlet. Goods are presented in a standard e-commerce fashion with buy links leading to your website.


    Upload your customized map image so your fans will always know the layout and all the important POIs of your festival.


    Showcase amenities your festival has to offer to meet fan expectations when it comes to covering basic necessities and specific needs.

  • Social media

    Let us automatically refresh all the content for you to keep your festival fans always in the loop.


    Memorable highlights from your festival in picture and video. You can upload your own hand-picked content and encourage your fans to post their own on Instagram using the festival hashtag.


    Offer exclusive rewards your fans can get by completing several viral tasks you define.

  • Accommodations

    Let your fans plan their stay ahead by browsing through the accommodation section with feeds from Airbnb and Booking.com


    Talk directly with your fans, answer questions, or simply let them chat with each other.

    Offline mode

    Automatic caching of the important data is extremely helpful for remote festivals and in case the mobile network gets clogged, which happens a lot on bigger events.

  • Merch

    This is an additional channel to promote and sell more of your festival merch. Goods will be presented with buy links leading to your website.


    Upload your customized map so your fans will always know the layout and all the important POIs of your festival.


    Meet fans expectations by showcasing your festival amenities from basic necessities to specific needs.

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