Summer Sonic Tokyo
Summer Sonic Tokyo

Summer Sonic Tokyo

JPN, ChibaLocation
Pop, Electronic, Rock

Most Popular Artists Performing At Summer Sonic Tokyo Over The Years

Billie Eilish

USAPopMainstream Pop
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish
USAMainstream Pop


KORPopAsian Pop
KORAsian Pop

Post Malone

USAHip HopAlternative Hip Hop
Post Malone
Post Malone
USAAlternative Hip Hop

J Balvin

J Balvin
J Balvin



Highlights at Summer Sonic Tokyo 3

City festival
City festival
Chill zone
Chill zone
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Summer Sonic Tokyo Amenities

    Summer Sonic Tokyo Accommodation

    More about Summer Sonic Tokyo

    Overview of Japan based music festival Summer Sonic Tokyo

    Season Sonic One of the most popular pop music events in Japan is Tokyo. Since its inception in 2000, the festival has been enticing music lovers from all around the world. The festival has a renowned list of performers that includes some of the biggest names in the music business.

    The event normally lasts for two days and has various stages where a variety of musical genres, such as pop, rock, hip hop, and electronic, are performed. Some of the largest musical acts, such as Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Foo Fighters, have performed at the festival. The opportunity to see emerging musicians perform is another benefit of Summer Sonic Tokyo, which makes it a great place for music aficionados to find new music. Summer Sonic Tokyo is a must-attend event for every music lover visiting Japan because of its exciting atmosphere and excellent music.

    What is the Summer Sonic Tokyo location and date?

    The Summer Sonic Tokyo Pop Music Festival, which took place in Chiba, Japan, from August 20–21, 2022, left a lasting impression on music fans. A stellar roster of national and international pop stars performed on numerous stages during the festival, leaving the crowd in awe and clamoring for more. Fans sang and danced to the energetic music as captivating lights flooded the festival grounds, filling the air with excitement.

    Chiba, Japan, the site of the festival, provided the ideal environment for music fans to fully immerse themselves in the event and take in the rich culture of Japan. The Summer Sonic Tokyo Pop Music Festival was a spectacular occasion that drew guests from all walks of life together, from the energizing performances to the distinctive cuisines and welcoming locals. Fans are already looking forward to the next installment as the event came to a successful conclusion.

    Which top musicians performed on the Summer Sonic Tokyo lineup?

    The lineup of superstar artists at the 2023 Summer Sonic Tokyo Pop music festival stormed the stage and energized the crowd. BLACKPINK, Billie Eilish, Post Malone, J Balvin, Shawn Mendes, Marshmello, Alan Walker, The Chainsmokers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER were some of the main performers.

    The South Korean girl group BLACKPINK captivated the audience with their vibrant attire, soaring vocals, and captivating dance moves. They played some of their top-charting singles, such as "Kill This Love" and "How You Like That," before a cheering and dancing crowd. Billie Eilish was a remarkable show as well, captivating the crowd with her evocative words and eerie voice. She sang some of her most well-known songs, including "Bad Guy" and "Ocean Eyes," before a cheering crowd.

    Post Malone delivered a high-energy performance of his classics, J Balvin brought his Latin flair to the stage, and Shawn Mendes serenaded the crowd with his deep vocals and guitar playing. Other performers also brought it. Alan Walker and Marshmello delivered their distinctive electronic beats to the festival, and The Chainsmokers got the crowd moving with their catchy pop songs. Finally, TOMORROW X TOGETHER displayed their skills as upcoming K-pop stars while Red Hot Chili Peppers delivered their rock and roll spirit to the festival.

    Overall, music enthusiasts will remember the 2023 Summer Sonic Tokyo Pop music festival as a fantastic event with a stellar roster of top acts that left the audience clamoring for more.

    Where can festival goers purchase Summer Sonic Tokyo tickets?

    Festival goers can visit the official website at to buy tickets for the Summer Sonic Tokyo Pop music festival in Japan. For attendees, the website provides a range of ticket choices and packages, including single-day tickets and VIP passes. Simply choose the preferred ticket choice and finish the online purchasing process.

    Which addtional highlights and amenities define the music festival Summer Sonic Tokyo?

    There is more to Summer Sonic Tokyo than just music. The festival offers a variety of activities for attendees to partake in. The festival's layout, which is in the city, features a family-friendly area where parents can bring their kids for a day of outdoor recreation. Children of all ages can have fun in the zone, which is furnished with a range of games and activities.

    The festival features a calm zone where attendees can escape the excitement of the event in addition to the family-friendly area. In between performances, guests can unwind and unwind in the cool zone. The area is set up with cozy seating options, shaded tents, and a selection of foods and beverages.

    Traditional Japanese cuisine, vegan dishes, and other cuisines from around the world are all available at Summer Sonic Tokyo. Visitors to the festival can also purchase at merchants positioned all over the festival grounds for exclusive souvenirs and goods.

    Summer Sonic Tokyo isn't just a music festival, in general. It offers visitors of all ages a full entertainment experience. Attendees of the event may have a day packed with excitement, relaxation, and enjoyment thanks to the family-friendly area, calm zone, and the variety of food and beverage options.

    What do people also ask about Summer Sonic Tokyo?

    Where is the Summer Sonic venue in 2023?

    ZOZOMarine Stadium & Makuhari Messe.

    What is summer sonic in japan?

    One of the greatest music festivals in Japan, Summer Sonic is held in August in Chiba and Osaka.

    How many people are at Summer Sonic 2023?

    The event recorded attendance of 300,000 people in Tokyo and Osaka.

    How long is summer Sonic?

    Summer Sonic is a two-day rock festival held simultaneously in Tokyo and Osaka.

    How old do you have to be to go to Summer Sonic?

    Summer Sonic Tokyo asks that all visitors under the age of 18 return to their homes or hotels by 23:00.

    Who is the owner of Summer Sonic?

    Naoki Shimizu, CEO, Mr.

    What Kpop groups are performing in Summer Sonic?

    NewJeans, ENHYPEN, and TREASURE are performing in Summer Sonic.

    How many stages are there in Summer Sonic?

    The majority of the Summer Sonic artists have already been released, and the full lineup is now available.

    What is Sonic Mania Summer Sonic?

    The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival Sonic Mania Summer Sonic was started in 2011 and is hosted at Makuhari Messe the day before the main festival.

    Where is Summer Sonic in Osaka?

    The Maishima Sonic Park (Maishima Sports Island) venue for the Summer Sonic performances in Osaka is often reached via an event shuttle bus that departs from Cosmosquare Station.

    Where is Summer Sonic 2023?

    Both Tokyo and Osaka host the rock event Summer Sonic 2023, with performances in Osaka taking place at Maishima Sonic Park (Maishima Sports Island).

    How much is summer Sonic?


    How big is Summer Sonic?

    The event recorded attendance of 300,000 people in Tokyo and Osaka.