Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields

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ESPElectronicTech House
ESPTech House

Bob Moses

Bob Moses
Bob Moses

Eli & Fur

GBRElectronicDeep House
Eli & Fur
Eli & Fur
GBRDeep House

Oliver Koletzki

DEUElectronicDeep House
Oliver Koletzki
Oliver Koletzki
DEUDeep House

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Field festival
Field festival
Chill zone
Chill zone
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    More about Strawberry Fields

    Overview of Australia based music festival Strawberry Fields

    An electronic music festival called Strawberry Fields is held in the tranquil Australian bushland of Tocumwal. It has grown to be a sought-after event for music fans looking for a distinctive, immersive experience since its start in 2009. The festival features both regional and international musicians and presents a wide variety of electronic music genres.

    The festival is well known for its breathtaking natural environment and all-encompassing philosophy, providing a variety of activities like yoga, art displays, and workshops. Strawberry Fields takes pride in its dedication to sustainability, with an emphasis on minimizing waste and encouraging environmental preservation. The festival's ethos is built around community, inclusivity, and innovation, giving up-and-coming performers a stage and encouraging camaraderie among participants. A transforming event that honors the power of music, art, and nature, Strawberry Fields is more than just a music festival.

    What is the Strawberry Fields location and date?

    In the scenic village of Tocumwal, one of Australia's most popular electronic music festivals, Strawberry Fields, will be held from November 17 to 19, 2023. Since its start in 2009, Strawberry Fields has been a yearly destination for music fans thanks to its diversified lineups, breathtaking natural surroundings, and contagious beats.

    With a carefully chosen roster of both local and international performers, immersive art installations, and a range of food and drink options, the festival guarantees a unique experience. Strawberry Fields is the ideal spot to let loose, make new friends, and dance the night away beneath the stars, whether you're an experienced raver or a curious first-timer. So remember to mark your calendars and be ready to enjoy Strawberry Fields' enchantment in 2023!

    Which top musicians performed on the Strawberry Fields lineup?

    Some of the biggest names in the industry have performed at the Australian electronic music festival Strawberry Fields. SHOUSE, Bob Moses, Blond:ish, Hiatus Kaiyote, Oliver Koletzki, Cut Copy, Jayda G, Young Marco, Honey Dijon, and Nicola Cruz were among the festival's finest acts.

    SHOUSE's distinctive fusion of electronic music and live instrumentation enthralled the audience. Bob Moses wowed the crowd at the festival with his soulful vocals and intense beats while bringing their distinctively gloomy and atmospheric atmosphere. Blond:ish's lovely tunes and hypnotic rhythms transported festival goers on a wonderful voyage.

    The audience loved the soulful, jazzy tone that Hiatus Kaiyote created by combining it with techno sounds. The festival-goers danced until the early hours of the morning to Oliver Koletzki's distinctive techno sound, Cut Copy's indie-inspired dance tunes, Jayda G's funky and soulful beats, Young Marco's eclectic mix of house and disco, Honey Dijon's high-energy techno, and Nicola Cruz's Latin-inspired electronica.

    A must-attend event for any fan of electronic music, Strawberry Fields has continually featured some of the top electronic music acts from across the globe.

    Where can festival goers purchase Strawberry Fields tickets?

    The official website of the Australian electronic music festival Strawberry Fields,, is where attendees may buy tickets. The website offers details on the many ticket options, including public admission and VIP passes, as well as the festival's schedule, venue, and other crucial information. Visitors to the festival can conveniently buy their tickets online and reserve a space at this well-attended event.

    Which addtional highlights and amenities define the music festival Strawberry Fields?

    The well-known Australian electronic music festival Strawberry Fields provides attendees with a wide range of extracurricular activities in addition to the music. The lovely area where the event is held serves as the ideal setting for a variety of eco-friendly activities. The opportunity to camp out while taking use of the festival's attractions is one of the festival's highlights.

    Strawberry Fields provides workshops on wellness, permaculture, and sustainability in addition to camping. These sessions are intended to inform and motivate festival attendees to incorporate eco-friendly habits into their daily life. The festival's dedication to sustainability is demonstrated through its green programs, which include the usage of composting restrooms and biodegradable flatware.

    Strawberry Fields also offers sporting facilities like a volleyball court and a soccer field for people looking for an active experience. These facilities enable festival-goers to exercise while taking in the lively ambiance of the event. There are also marketplaces, art exhibits, and a variety of food and beverage options on-site.

    As a whole, Strawberry Fields is an immersive event that provides a variety of eco-friendly activities, workshops, and sporting facilities. It is not just a music festival. These events give festival-goers the chance to interact with the natural world, pick up new skills, and have a meaningful experience that goes beyond the music.

    What do people also ask about Strawberry Fields?

    Where is the Strawberry Fields festival?

    About Strawberry Fields.

    How many days is Strawberry Fields festival?

    17–19 NOVEMBER 2023.

    What is the Strawberry Fields concert in New Zealand?

    The Strawberry Fields music festivals were a run of outdoor gatherings in New Zealand with music as the main draw. They are credited with having a significant impact on the development of rock music festivals in the nation.

    How much is Strawberry Fields festival?

    Tickets for Strawberry Fields range in price from roughly $250 (early bird) to $300 (final release), and include camping and admission from Friday through Monday. Additionally, a car pass costs $30, and Thursday night early access costs an additional $100 per car.

    Why is Strawberry Fields famous?

    John Lennon, who grew up nearby and played in the home's grounds as a child, wrote the Beatles' 1967 single "Strawberry Fields Forever" and the place is well-known because of this connection.

    Where is Strawberry Fields City?

    Between 71st and 74th Streets in Central Park, next to Central Park West, is a living memorial to John Lennon. A 2.5 acre section of Central Park known as Strawberry Fields honors the late Beatle John Lennon, a singer, songwriter, musician, and peace activist.

    How is Strawberry festival celebrated?

    Such events typically involve a procession and a number of community activities, drawing people from all over to take in the scene and the numerous strawberry-based delights.

    What type of music is Strawberry Fields?

    Strawberry Fields Forever.

    Why is it called Strawberry Fields?

    Soon after John Lennon's passing, plans for a memorial to him started to take shape. He and his wife, Yoko Ono, lived across from the Dakota building in a section of Central Park known as Strawberry Fields, and he frequently strolled there.

    What happened at Strawberry Fields?

    Creation. After John Lennon was assassinated in April 1981, a section of grass in Central Park next to the Dakota where Ono spread Lennon's ashes was given the moniker "Strawberry Fields" in his honor.

    Do you have to pay for Strawberry Fields?

    Purchase tickets for Strawberry Fields, including options for events and packages.

    Can you go into Strawberry Fields?

    Visitors can enjoy an interactive exhibition, a cafe, a store, and a garden area at Strawberry Field. It's a terrific spot to unwind and experience the same surroundings that John Lennon did when he was younger.

    Who paid for Strawberry Fields?

    Yoko Ono paid for the landscaping and maintenance of Strawberry Fields.

    Was John Lennon shot in Strawberry Fields?

    Strawberry Fields is located near the Dakota Apartments, where John Lennon was shot.

    Who invented strawberry festival?

    The first-ever Strawberry Festival was started by the former Mayor Hilarion Pawid in 1981.

    What city is the Strawberry Festival in Florida?


    Is the Strawberry Festival going on in Plant City?

    The festival runs March 2-12 at the festival grounds, located at 303 Berryfest Place in Plant City.

    Where is Strawberry Fields festival?

    The Strawberry Fields Festival is situated in Leicestershire's National Forest and is easily reachable from the East and West Midlands' largest cities via the M1 and A42.

    How is Strawberry Festival celebrated?

    Numerous tourists, both domestic and foreign, attend the Strawberry Festival, which includes a variety of activities like a multicultural celebration, a contest for the largest and tastiest strawberry, a competition for best floral arrangement, entertainment, and a fun run.

    Who played at Strawberry Fields?

    The Beatles played at Strawberry Fields.

    Is Strawberry Fields Forever popular?

    The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever," released as a double A-side single to "Penny Lane" on February 1, 1967, peaked at No. 8 on the U.S. charts and is regarded as one of the best pop songs ever composed.

    Can you walk around Strawberry Fields?

    Continue the trip outside into our gardens and take a tranquil stroll through the same area where John Lennon went to hide from the difficulties in his early life.

    How long is the Strawberry festival in Plant City?

    Plant City's Strawberry Festival will last 11 days and nights from March 2 through March 12, 2023.