CAN, MontrealLocation
Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic

Most Popular Artists Performing At Osheaga Over The Years

Billie Eilish

USAPopMainstream Pop
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish
USAMainstream Pop

Dua Lipa

GBRPopMainstream Pop
Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa
GBRMainstream Pop

Post Malone

USAHip HopAlternative Hip Hop
Post Malone
Post Malone
USAAlternative Hip Hop

Travis Scott

USAHip HopContemporary Hip Hop
Travis Scott
Travis Scott
USAContemporary Hip Hop

J Balvin

J Balvin
J Balvin

Highlights at Osheaga 7

Park festival
Park festival
Amusement park
Amusement park
Chill zone
Chill zone
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Osheaga Amenities

    Osheaga Accommodation

    More about Osheaga

    Overview of Canada based music festival Osheaga

    Osheaga is a popular music event that takes place every year in Montreal, Canada. The festival has continuously assembled a broad lineup of elite musicians since it began in 2006, drawing music fans from all around the world. Osheaga has established itself as a mainstay in the Canadian music scene and has a track record of providing outstanding events year after year.

    Osheaga caters to all musical tastes with a variety of stages and musical styles. Hip hop, pop, electronic, and indie rock are just a few of the genres represented at the festival. A dynamic and immersive ambiance is created through Osheaga's inclusion of interactive experiences, food vendors, and art exhibits in addition to music. Tens of thousands of people attend the festival year, solidifying its reputation as a must-attend occasion for music lovers.

    What is the Osheaga location and date?

    Osheaga, a highly anticipated Pop music festival, is scheduled to take place in Montreal, Canada, from August 4 to August 6, 2023. The festival promises an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary with a remarkable lineup of gifted musicians from around the world.

    Osheaga is renowned for its explosive environment, which attracts people year after year. This includes the vibrant crowds and the dazzling performances. This year's event will continue to be a celebration of music, camaraderie, and positive energy. The festival is certain to deliver an outstanding experience that will leave fans craving more because it features a combination of new and veteran acts. So if you enjoy music and want to have a unique experience, come to Montreal and participate in the excitement!

    Which top musicians performed on the Osheaga lineup?

    The Osheaga Pop Music Festival in Canada last year had a fantastic roster of world-class artists. Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Post Malone, J Balvin, ROSALIA, Alan Walker, Travis Scott, Lewis Capaldi, Kendrick Lamar, and Arctic Monkeys were a few of the main artists. Each performer brought their own distinctive sound and enthusiasm to the festival, ensuring that everyone in attendance had an incredible time.

    With her eerie vocals and alluring stage presence, Billie Eilish dazzled the audience. The entire crowd was singing along and bobbing their heads to the beat to her big songs like "Bad Guy" and "Ocean Eyes." Dua Lipa also had a standout performance, demonstrating both her amazing vocal range and dance skills. Her chart-topping hits like "Levitating" and "Don't Start Now" got the crowd up and moving.

    Post Malone took his distinctive style to the stage and enthralled the audience with a high-octane performance. With their catchy beats and vibrant outfits, J Balvin and ROSALIA also brought their Latin flair to the festival. The audience was enthralled by Alan Walker's thrilling concert, and everyone was in awe of Travis Scott's daring displays.

    The crowd was enthralled by Kendrick Lamar's stirring words and Lewis Capaldi's stirring melodies. Last but not least, the Arctic Monkeys delivered a performance that had everyone singing and headbanging along as they shook the stage with their alternative rock style.

    The Osheaga Pop Music Festival, in general, featured some of the best and most skilled performers in the business. It was a festival to remember for years to come because to the outstanding lineup and energized environment.

    Where can festival goers purchase Osheaga tickets?

    One of Canada's most popular music festivals, Osheaga, sells tickets online through their official website at https://www.osheaga.com/en. Early bird tickets are often less expensive than normal tickets and are only offered for a brief period of time. For a more upscale experience, festival visitors can also purchase VIP tickets.

    Which addtional highlights and amenities define the music festival Osheaga?

    Osheaga Music Festival provides festival-goers with a variety of events to enjoy throughout the course of the weekend at its venue in the lovely Parc Jean-Drapeau. The festival welcomes families and has a separate area set out for kid-friendly activities. The Eco-Osheaga program fosters an atmosphere that is environmentally responsible and sustainable, encouraging participants to lessen their carbon impact.

    Osheaga places a lot of focus on culture and the arts in addition to music. Live painting and graffiti art are among the interactive displays and numerous art pieces that are part of the festival. Additionally, there are chances for guests to take part in workshops like drum circles and dance courses, exposing them to various cultures and modes of expression.

    Last but not least, Osheaga is situated in one of Canada's most stunning regions, providing amazing views of the city skyline and the St. Lawrence River. In between sets of music, festival guests can explore Montreal's historic sites, like the Old Port and Notre-Dame Basilica. The city's thriving food sector is also on full display, with a variety of street sellers and neighborhood eateries providing delectable nibbles for every palate.

    Overall, the Osheaga Music Festival gives visitors a well-rounded experience with a range of extracurricular activities to enjoy. There is something for everyone at this festival, from kid-friendly activities and eco-friendly initiatives to cultural programs and sightseeing opportunities.

    What do people also ask about Osheaga?

    Is Osheaga a good festival?

    Due to the high caliber of musicians on the program each year and the excellent planning that goes into the event, Osheaga is unquestionably worth the ticket pricing.

    What type of festival is Osheaga?

    The largest arts and music festival in Canada, the Osheaga Festival, takes place every year at Parc Jean-Drapeau's Espace 67.

    Where is Osheaga festival located?

    Parc Jean-Drapeau

    How big is Osheaga festival?

    Over 600 performances were given to more than 400,000 spectators during the course of the festival.

    How expensive is Osheaga?

    The average cost of a ticket to the Osheaga Festival is $552.25, with GA tickets costing $127 and premium VIP seats costing $2363.

    Is there food at Osheaga?

    Throughout the festival grounds, OSHEAGA offers a range of food options from various vendors, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives.

    Can I bring food to Osheaga?

    Visitors to the festival are allowed to bring a personal snack, such a candy bar, to Osheaga. But alcohol is not allowed. Additionally, visitors to the festival are permitted to carry an empty, reusable water bottle or a clear plastic bottle to fill up at the water fountains that are available, but they could be requested to empty the bottle before entering the venue.

    Why is it called Osheaga?

    The majority of linguists agree that the word Hochelaga is a French borrowing of an Iroquoian term, either osekare (meaning "beaver path" or "beaver dam") or osheaga (meaning "big rapids"), which refers to the adjacent Lachine Rapids.

    How do you pronounce Osheaga?

    Oshiaga festival oshiyaga festival oshiyaga festival oshiaga festival oshiaga festival oceanaga.

    What genre is the Osheaga music?

    Rock/Folk & Cie.

    How many people go to Osheaga a day?

    Montreal's Osheaga music festival usually gathers roughly 70,000 people a day at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

    Who is singing at Osheaga?

    This summer, one of Montreal's largest music festivals will return with a full program that includes well-known performers including The Flaming Lips, Fred again., and Kim Petras.

    How many people go to Osheaga every year?

    Montreal's Osheaga music festival draws 120,000 people annually.

    How many people can attend Osheaga?

    The space usually accommodates up to 65,000 festival-goers.

    Who is playing at Osheaga 2023?

    Kendrick Lamar, Billie Eilish, and Rüfüs Du Sol are headlining Osheaga in 2023.

    How many stages are there at Osheaga?

    Montreal's biggest music festival has six stages over three days.

    Is there camping at Osheaga?

    Osheaga does not allow camping, and this year they are not providing on-site lodging. For their stay in Montreal, visitors from outside the city can choose between Air BnB, hotels, or hostels. The festival will be accessible from anywhere along the metro line.

    When did Dua Lipa perform at Osheaga?

    Dua Lipa performed at Osheaga Festival on July 31, 2022.