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Creamfields North

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David Guetta

David Guetta
David Guetta

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris
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The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers
The Chainsmokers

DJ Snake

DJ Snake
DJ Snake



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Park festival
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Unique location
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Amusement park
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    Overview of United Kingdom based music festival Creamfields North

    Since 1998, Creamfields North has been holding yearly electronic music festivals in the UK. The festival is well known for its excellent roster of top-tier DJs, which includes both established and up-and-coming musicians. Numerous music fans go from all over the world to the Cheshire countryside for Creamfields North, where they may spend a weekend dancing and listening to music nonstop.

    The festival is renowned for its high production standards, which include cutting-edge sound systems and eye-catching light displays. There are other smaller stages and tents in addition to the main stages, each of which features a different genre of electronic music. The event has established itself as one of the top music festivals in the UK because to its reputation for providing an amazing experience. Creamfields North is the place to go for fans of electronic music, regardless of whether they are ardent techno fans or just looking for a weekend of sun and fun.

    What is the Creamfields North location and date?

    One of the biggest and most anticipated electronic music festivals in the UK is Creamfields North. The four-day event this year will take place in Warrington, a bustling metropolis, from August 24 to August 27. For fans of electronic dance music, this festival is a must-attend event thanks to its unique stage design, powerful sound system, and fantastic lineup of top DJs.

    Thousands of music fans from around the world gather at the Creamfields event for a fantastic weekend of electronic music and dance. The festival offers a memorable experience thanks to the breathtaking stage productions and the tumultuous atmosphere. Fans can anticipate nothing less than a great experience at the next Creamfields North, loaded with amazing music, vivacious throng, and an unforgettable atmosphere that will leave them craving more.

    Which top musicians performed on the Creamfields North lineup?

    The biggest electronic music event in the UK, Creamfields North, welcomed some of the most renowned artists to its stage in 2023. The festival's headliners, including David Guetta, Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Alok, Major Lazer, Armin Van Buuren, and Swedish House Mafia, gave the spectators a memorable evening.

    With laser lights, pyrotechnics, and music, the festival was a sensory experience that kept the throng engaged for hours. From the timeless dance compositions of David Guetta to the pop-infused sounds of the Chainsmokers, a wide variety of acts presented their individual approaches to the festival. As Calvin Harris played his top-charting singles and Tiesto rocked the house with his distinctive trance music, the audience watched in wonder.

    Alok and Martin Garrix brought their vivid energy to the stage, and DJ Snake and Major Lazer's catchy tunes had the audience bouncing. Of course, Armin Van Buuren and Swedish House Mafia also performed fantastic performances that transported the audience.

    Overall, Creamfields North was a night of unmatched entertainment that brought together fans of electronic music for an unforgettable experience.

    Where can festival goers purchase Creamfields North tickets?

    The official website of the well-known electronic music festival in the UK, Creamfields North, can be accessed at to purchase tickets online. The website offers a secure checkout method so customers can make their purchases after choosing the ticket type they desire, including weekend and day passes. Festival goers may easily pick the ideal package to fit their needs and enjoy a fun-filled weekend of music and entertainment with the variety of ticket options available.

    Which addtional highlights and amenities define the music festival Creamfields North?

    The UK's Creamfields North electronic music event provides attendees with a distinctive experience and a wide range of optional extracurricular activities. Attendees have the chance to explore the local wildlife and enjoy the peaceful setting because the event is held in a park. For those who wish to stay longer and truly experience the event, camping is provided in addition to the music.

    The amusement park inside the festival grounds offers a variety of rides and activities to enjoy in between sets for those searching for extra entertainment. Glamping is a more opulent camping option for individuals who prefer a more comfortable stay. Festival visitors can customize their experience based on a variety of possibilities.

    Overall, Creamfields North is a complete festival experience because it provides a variety of entertainment alternatives in addition to music. Attendees are certain to have a fantastic experience at this electronic music festival, whether they choose to explore the park, take advantage of the amusement park rides, or choose a more opulent camping option.

    What do people also ask about Creamfields North?

    Who is playing creamfields north 2023?

    A number of artists, including Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Armin Van Buren, Calvin Harris, Camelphat, Carl Cox, David Guetta, DJ Snake, Eric Prydz, Fatboy Slim, Four Tet, Kolsch, Martin Garrix, Nina Kraviz, Peggy Gou, Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, and others, are featured here. For further information, see the Creamfields North 2023 lineup section above.

    How many people went to Creamfields North 22?

    Creamfields Festival 2022 typically sees around 80,000 attendees.

    Where is Creamfields Festival North?

    Creamfields Festival North is held at Daresbury during the August Bank Holiday Weekend 2023.

    Is Creamfields a rave festival?

    The British club promoter Cream hosts the worldwide series of electronic dance music festivals known as Creamfields.

    Is Creamfields 2023 sold out?

    Creamfields 2023 is sold out.

    What is the age limit for Creamfields?

    Creamfields North is a festival for adults only. You should bring identification because you can be required to show it at any time throughout the festival.

    Is Creamfields the biggest festival?

    The largest and most prominent electronic music event in the UK, Creamfields, features a wide variety of well-known performers from different electronic genres.

    Is Creamfields one of the biggest festivals?

    Daresbury's Creamfields Music Festival has been named as one of the best festivals in the UK.

    Am I too old to go to Creamfields?

    Problem 21. At Creamfields, you must be at least 18 years old to attend. At the entrances and on all bars, we will be operating and enforcing a rigorous Challenge 21 policy.

    Can you take alcohol into Creamfields?

    Alcohol cannot be brought into Creamfields' Event Arena. Cans are acceptable but cannot exceed 24; glass bottles must be decanted into plastic bottles.

    What is Creamfields dress code?

    Since the event will take place outside, it is advised that you wear proper attire, especially warm nighttime clothing. There are options for left luggage, lockers, and cloakrooms, and there are numerous places to buy food and beverages. On-site shopping is also available for official products.

    Is Creamfields worth it?

    Fantastic Festival! Personally, I consider Creamfields to be incredible! Every festival has its highs and lows, but there aren't many lows at Creams. The camping village featured a wide variety of dining options and charging stations with unlimited weekend passes, allowing you to get the most out of your money.

    What music is creamfields?

    Creamfields is an electronic music festival held in the UK.

    How many days is Creamfields?

    The correct response is that this ticket is valid for 3 Days (Friday, May 25, Saturday, May 26, and Sunday, May 27), including camping.

    What items are not allowed at Creamfields?

    At Creamfields, glass objects are not permitted, including perfume, makeup, aftershave, and mirrors. They are regarded as forbidden things and will be seized at the door. It's crucial to double check before you arrive at the event because there is no place to leave belongings and pick them up after the performance.

    Do I need cash for Creamfields?

    Payment options at Creamfields. Any of Creamfields' pubs or restaurants won't accept cash, so you'll need to make sure you can pay with cards, with contactless and Apple Pay also being alternatives.

    How much do you need for Creamfields?

    How to buy tickets for Creamfields in 2022. Tickets on Friday or Saturday cost PS85 plus a booking fee. For both days, a daytime ticket without camping is PS170 plus the booking fee. The cost of camping is PS195 + booking fees.

    Who owns Creamfields?

    Live Nation owns Creamfields.

    How much money does Creamfields make?

    DANCE festival Creamfields injected £5.4 million into the local economy.

    Where is Creamfields North 2023?

    Creamfields North 2023 will be held in the fields of Daresbury, Cheshire.

    Where is creamfields north 2023 dates?

    The dates for Creamfields North 2023 in Daresbury, Cheshire, are August 24-27 over the long weekend.

    Where is Creamfields North in 2023?

    Creamfields North will be held in the fields of Daresbury, Cheshire in 2023.

    Who is playing at Creamfields North 2023?

    A number of artists, including Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Armin Van Buren, Calvin Harris, Camelphat, Carl Cox, David Guetta, DJ Snake, Eric Prydz, Fatboy Slim, Four Tet, Kolsch, Martin Garrix, Nina Kraviz, Peggy Gou, Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, and others, are featured here.

    Is Creamfields a big festival?

    The largest and most prominent electronic music event in the UK, Creamfields, features beloved performers from many electronic genres.

    What music is Creamfields?

    Every August bank holiday weekend in Daresbury, Cheshire, the greatest dance music event in the UK, Creamfields, presents the best in dance music.

    How many people will go to Creamfields?

    The organisers are expecting up to 50,000 people at Creamfields.

    What happens at Creamfields?

    In Daresbury, England, there is a music event called Creamfields that features top DJs and live performers from all over the world.

    Do people camp at Creamfields?

    The regular camp sites at Creamfields, which have restrooms and food concessions, are accessible to campers with our standard camping tickets. The event arena is also accessible with the tickets.

    Where exactly is Creamfields North?

    With a postcode of WA4 5LP, Creamfields North is situated near Daresbury, 19.6 miles (or 31 minutes) from Liverpool.

    Where is the Creamfields North?

    Creamfields North is taking place at Daresbury in Chesire, UK.

    Where is Creamfields south 2023?

    Creamfields South 2023 was held at Hylands Park on May 28, 2023.