EuropeanVolksmusik/Alpine Folk

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Volksmusik/Alpine Folk

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Volksmusik/Alpine Folk

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Modrijani - Huda ura rock nažiga (cover Donnawedda)

34k new views

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313 new likes

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Ti Moja Rožica

Top videos


Modrijani - Huda ura rock nažiga (cover Donnawedda)

131k new views


Modrijani in Nina Pušlar - V dolini tihi (Noč Modrijanov 2018)

12k new views

Most Viewed

Modrijani - Rock me


Top tracks

  • 01

    Ti Moja Rožica

  • 02


  • 03

    Hočem Le Tebe

  • 04

    S Teboj

  • 05

    Daj Mi Poljub

  • 06

    Rock Me

  • 07

    Huda Ura Rock Nažiga - Donnawedda

  • 08

    En Poljub

  • 09

    Sreča je V naju

  • 10

    Kiss Me

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Sara Lamprečnik

SloveniaMainstream PopPop RockAr
is following Modrijani on

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